Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Life In My Bag

Eco Store have just launched a #MyLifeInMyBag hashtag event / competition. Up for grabs are 100 of their lipbalms, and after doing a fabulous giveaway for them a few weeks ago and hearing ALL about how much you all LOVE their lip balm I knew this was something I would have to support.

So here you go, my bag opened up for the world. You'll see me with this back pack slung over my shoulder while I direct a toddler and carry a baby in a capsule. 

I ditched the nappy bag / big handbag when Katie arrived. Having a newborn means you have to carry so many supplies, I went for the toddler back pack instead. (one day I hope to get a stylish nappy bag when I don't have to carry quite so much!)

What I Carry::

Lunch Box - Stuck On You - For all of Millas snacks.
Drink Bottles - One for Milla and one for Mum!
Back Pack - Penny Scallan
Breastmates Log Book - to record all of Katies feeds, nappy changes and sleep times. (I seriously love this)
Phone and Camera - For staying in touch and recording moments (i'm trying hard to remember my camera and to take photos!)
Tissues - Theres been a lot of snotty noses around here these last few weeks!
Pads - All manner of them. ALWAYS have spare pads.
Toddler Hat - Warehouse
Spare Baby Clothes - A complete basic change for those explosive... events. 
Nappies in the cutest nappy clutch you ever did see! (made by Treena and Holly) I like to have 4 newborn nappies on me at all times.
Wipes and sanitiser (there should be nappy bags pictured too!)

To join in the fun, post a photo on facebook, instagram, twitter etc using the hashtag #MyLifeInMyBag to show off whats in your handbag, briefcase, pocket etc! Then enter the comp on the EcoStore page here

If you join in leave a link in the comments here so I can check yours out (and hopefully I wont feel as excessive as I do now!)


  1. ohhh I'm going to join in! Fun - be back to post link at some stage (hopefully, unless I get distracted by kids/sewing)

  2. I am so impressed at how much you fit in such a little bag!! I did one of these posts a while ago (just for funsies), but might have to play along now. I need to clean out my bag anyway, but what's in there now never comes out at the moment xx


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