Monday, September 3, 2012

Mission Complete! Sisterhood Ninja Cookie Drop

The Sisterhood has done it again! 77 bakers, 170 baking drops, 170 blessed families around New Zealand this weekend! 

The mission was to be a stealthy Ninja and deliver baking to your nominated people. We took nominations from all over New Zealand and I split them up and sent their details to the registered bakers, some thought they could bake more so many extras for neighbours and friends near by, others drove hours to deliver their goods (rural godesses!!), there were many ninja moves over the weekend - crouches, speedy getaways and short cons! 

You all did me very very proud.

"Oh my gosh !! I don't know what to say :) I went outside to talk to my brother in law and noticed something in the letterbox, went over to check it out and it's a HUGE jar of yummy home made cookies with a note that touched my heart ! I am in tears that someone thought of me !! I never expected anything like this !
Thank you to whoever nominated me, and a BIG thank you to the wonderful person who made my yummy cookies !! 
Shared with the brother in law & daughter :) 3 very happy people !!"

"Bless the sisterhood, thank-you so very much for my beautiful parcel, im touched and it even brought a tear to my eye! just amazing! xoxo"

"What a wonderful surprise to find some delicious home baking in my mailbox this morning! To whoever nominated me, THANK YOU! You certainly brightened mine and my kids day! Such yummy baking too! Feeling very spoiled right now ♥ What amazing women you all are!!"

"Oh my gosh! How generous and lovely and wonderful are you people!!?? My 8 year old son was very excited to find a box of goodies on the doorstep, and they were for ME! Of all people! With a beautiful note that left a tear in my eye and lots of warm fuzzies in my heart! And it was oh so timely! what a 'pick me up'. Thank you so so so much whoever organseid all this. You really don't know how touching it is. I'm feeling rather blessed right now xox I don't know what more to say, but thank you, really, thank you so much !"

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  1. Yay so good!! Lets do it again soon :)

  2. Sophie, it was such a privilege to be part of this - I feel BLESSED!! I kept coming back to the facebook page to see the photos and comments from people, all night. It just totally blew me away. You have started something amazing here, girl. AMAZING.

  3. Thanks for including some pics and feedback for us (or me!!) the non fb-ers!! Great work girl x

  4. Such an amazing blessing to have been a part of this Sophie...reading some of the recipient messages on Facebook really had my choked up...I can't wait for the opportunity to do it again :-)

    Thank you for the blessing you are!

  5. Wow, that's awesome, Sophie! What beautiful presentation too. Gosh the girls in the Sisterhood are creative.

    Well done you for pulling it all off.

  6. What a wonderful surprise and a real blessing to find a gorgeous jar of yummy brownie on my front doorstep on Sunday morning. Thank you so much. You made my week!

  7. I was a surprised recipient of the cookie drop on the weekend. It made my day, my week. Thank you very much. I am lost for words. Well done to all those involved and to the person who nominated me. WOW.


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