Sunday, December 22, 2013

And Here's To You

(Selfie of Milla found the next day on my phone)

Whenever I put on lipstick Milla requests a "waindewr nose"

We are in full Christmas celebrating mode, little parts of it popping up around our lives.

I'm almost certain that Milla thinks Jesus is a Christmas Tree.

Pre kids I always wondered why parents bothered doing anything for their kids before 5 years old, it's not like they'll remember it... but now, all this stuff is so much fun. She may not remember the advent activities, or the grotto, the stories, the music etc, but these little experiences now help grow her into the lady she will one day be.

It's beautiful, really, seeing all this joy.

A kiwi Christmas - the antlers, sun hat and sun glasses. Passed out behind the couch with a pile of washing to fold. 

Here's to you and yours, have a safe and joyful week. I hope you're surrounded with some love xxx

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Little Aprons

I forgot to show you, a bunch of months ago in the thick of baby haze and a self imposed crazy need to create I made a bunch of these aprons for some special little 2 years olds in our lives!

They're reversible with an elastic neck and tape for the strings. They made a sweet little gift, hopefully they are getting lots of wear out of them!!

(Guys, seriously, you should have told me to take a chill pill!!! Rest and all that stuff.)

Katie Update: Month 5

(Just pretend like I'm not posting this almost a month later, these photos were taken on her 5 month old celebration day!)

Tatie!! The sweetest baby that ever did live! You are our little precious! Maybe it's because you're the youngest, but I just want to keep you little for as long as I can! 

I was always so eager for Milla to grow up, always dressing her in bright colours and big girl clothes, always looking foward to the next milestone. But you? You're often in whites and baby pinks (something I never dressed Milla in). You just look so sweet as a little bubba. So innocent and precious. Ahhh you melt my heart!!

You're still a socialite and show no judgement to whoever has you. You're much more alert now and will spend a whole Toddlerock or church session awake, smiling, looking around, just being you. And then when we get home, crasssh, you'll sleep the hours away.

You're still having around 3 naps a day if we're able to stick to our usual day. Waking around 6am and going to bed for the whole night at around 6pm. Yes, I have it very very very lucky!!! I've been going out a bit at night this month and it's so nice to do so while I know you're sleepy soundly and happily without me :) 

You've been planking this last week, you get right up on your tippy toes like you're doing push ups. You're SO strong!! 

You've also tried your first (pureed) solids; rice cereal, pumpkin, kumera and pears. Yum yum to them all I think you're saying! You like to grab the spoon and do it yourself and you will gobble up as much as I give you! Milla loves to watch you eat your food, and when i'm not looking she'll try and slip you a cookie or fruit bar!

Stay strong little Katie! And eat eat eat, you're going to need lots of energy if you're going to crawl soon! 

We love you, xxx

(click on the "katie updatie" link below to see previous months)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

December Night Update

Saturday night, we meet again. Cookies and wine, a spot of crochet and blogging.

I haven't been finding the time to open my laptop these days, Milla is soaking up all the attention I can possibly give her and I can see her demeanor change when a device is around; the TV, laptop, phone... She fights for attention, of which I will happily give her. Laptops have been staying closed until the evening, and by then there is a husband to socialise with. 

So here I am! A moments peace to turn out some sort of marker in the internets history.

The most pressing news to share is that we have found a home to live in next year. It will do us just great. Despite having to move out 4 weeks early (and continue paying rent) we are feeling very provided for and looked after. All has worked out in the end, and hopefully all the packing and moving will go smoothly after our Christmas and New Years celebrations!

Our new home is a block away from Nanny and Poppas house and backs on to a domain with a play ground and playing fields! We also have an -actual lounge- which we are excited to have people in soon! (if anyone has been to our current apartment you will understand our excitement!)

We've been doing advent activities in the lead up to Christmas, its so much fun having a little pre-planned activity to spice up the day. Milla loves excitement no matter the subject! If something is "special" then it is THEBESTHINGEVERRR! 

This week we've had special Milos during book and bible time (I know right, lucky!!), been to visit Christmas lights, had pancakes for breakfast, been at Christmas parties, made cards and a bunch of other things!

I l.o.v.e Christmas. So so so much.

Last night I wrapped our gifts, it's safe to say that Kmart has the best (and cheap!) wrapping paper around! It's awesome. I love our little pile of gifts :)

Camilla took the photos in this post and applied the filters to them. I have a whole lot of them in my phone, I love to see what she takes when she sneaks off with my phone.

I hope to see you later on in the week, I have a trillion things to share with you!!

So tell me, how is everyone doing out there???

Thursday, December 5, 2013

From the CHCH Bloggers Xmas party

HELLO WORLD! The Christchurch bloggers are swapping gifts and eating treats (while I post this at the same time!!)

I love these ladies.

(And I'm going to miss Miriam SO much when she departs our fair city soon! *whimper*)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wearing Breastmates at HAZED Launch and Giveaway!

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the first printed HAZED magazine!

Doesn't that sound so swanky?! Magazine launches and all, as a Mama! Who would have thought?

The invite told me to wear a "frock" so I wore this cute number from Breastmates! It's the RaRa dress, and is just as bright and fun as it looks! It comes in a bright blue too, but I just love this little pop of orange down the bottom on the pink version! 

When deciding what to wear I discovered that my pre-feeding dresses all have tight waists and can't be lifted up / pulled down to feed, but more than that, I discovered most of the dress straps just didn't work with my nursing bras!! I searched high and low on the internet and in malls for something feminine that had thick straps and was feeding friendly (the top flap lifts up to feed) and this was a winner!

So far I've worn this out to a mag launch, birthday date, birthday party and you'll see me in it through Christmas celebrations too! 

(and no matter what kind of day I think my body is having, it covers and forgives all! Bring on the Christmas Pav!)

It's nice to know that I still have a resemblance of a social life and I actually need nice to clothes to wear out, despite my mother badges! If you need a nice maternity / feeding dress this summer, definitely check out the range from Breastmates. (this one was designed by Franny herself, love!!)

Look! A maternity dress without a bump!

(I posted this picture on FB and Instagram, thank you for all your super kind compliments!!!)

I had such a great time at the HAZED launch, it was lovely to be out all dressed up with other put together people! 

I'm also crazy proud of Hazel for putting out such a beautiful magazine, it's first time in print after being published online for over a year!

Inside HAZED you'll see an array of interviews of NZ talent in the indie world, along with our own Sisterhood column! Huge thanks to Hazel for offering it to us and being such an avid Sisterhood supporter! 


*giveaway now closed* Congratulations Kimberley A!

Leave a comment here with your email address (or have it linked to your blogger profile) and let me know if you'd like to be in to win a copy of HAZED! 

[[I have one to giveaway, and will draw the winner on Friday 6th December, you'll be announced on FB and will be emailed. NZ entries only please.]]


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