Tuesday, December 27, 2011


A term coined by my Sister In-Law (as least I'm sure its not a real word. Actually?), this years Christmas was Celubuliant. Full of celebrations and jubilance! Wonderful!

Our little family made the trip to the sunny and beautiful Westcoast to join up with our big family. It was so wonderful to have everyone together. Just seriously missing our big sister who lives in London and also our Dad, who we celebrated with the week before.

The sun was shining without a cloud in the sky and everyone was in good spirits. I'm super thankful for the presents under the tree and how freakin' blessed we are to have a food coma later in the afternoon.

I hope your Christmas was merry and joyful, and for those in Christchurch I hope you had a wee break and received some peace from the quakes. I was there on Friday and was extremely glad to be leaving the following day.

I am in holiday mode. Its been fabulous to have Graeme around with Camilla in good spirits. I'm pretty sure those two are bonding like a raspberry and cream... or like... a beer and a cold glass. And I'm loving having no agenda with Graeme. We can talk about absolutely nothing and there are no to do lists. Bliss. Life is slower, the sun is shining, and my love cup is over flowing.

Camilla was mega spoilt by everyone on her first Christmas - poor girl wont even remember! She has been given soo many toys and outfits and love. Lucky duck.

Seriously. Ah. I can't get enough. It's paradise over here. Come and join us :)

Love & Peace,

P.s - to my Christian parent readers - how to do you handle the Jesus / Santa Christmas celebration deal? I've heard some good ideas including a birthday cake for Jesus, reading the Christmas story before present time etc. What are some of your strategies or traditions?

Monday, December 12, 2011


  • We have a new system where everything that needs to be done is written down in a check list and is ticked off throughout the day. Lately, Graeme has been vaccuming, doing dishes, taking out rubbish and lots of other things - and I haven't even needed to ask him. It's amazing and has transformed my life.
  • We have our last Plunket Group this week - that's pretty much it for all the official baby stuff. After that I'm left to figure it out on my own. Not really. But kind of. It feels a little bit like Baby Graduation. 
  • We moved our 3 bedroom apartment around. Without trying to be confusing, we now have a very small lounge (our old master bedroom), a dining and siting room (our old lounge), and we have moved bedrooms (now in the old study / spare room). Ta Da! Its working so far, but its only been a weekend.
  • Camilla still has a bit of a funny digestive system. I've increased my water and fruit intake and trying to eat far more regularly. She's been regular this whole last week. Success!?
  • I'm soooo looking forward to celebrating Christmas this year. I will have one Christmas on Christmas day. Not four. It will be fab.u.lous! 
  • Next week I will have a whole series of reviews for nappies and wipes (not sponsored. Written all of my own accord). Regular readers - Sorry in advance for spamming your blog feeder. I hope that they will prove to be useful for beginner mums as I had no idea what I was shopping for. I hope that my trials, errors and opinions will help someone else :)
  • My Macbook is in the shop being fixed. Can't wait to get it back all shiny and newww!
  • I hope you are all having a wonderful festive season, are getting some sun and not going crazy inside a mall :)
Love x

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In Celebration Mode

I feel as if I am in an eternal struggle to celebrate Christmas in a way that reflects how I feel about the season.

From 2010: You can read about Christmas day here. And the lead up to it with a similar commercial free post here. Our connect groups Christmas party here. And finally, decorating the In Laws Christmas tree here.

I love Christmas. Love love love it. I love the carols playing in malls since october (worship music in a mall!? Yes please!) I love the bright decorations, I love that most people get some time off and overall feel excited and relaxed, I love families coming together to celebrate, I love big cooked dinners, I love hot summer Christmas days in the sunshine with the barbeque, I love cold ham in the fridge for a week and I love mustard sauce. I love santa hats and reindeer antlers and I love a break from the routine of normal life to put up a tree, play some different music and see my family. I love extra celebrations at church, hearing the Christmas Story over and over and over again and I love giving at this time of year.

Thats what Christmas is to me and that's often what I struggle to celebrate because for many people Christmas is about the presents.

For a few weeks I worked in a mall in the lead up to the season and I was horrified. Children screamed about presents, men fretted in shops with lists their wives had given then that they had to come home with. I wanted nothing to do with that thankyouverymuch!

This experience inspired a commercial free Christmas for Graeme and myself. There's not time like the present to start new learning and traditions.

