Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why I Love Your Daddy Even More

[I found this blog post in my drafts folder, originally written on 23/11/2011, I thought it was high time I published it unedited]

I love your Daddy even more now because he has grown into a new man since you came into this world.

Your Dad is a provider and a carer. He works hard with a smile to give us the life we have and when he comes home he has even more smiles to give us. They are never ending, just like yours. You light up when he walks in the door, he comes straight to me for a kiss, and then he is totally focussed on you.

He spends so long making you smile and giggle, doing the booty dance, kissing your chubby cheeks, bathing you, dressing you, rocking and burping you. He loves you dearly and is so proud of you.

Every ounce of love he gives to you, my love for him swells by the pounds.

As your Mum he treats me so well. He often tells me how proud he is of us both and he helps me whenever I ask of him. He has been so patient with all of the changes that happen after a birth, is so kind to us, even at 3am, he cares for us so lovingly and gently

He is a really great husband and father. We couldn't have asked for better.


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