Friday, September 28, 2012

Love People

Last night a friend of the world was taken in a car accident.

I say a friend of the world because this young man was exactly that, a friend, to everyone.

I know its easy to exaggerate when someones passed away, to make out like they were a hero, but I never heard this young man say a bad word, he was always so happy to see me and others, always hanging out with friends, always so positive.

When I first met him I said "I want to name out first son *****", exactly the same name as his. The first person I had met with the name. For a year he thought I was joking and would always have me on about it. Until he realised. Nope. Totally serious. He was stoked!

The last time I saw him I accused him of bunking school, he was at my local mall in a white shirt and tie, turned out he was actually working there and laughed his head off at me. Said my daughter was the cutest girl he's ever seen.

It seems odd to celebrate a life after they are gone, but the truth is I could have easily given him this praise when he was around to his face, and I often did. He was charming, sweet talking, always had kind words to say and a joke prepared. When my husband and him were together it was like they were brothers. So similar.

Gone too soon? Of course. But I think in the time he did have he used it well. He loved people. On his facebook wall today there is not one bad word spoken about him, a whole lot of testimonies about how he was a brother to someone, led them to church, loved them.

Beautiful. and surreal.

Today I'm praying for his friends and family, for comfort, and that they wouldn't forget what he had taught them in his few short years.


  1. Great post Soph.
    Love and prayers to all who knew him, and all those who are mourning their loss.
    A wonderful young man and an inspiration to live and love with fullness of heart.

  2. Oh Sophie, how sad. Thinking of you today.

  3. xxx having loved and lost xxx I share sympathy and empathy xxx gone too soon xxx my thoughts are with all

  4. so very sad especially for the ones that loved him most xx

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry Soph. I know what it is like to lose a very dear friend in a car accident. I'll be praying for YOU. x

  6. you certainly no how to express words soph, my love and thoughts fo out to his family also xx

  7. I'm so sorry for this loss. My thoughts are with you and all those who will be hurting xxx

  8. All day I have ran into people that either have been affected by his and his families story or have personally known him, what a great loss. Thoughts are with family and friends.


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