It was a success. Christmas day for me was all about Jesus and Family. We were still given a few presents by our families, but we had no expectations and no demands.

This year, we have decided to do little presents for each other. Not because we feel pressured to or that we have to but because we want to. Graeme and I have been through a lot this year and our love has grown for each other, and we are glad for an opportunity to express that. We have expectations, have given each other little lists of ideas and the gifts must be wrapped. We have also started implementing traditions that we hope will teach Camilla about the season of giving. Last year we baked and delivered goodies to all of our neighbours - this year we are throwing a carpark party (and dinner) for all of the people who live in our apartment complex (some 60+ people).

I really hope Camilla grows up and learns that this is a season for giving and connecting, and celebrating our Lords amazing history.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations Lotti!

Leonie is an awesome reader of my blog, I'm so stoked she won - and she might actually wear it! Double yay! :)

You know how sometimes you get really inspired by things? You come up with an idea, it works wonderfully, you have all this inspiration and ideas. Well, that happens often with me, and all the times it works out and everything goes well.

Well, that didn't happen for this sale. Honestly, my heart wasn't in it. I knew it would flop. I put hardly any time or effort into it. And. It shows. In the past when I have done these types of things I have been so inspired and everything sells really well and theres heaps of interest. This time, I just wasn't feeling it. You know?

So, I'm actually really excited about most of these things not selling. It means I can keep some for myself and use some to give away to dear people who compliment them. I've had a few compliments on my brooches I wear and I keep thinking "I'd love to give one to them!" But then I think "No, I'm saving them to sell". Bah. It's only a couple of dollars. No point being pathetic right. I would rather be generous.

I dont often do these types of honest posts. Not try to trick you into buying anything really. It's not about making money (because its only a few dollars). It's about creating things and going through the whole process and getting such a thrill out of it. And its about being generous.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Counting The Blessings

Just before I read a status of a friend of a friend on Facebook. It was short and to the point. She has cancer and has about a month left to live. She has a family and is planning to renew her marriage vows at the end of the month to celebrate their life and love.

What an appreciation for life.

With an eternal perspective everything changes. The small day to day trivia is no longer relevant, a "must do by 30" (or whatever) list probably doesn't matter any more. I have never had a life threatening illness but I presume in the last weeks the only things that matter is family and friends and a whole lotta love. 

I have questioned my life this year and had it flash before my eyes while alone in a voilent earthquake. The only things I thought of was my husband, baby and My Maker. 

I guess day to day we can't live in this perspective constantly. Its really inward focussed and doesn't pay the bills...

But it does pay to daily count your blessings and remember whats important during your day. 

My Saturday is almost over and it has been wonderful. I have joyfully cleaned, cooked and looked after our family. Everyday stuff, but with a smile and a glad heart. I also enjoyed a lunch time picnic under beautiful trees with 2 babies, a toddler and good friends. My life is short and one day it will end here on earth and continue elsewhere. For now, while I have My Loves around me I am enjoying what I have been gifted.

Isn't it wonderful?

My heart goes out to my friends friend. I'm sure there are many people around the world coming to terms with the same situation. Life is precious.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Creative Monsters

I've been making these little monsters over the last few weeks! Eee. So cute!! (And SCARY!!)

They are crocheted (How do you spell that??) and it was my first attempt at doing any sort of Amigurumi. Stoked with how they turned out! I attached little swivel key rings on top so they can be used for so many things.


I happen to be selling them for 5 pingas each. Check out this post to see them all, and comment to enter the giveaway! I'm also selling some of the brooches you saw in my last Creative Space :)

Got the tutorial for these little bad asses here.

Other creative things here.

[So many links!!!]

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Sorry friends!

In my last post I missed out some of the details for the giveaway, go back and read it again - all can enter and don't need to share it :) I've edited it now.

Thaaaanks! x

What A Privilege!

On Saturday we went as a family to vote for our new government. 

I've voted before, but I'm fairly new to this politics game. I think for the first time I began to understand what MMP is and its implications. In school they just teach you that it means lots of people are in the government. Not very helpful. 

Anyway, parties aside, I consider it a huge privilege to live in a country where our votes count. Especially in Christchurch central where there is a dead heat. One of my votes made a difference. 

I hope to teach Camilla to be informed about our country and our freedom to vote and be heard. She will be attending all the votes and will grow up listening to Mum and Dad talking policies and hearing us pray for our government until she can do so herself.

