Friday, September 7, 2012

Milla Turns One

My one year old. Wearing a princess dress, forever innocent, forever being kissed by Daddy.

Unwrapping presents but far more interested in the paper or a mobile phone

Receiving her "chocolate cake license" a big step in a womans life. 

Spoilt to pieces by her grandparents

Last week my little girl turned One. It was a great day with a lot of sunshine, we both wore pretty dresses, and she was continually commented on throughout the day. We enjoyed story time at the library with Liv and Kenzie, and baked a cake! Later on, our family surprised her later that night and sang happy birthday and ate all her cake up with her! 

We love you so much, princess.

My thoughts on Millas birthday
How we celebrated: A Teddy Bears Picnic


  1. Beautiful. Cherish the moments, they fly by so quickly.

  2. Happy birthday Milla, one year old already! wow. Xo

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful girl - you are indeed well loved

  4. Wow - happy birthday gorgeous girl... can't believe she is one already, the year has gone by fast!


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