Saturday, July 6, 2013

Junes Month

June:: Birth Prep

It was always going to be that June would be a focussed month - the time when my baby girl was due. I knew well ahead of time that I wanted to be organised so that I could simplify and equip myself mentally and physically for what lay ahead.

As a result the blog went a little quieter than usual, and when I did stop in it was mostly about baby prep. Such is life!

In June Milla and I had Norovirus, I wrote a letter to my second baby, I showed off the baby moon bedroom that I had prepared (and now I'm SO glad we did! We swapped rooms around, freshened things up a little and got rid of some junk!)

I finished a set of chair pads (one of the danglies has now broken, oops!)

Finally, Baby arrived! I blogged about my last day at home with Milla (a super special time. I'm glad it was such a nice day for us both!!), and then announced the arrival of Katie.


In June I had some really supportive sponsors! Lots of them gave away items in the BirthWeek celebrations, and I'm so thrilled these businesses want to be part of my space too! Please take some time to visit them, they make this blog possible!

Anna Wilson-Farrell, of online gift and homeware store Qwerky Home, gets super excited about sustainably produced, fun and offbeat homewares, gifts, furniture and stationery. 
Anna is proud to stock some amazing creations from New Zealand and overseas and tries to seek out other small enterprises to support. Many of the products are made of eco-friendly materials  – some made of recycled plastic, recycled card and mdf, using sustainable natural inks and items that simply trigger that 'love it, must have it' feeling. 

Qwerky Home is seriously cool, just hop over to their easy to use website to see their huge range of homewares, childrens gifts and accessories!! I'm currently loving their noahs ark wall decals

An online ecoproduct store for mums, babies and kids have some great products that are worth checking out! 

I love their philosophy and it suits me perfectly, they have a big range of baby and toddler gear, so if you're thinking of buying Baby Moo2 a gift let me point you in the direction of their baby toys, heehee

A mother-daughter duo Based in Gisborne, More Than Fabric are a real craft store as well as having a great online sales and social presence. Their online shop is well stocked full of fabrics, haberdashery and sales! If you're in Gisborne, they also run craft classes and groups so check them out!

More than Fabric will be around Sophie Slim for a while so head over and make yourself familiar. They'll be doing a review/giveaway later on too! Yipee!

I'm loving the blue trees print, as well as their fabric sale page! 

Onsie Bummsie are all about cute baby bottoms that dont quite fit in their onesies - You might have a big chubba, or a skinny malinky longy, You can make your onesies stretch even further with extenders! 

They can be washed and reused over and over and over again, saving you money on onesies and getting them to fit just right! 

You can buy the extenders in a pack or individually and they come in different sizes and colours!

Handmade jewellery from Christchurch, New Zealand. Completely beautiful! 

Have you seen their new Luxe range? Its devine, and like it says, it looks like luxury! They are beautiful! Hello Lovely jewellery is unique, well made and packaged beautifully, it would make the perfect gift or as a lovely winter-treat for yourself!


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Thanks for reading my blog this month! Its a pleasure to turn up here day after day and to see your words left for me!  :)

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