Smells a bit like freedom doesn't it?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Creative Driftwood

When I came back from this holiday I stopped off at this beach and found THE most PERFECT driftwood I have ever seen in my liiiiife.

Its small, perfectly smooth and shaped and best of all it goes for miles along the beach. 

I brought some home, along with a few perfect stones. I bought some brooch backs from spotlight and turned them all into brooches. Some I wrapped in embroidery floss, others I painted and the rest I left al-natural.

The moral of this story is now I have too many stick brooches.

This is my attempt at a garden. Apartment life huh? Over crowding much?

Oh! E! And this is my first time linking up with Creative Spaces. Head there for more crafty happenings!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dear Baby, 12 Week Update

Our little Babe is 12 weeks old! She is a healthy, strong, smiley wee girl with a soft spoken voice and the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen.

The jury is still out on who she looks like. Really, I'm not too worried, It's quite obvious she came from both of us. In my opinion I think she has my nose and eye colour and I think she has Graeme's eyebrows and mouth and she has Poppa Mutu's forehead :)

She loves seeing Graeme come home from work and instantly lights up and starts 'talking' at the sight of him.

She pokes her tongue out when you prompt her to, and if she is left alone on her tummy or on her back on the floor she can spin around in a full circle. She has almost rolled over a bunch of times too. I'm keeping my camera on record and very close to me!

She's almost growing out of her basinet so we're going to need to look at purchasing a cot soon, and this week I'll be rearranging everything so we're not using the change table. I think she's too big and too mobile for it now.

She likes tummy time and she mostly enjoys getting changed - she often smiles and babbles all the way through it.

We give her a dummy after most feeds because she's very spilly and can sometimes get quite upset when she's burping. A dummy relieves her straight away. Although, she has found her fingers so when her dummy falls out during the night she just starts sucking her 2 middle fingers. Graeme and I say she's rockin' and rollin'.

She now rubs her eyes when she's tired and I have realised she has quite a unique cry when it's bed time.

I don't know many children's songs so I end up reciting songs I do know. Mostly Michael Jackson and Queen. We also regularly play Christmas songs. I think she's a fan already!

It really amazes me how naturally life comes for little babies. You dont have to teach them how to smile or to grab things - they just start doing it. They are such sweet innocent little people.

Dearest Little Camilla,

You are 12 weeks old and you are already growing into such a sweet little lady. You have the sweetest smile that takes over your whole face. I was told by 3 different people yesterday that they couldn't stop looking at you during church because you kept on smiling and capturing their attention!

Right now you are so softly spoken, you make sweet little gahs or maa's. We like to turn your babble into sentences and figure out what you're trying to say. Your dad likes to offer you things to stop you being upset. "Hot dog?" he asks. It hasn't worked yet, you can't be bribed because we are your greatest joy. You love to be held, talked to, looked at. You are a little attention bug! When I'm holding you and talking or looking at someone else you make little noises at me to get my attention and when I look down you just smile up at me! 

These last 3 months have gone far too quickly. In another 3 you'll be eating solids and in your own cot. I wouldn't be surprised if you are crawling! I'm so proud of you for being so strong and healthy.

You make being a Mum so much fun, thank you! Long may it last!

Love, Mama xxx

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Poo and Smoke

Last night before the blog party we had to quickly take Camilla to the doctor. She hadn't had a bowel movement in 17 days. I know. This made me realise how conflicting advice is. Most people weren't concerned "anywhere up to 10 days is normal". Ten days passed "She'll definitely be going today". She didn't. "Give her diluted prune juice" "Give her dissolved brown sugar" "Don't give her anything but breastmilk"

We went to see our doctor who disagreed with everything above, and said anything over 4 days would be a concern and would have a reason for it. Most probably a teeny tiny little crack that makes them hold on. Which is what she had.

Most importantly though, she didn't seem to mind. She wasn't upset so there wasn't a huge cause for concern. If anything, she's been a great little baby these last few weeks. The Doc loaded us up with different things to try over the weekend, and after our first attempt before going out last we had a huge success. 18 days worth of success. I ended up having a shower with Camilla early this morning to rinse her off. It stunk, but boy was it a breath of fresh air. Relief!


