Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cycle Runway Fashion Show

Last night I attended my very first fashion show with a small group of Christchurch bloggers! We were there to be inspired by sustainable fashion - recycled, upcycled, quality, fashion-lasting pieces were the stars of the evening, designed and shown by local artists worn by modens on adorable 50's cycles. Yes, bikes down a runway, it made for a few giggles in the first half with some very nervous (read: wobbly) models.

I loved attending this fashion show! I definitely think I could get used to this life, drooling over such lovely creations!

Best of all, we got to see our beautiful bloggy friend Nin of Sailor Spy showcase her range of beautiful, well tailored and detailed clothing! It was such a pleasure to be a part of it and cheer her on!

Afterwards we went out for coffee and talked and talked and talked. As bloggers do.

Myself, Juliet & Miriam  (Roz was behind the camera, preferring to stay anon!)

During half time of the show I had some photos snapped, attempting to join into Wardrobe Wednesday (now hosted by Miriam). Here I am, on the catwalk, strutting my stuff ;)

Dress: Lippy (3 years old!)
Leggings: KMart
Necklace: Equip
Red Lipstick: Clinique

First fashion show, first time with Wardrobe Wednesday! Who am I!?


  1. ha you look awesome! Of course. Thanks for joining in xx

  2. Gorgeous dress, you look fab. Fashion shows are so much fun, and I bet the bicycles made it even more so x

  3. i think you are a summer
    that colour looks so good on you! :)

  4. What a fabulous colour. Love the sash around the middle. Always love a chance to dress up and what a great occasion to do it. Sounds like a great show with fun and inspiring ideas.

  5. Fabulous Sophie! You look fab! Yay for joining in with WW!

  6. Wow!!! Must have been sooo much fun! You're looking lovely. :) x

  7. It was a great evening wasn't it?!? and you looked stunning.

  8. I love that last pose - and the red lippy. Fab! See you next week at Add Co-op


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