Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fathers Day

My brother with his daughter, My husband with his. Matchy Matchy.

Fathers Day this year was a lot more exciting than last, being that Camilla didn't spend the majority of the day asleep (and wasn't 7 days old).

We woke up and I made Mr Moo coffee and toast, as he went to sip his coffee he discovered his face on it, with Millas and "greatest dad" written on it. Cheese? Totally! But let us indulge, its kind of exciting.

Fathers Day is always spent at Church in the morning, I love their special services, the Dads each got kebabs on the bbq afterwards and during the service were treated to SUCH a cute video of our kids in kids church. Oh my. It bought tears to my eyes with all of its cuteness! I wish I could show you it. 

That afternoon Mr Moo played tennis with some friends while we were at home and Milla was learning to walk!!! The best fathers day present ever, by the time Moo got home he was treated to witnessing 20 steps! Amazing stuff! 1-20 in one day!

We posted the video on Facebook (I wish I could show you that video too) and our Sister in law promptly dressed her daughter in the same dress for our dinner out with my own Dad, which the Moo Moo inlaws came to aswell.

A pretty great day if you ask me (and yes, Mr Moo loved his mug)

I'm very proud of my husband.


  1. What a lovely day! Here's to many more! x

  2. Lovely post xxx
    I spent Fathers Day with my Father and my husband and my kids LOVE LOVE LOVE xxx

  3. Cheese? Totally! But let us indulge, its kind of exciting. - love that! Let us indulge indeed!


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