On a completely unrelated note, I notice the sky turn orange earlier, I looked up and it was filled with smoke! An old house opposite the Marae on Ferry Road was burning down.

Edit: Photo added:

It was a beautiful [condemned] 2 story historic home with a huge porch. I often admired it, wishing I could restore it.

thanks Graeme for the iphone photo :)

Bloggy Party!

I met up with 10 Christchurch bloggers last night at Miriams house for a Secret Santa party! Let me tell you, I was crazy nervous, but even more excited! I have been following all these ladies for months and months, its nice to finally meet them and put a face and voice to their text on screen! Funny how you create your own expectations of people, many of them blew those out of the water (in a great way!).

The evening was filled with delicious baking, fun crafted presents and lots of laughter!

Again, I really honestly couldn't believe how lovely everyone was. I guess I wouldn't bother reading their blogs if they weren't lovely.

We were supposed to trade a handmade / baked / opshopped gift and I mega failed on this. I was supposed to make for Max and I had all these plans and dreams which I left until the last minute, then I had to take Camilla to the doctors and that stuffed up all my plans so I had to do a quick dash to the supermarket on my way to the party, excuses excuses. Either way, the gift I gave was crap compared to what I received. Guilt much!?

Miriam was my Secret Santa and she gave me a great book on eating for kids, a goodnight story book for Camilla, pretty pretty story pages about birdies loving their Mamas that I'm going to put on the wall in Millas bedroom, a personalised singlet and for me, pretty pretty crane earrings that I had previously admired elsewhere in the blogland!

Big thankyous to Juliet for organising everything and for the party photos!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Learning Peace

Learning Peace

art sourced here

I've struggled with this one. I really want to be a person of peace. I want to be calm, relaxed, and at peace with others, the world and myself. I want to internally know and believe everything will be okay, and for the most part, I do have those feelings and thoughts on the inside. I think I am a generally peaceful person. Some times I stress, I worry, I get upset, I take things the wrong way, but I would like to think that most of the time I am at peace.

I love that if you are a peaceful person you can sow peace into other peoples lives. As a peacemaker you can be a beacon of peace and stability, speaking wisdom and control when everything else seems disordered and unruly.

James 3:18 Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness

I love that in the bible Jesus says that he leaves us with peace and he gives us peace. He encourages us to not let our hearts be troubled and to not be afraid (John 14:27).  

Some people are so troubled and afraid. Peace is a gift. Like all good gifts, we can choose to accept it. Like all good gifts, we can choose to use it. 

As I grow older I want to use peace more and more. I have the ability to be a peacemaker and to exercise that gift amongst my family, friends and community. Some people just like to stir up trouble, some people are stubborn and like to provoke. I would much rather be an intentional peacemaker. 

Wouldn't you?

Celebrating My Birthday

It was my birthday on Sunday. I love having my birthday at this time of year because here in Canterbury its "Show Weekend" which is a 3 day weekend for us. This means I always get to do something awesome on the weekend for my birthday. This year we were in Akaroa celebrating my mother in laws birthday with the family. 

I'm a little bit weird about birthdays. I dont like to make a big deal out of my own, but I love celebrating other peoples. I think birthdays should be the best day of the year, and they never are, so I am often disappointed. I've learnt not to get my hopes up so now I down play them. This year I turned 23, and the biggest gift was my baby daughter - I always wanted her by the time I was 23, and it happened! :) I dont expect presents, but I secretly hope for them. Graemes parents made us breakfast in bed and after I brushed my teeth I discovered a trail of candy hearts in the apartment. I followed them...

And they lead me to my beautiful daughter holding my gift from Graeme! Cute!!

It was a pretty normal day, except for the fact that people kept wishing me happy birthday. We travelled back to Christchurch in the afternoon and went to our night service at church. Afterwards I did the groceries and we went to our pastors house and ate indian.  Just a usual sunday. At 7am the next morning I realised no one sung me happy birthday* so Graeme did with his croaky morning voice :)

Another day, another year older.

But really, thank you for your birthday wishes, I dont mean to seem ungrateful.

You can read about my nerves in my approaching birthday last year here
You can read about how I had the best birthday ever last year here (no need for the nerves!)
And lastly, you can read about what I did on my birthday day here 

*My Mother would like you to know that she half sung me the song on the phone

Monday, November 14, 2011

Akaroa on Show Weekend

This long weekend in Canterbury we took a trip to Akaroa with my inlaws. Akaroa is a sweet little town nestled in Banks Penninsula. The first people to buy the land off the native tribes were the French so all the signs are in French and the whole area has heaps of history around it. The whole area is really beautiful - New Zealand in a snap shot.

