Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sisterhood and $10,000!

I don't want to have to do the spiel on you, you all know The Sisterhood. You come here each day and read my thoughts, most of them to do with the Sisterhood and seeing hundred of women blessed around New Zealand.

Right now we are in the running for a $10,000 scholarship. Theres 5 in total available and one of them is a people choice award. They are going to kiwis with great ideas, but the peoples choice, well, thats open to any thing really.

Would you vote for The Sisterhood?? Would you tell anyone and everyone that goodness is still alive and kicking in New Zealand, that kindness towards strangers still exists? Would you email, message, text, invite, blog about this is spread the word?

Join the Facebook group here

Vote for Sophie Laughton-Mutu (and The Sisterhood) here

Thank you in advance xx


  1. Bum, ive already voted for my la leche friend. If its any consalation, you have LOADS more votes than she has! Best of luck with this x

  2. Voted and shared! When we hit NZ soil on the 6th of November I'm in :) Can't wait! Thanks for leading this wonderful idea xx

  3. I have been reading all about your Sisterhood and am so inspired....you are such generous and creative gals. Might follow up on something here in Western Australia.


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