I share the same birthday week with Graeme's Mum so we took advantage of their weekend away and spent some time with the family celebrating! 

We had family dinners and lunches, watched a movie on a rainy Saturday afternoon, visited a market, did some walking and went to a beach on our way home. We stayed up late and played cards and a hilarious game of charades. Probably the best game of charades I've ever played. The night ended with me going to bed first while I could hear Michael Jackson playing downstairs amongst lots of laughter. Perfect.

 I woke up in the morning to my birthday! Graeme started to teach Camilla to skateboard (gotta start em young) and in the afternoon we made our way home.

Even though Akaroa is crazy touristy now and much of its original French charm has been exploited by the tourism industry I still appreciate the area for its history. You might remember, we went their a few weeks ago and visited the families Marae. While I was there I did a little reading and learnt how the French did some deals with the local Maori tribes to buy some land - they went back to France to get their settlers and 2 months later the English came in and officially colonised New Zealand. The unknowing french returned on their ship and discovered they had no where else to go, so they stayed in Akaroa. I find stuff like that really interesting. I love history and I love learning.

Thanks Phillip for the photos! :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Milla Moo

I had a little photo shoot today with our sweet little MiniMoo! We bought her a cow suit earlier this year for her to fit at 6 months but I couldn't wait!

Eheeeheee :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Comb Revelio

Specialis Revelio!

I made a few of these cute hair combs today! I saw them here and had a go! Such a sweet touch to an other wise boring and practical accessory.

I have super thick hair and I love me a hair comb. Helps keep everything in place and now it looks styley too!

I'll be adding a few of these to the Stitch Africa sale I'm doing in December. If you're visiting here from Stitch Africa and want to get your hands on some now just email me on sophie@moo2.co.nz. I'll just be flicking them off for a couple of dollars to cover the costs of the combs :)


Monday, October 31, 2011


Finally, Blogtober has come to a close.

I kind of dropped the ball there towards the end in real life and it reflected through my blogging. I'm blaming my bout of pimples. Yup, the usual hormones are back, and so is my acne. Gut.ted. I miss my pregnancy skin.

Anyway. You may think I'm rambling about something unrelated but I'm really not. You see, acne comes back, Sophie feels bummed. Sophie feels tired. Sophie doesn't do the house work. House gets messy. Sophie gets more bummed. Sophie looses her eftpos card and Camillas Well Child book and drops her phone down the toilet. Sophie feels like she should be doing housework instead of blogging. Sophie doesn't blog. See? It's totally related.

Well, I have a new borrowed replacement phone (even though the one that died was a borrowed replacement). Today ASB called and said my eftpos card had been handed in, and I managed to track down Camillas Well-Child book (It was at A & E). I cleaned the house this weekend and nearly did everything on the "to clean" list (still the bathroom and duchess to go. Oh, and sorting out all my old clothes.) I also had my hair cut by the ever amazing Dawn (if you're in CHCH. Bargain!) And today I bought a new facewash and exfoliant for my dreadful skin.

So, just as Blogtober ends I manage to get my blogging mojo back. If you're here from Blogtober, what did you think?

Here's to a Happy November with lots happening - Guy Fawkes, my birthday, a weekend trip to Akaroa, A bloggy meet up (my first!! Eeee! Nerves!) and preparation for a big Stitch Africa sale!


About Catherine

Holy Moley.

Please go and visit my friend Catherine over on her Wordpress.

I use the term "friend" loosely. Really, I hardly know her, but I caught one of her links she posted on Facebook to her blog and I am HOOKED, now I wish I knew her much much better (claim to fame?). She's an artist with raw talent. Her whole blog is a collection of poetry and lyrics and it is beautiful. I could read and read and read all day long.

Seriously, why are you still reading my blog? Get over there now.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Vlog

On Friday I spent the whole day trying to get a smile out of Camilla. Somehow, seeing her smile lets me know that everything is okay. Well, she didn't smile, which led me to believe that she spent the whole day being grumpy. Not so. Cue Graeme getting home at 5pm and her face lit up into the biggest smile ever! She had been saving them all for him. Tricky little girl!

That pretty much set the scene for the whole weekend, she was Daddy's little girl. He spent the whole weekend having little coo'ing conversations with her while we picnicked, enjoyed sunshine and the company of great friends.

Here's a little video of us tonight.

Post Script - That may or may not be Harry Potter starting in the background...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bangle Revelio

Specialis Revelio!

I used up the very last of my verigated cotton that I used on my booties and jar cover. A special little puffy bangle! I saw it here, along with a tutorial! Simple and satisfying.

Speaking of the jar cover that I did in this post, check out this earlier post from a year ago here! Fate!? (I never ended up making them originally. I tried and failed miserably.)


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I left Graeme and Camilla alone for a few minutes and came back to find them both fast asleep cuddled up together

About a month ago I put the call out to the world for some advice on getting a baby to sleep. At the time I had realised that we had been trying to rock her to sleep then putting her in her basinet, which she would then wake up during and start to cry. I thought this meant she didn't want to sleep in her basinet so she started to sleep in bed with us more and more and often on top of us, and because they were there, I started to nurse her to sleep. Silly me. I took a step back, realised what I had done, and set about to change it because it just wasn't working for me.

Most of the advice I received was helpful and most of it I put into practice.

We instantly took on a night time routine (of which we had none previously) which we did every single night for about 2 weeks. I fed her, Graeme bathed her while I heated up her basinet mattress. We read to her, prayed for her, pulled her musical toy and layed her down to sleep. These are probably my favourite moments of the day because they feel like real family time when we take our time and dont rush things. Then, she would cry. Cry cry cry. We checked on her every 5-10 minutes and would pick her up, try and burp her and resettle her. Mostly she would stop crying as soon as we picked her up. It took her about 3 days to realise that this time was sleep time and she began to get better and better at going to sleep. The same resettling was done during her day time naps too. I also tried sleeping her on her side and propped up (because of the reflux) which didn't seem to make any difference so she's still sleeping on her back as per Ministry Of Health recommendations. A dummy helps a lot, and an extra feed after bath time does wonders.

Every day she got better and better and cried less and less. After a few days of this I cut out the wheat bag and now we don't bath her every night. Some nights we can't because we are doing other things - but that's okay. At this stage its important to me to keep things reasonably flexible so she gets used to breaking the norm, but it is also important to me to have a norm to revert to.

A few times we have declined going to someones house for dinner or an event so that we could keep her routine. Some times that bugs me, but in the long run I think it was important to establish her sleeping skills.

Most nights she sleeps in a block of 4 hours, feed, 3 hours, feed, 3 hours. It means I'm always up during the night and sometimes I feel as if I haven't even slept, but other nights its more than enough. Generally when she feeds she resettles quite well, but every other night she'll have a feed during the night and the reflux will kick in and she will be so unsettled. Then I need to spend more time with her, and usually after that she ends up in bed with me again because I'm too tired to keep perservering. That's okay because I know its not every night and some times its quite nice to have a baby sized cuddle buddy :) One night last week she had a 6 hour sleep block at night. It was amazing, however, I was awake the whole time because we had people over so I didn't get to take advantage of it and catch up myself. Such is life.

This week in the middle of the night when I'm feeding her she will look up and me, pull away and give me the hugest smiles. Its so adorable and melts my heart! It feels like our special time, when we are alone together, bonding.

Now when people ask me how she sleeps, I respond the same every time: Good! At least I think so, I have nothing else to compare her to, but I'm happy.

I realised after all this, having a plan makes such a difference. When you're up in the middle of the night with a screaming baby and you are recovering from giving birth and you are having to rock and walk her around for hours on end (when everything 'down there' just wants to lay down) and your husband needs to go to work in a few hours it can all seem a bit unmanageable and a bit "is it going to be like this forever!!??" Well, no, it wont be. And when you have a plan, its even more "It's okay, we're working on it". Even though some days the plan doesn't work, and some times we don't even 'do' the plan, and other days no matter how much we do do the plan it makes no difference. At least we've tried something.

Lastly, I have realised that everyday is different. Just because today has been amazing and happy and smiley and perfect doesn't mean tomorrow will be. And, just because yesterday was unsettled and tiring, doesn't mean today will be.

She is a baby. A really little baby who is having to learn every single thing for the first time. I don't expect miracles, and I don't expect her to sleep through the night (although I wouldn't complain), so I'm not being Hitler trying to get her into a routine. Mostly, I'm just trying to learn her sleep signals a little better.

Thank you all for you help, advice and years of experience. I feel like I can tick this off my list as a job well done.
Sweet Dreams

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear Baby and 8 Week Update

Camilla has grown in leaps and bounds in the last 4 weeks.

6 weeks really was the magic number as everyone had told me about. It was as if she was a whole different baby when she hit that milestone (some professionals refer to the first 6 weeks of their lives at the "4th trimester" and I totally agree). Every book, DVD and website will refer to "Surviving" until the six week point. Well, we made it! Once that hit she learnt to fall asleep on her own, smile, coo, be super baby at tummy time and stopped fitting her 'newborn 0000' clothes. She is so full of personality now and everyday seems to present something new. I really can't believe she has been in our lives for 2 months already. The weeks have flashed by! I feel as if spend my whole day communicating in 'baby talk' and trying to make her smile or coo - I'm so looking forward to hearing her giggle! She's such a sweet wee girl.

She's getting her [6 week] immunisations tomorrow (I know, we're a bit late). We decided to go for it because thats what felt best inside which is generally how I make most decisions. I'll be honest, I don't even know what they are immunising against so I don't know anything about them. I know a few of my readers aren't vax'ers so feel free to tell me about it.

She had a really big case of hormone spots which are apparently because of the hormones during labour. I wonder if she had a big case of them because my labour was so quick and full on?

Last update I mentioned that Camilla's Jaundice had completely gone, well, it hadn't. We have had a blood test done to see what's up with her liver and are waiting for the results. She also has a bit of reflux which I will be mentioning to the doctor tomorrow. I don't think its severe at all, but occasionally it really bothers her, and that bothers me.

We've given her a dummy which I always told myself I would never do, but as soon as we put it in her mouth for the first time and she sucked it back it was like pure relief.

This month Camilla has been learning to sleep and I think she is doing so well at it! She has regular naps throughout the day and is becoming predictable. I think I'm learning to read her tired signs better and giving her the opportunity to fall asleep by herself. I'm very thankful to all of my lovely Mama blog readers who gave me so many pearls of wisdom towards her sleep schedule and I think I may do a separate post about this later on in the week.

People ask me if I like being a mum and I wonder if they are just seeking reassurance that parenthood is a blessing. It definitely is. I feel so richly blessed with all the good that is in my life. Camilla is a joy to the both of us and we are so thankful for her.

Dearest Camilla,

You are growing up so quickly! You are such a smiley happy little girl with the biggest gummy grin I have ever seen! I love early morning smiles and cuddles with you when you are so content after a big sleep. I spend most of my days trying to entertain you and see you smile. Mostly I just need to know that in your short life you have had thrilling moments of joy and knowing you are happy ultimately brings me the most joy. Your real baby tears break my heart.

You love to stare at our series of black and white paintings of Jesus in our lounge and when you go to church you stare at the big writing on the wall. You are transfixed and can't take your eyes off them!

Your Dad is trying to teach you to poke your tongue out and you smile at him whenever he tries. Some times you actually do it as if you know what you're doing.

You are growing and turning into such a little lady, I'm so proud of you. I think you are just the sweetest, strongest little babe there ever was and I am trying to savour every day because they go by far too quickly.

I hope you are happy, little one, and I hope I am doing a good job of being your Mama. I really love you.

Peace and love always, x

Thursday, October 20, 2011

You're, Whats It Called? Shoe Revelio

Specialis Revelio

If you're following me along with Blogtober you may have been wondering where I was yesterday (or not.)? Well, I spent every single nap minute in our spare bedroom turned office turned sewing room.

I whipped up these babies amongst much fury at my geriatric sewing machine. If I work it too hard it gives up and does all these loose stitches, so I turn it off, give it a break, and then it works fine again (until..) By the end I was over it and just finished them off, so you can see the sole is so rough and the stitching is coming apart. But, not bad for a first attempt. 

Next time I'll do it well, promise. 

Cute huh?

When we were tucked up in bed hubby said "You're good at all that"

"All what?"

"You know, sewing, knitting, stuff. What do you call that?"

"Crafty stuff?"


Holy Heck - biggest compliment the husband has ever paid me. It's still making me grin.

Seriously, whats wrong with my machine (or me?)?
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