Friday, August 31, 2012

Sophie the Tiger

Friends, meet Sophie the Tiger. Tigers say grrwwrrrr.

Camilla found Sophie amongst a pile of soft toys in her room when she was happily playing in there one day last week. She bought her out to show me and didn't let go of her for the rest of the day.

No, I didn't name Sophie. She was given to my husband years ago as a gift, his absolute favourite animal is a white tiger, and Sophie was given to him by Camilla. An old flame.

Lost? Creeped out yet? I know. Its all a bit strange isn't it? And yes, it is completely weird for me to call one of her toys "sophie"

Camilla happened to visit us last year while we were pregnant and suggested her name, as everyone does, for our baby. We laughed, then looked at each other "Actually, I really like Camilla as a name" "Me too" it hung over us, the only name we ever mutually liked. 

An now Camilla, our 1 year old daughter, loves Sophie the Tiger.

I was hoping she would get attached to a toy (not fully attached yet, but we might be getting there (maybe, who knows!)) I thought perhaps it might bring her some security outside of her bond with me. I thought that maybe if i'm not around something else could comfort her. 

Their friendship is still blossoming, watch this space.

Were you ever attached to anything as a child? Are your children? What do you think about the whole idea? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sophie Slim at Best Blog Awards

Over the last year my blog Sophie Slim has turned into a resource, a place of information and knowledge for your mums, a place of hope for the lost and an avenue of blessing through The Sisterhood.

My blog has gained readers and followers like I never imagined and I am so blessed to have this little safe space I call home.

Over the next two weeks I'm going to ask you to vote for two things. One is for The Sisterhood, there's a readers choice scholarship out there of $10,000 and I think we can win it, we only need a few thousand (!) votes. Totally doable.

The other is for the Web Awards, there is a new category for Best Blog and I would love to win it and have Sophie Slim recognised for all its achieved this year.

Would you vote? Here's how:

Click this link and scroll right to the bottom of the page. Enter SophieSlim into the Best Blog category, it should automatically come up with my web address, click that, the page will reload and then click the green tick to lodge your vote.


You're the best :)

Ps, leave me a comment to let me know I have your support! xx

Pps, Have I mentioned I'm on the front page of Kiwi Mummy Blogs!! Isn't that the COOLEST! Love KMB

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Millas Birth Story [revisited]

From the archives, because she's not yet old enough to remind her I gave birth to her on her birthday (like my own mother does every year "this time 23 years ago I was on the bed..")

Millas Birth - Revisted...

Our first real life 3-Way-Cuddle

A lot of people have been asking me about Camillas birth so I thought I would write out a basic birth story for my blog, and a much more detailed one for my own personal records.

My labour was short. Probably too short for my liking if I'm going to be honest. I had been conditioned to believe that first time pregnancies take days and days of labour before anything happened. So, on Saturday night when my contractions started during a walk to the supermarket for chocolate I tried to push them aside and I kept telling Graeme and myself that labour can start and stop. We tried to watch a movie and got about half way through it when my contractions suddenly picked up.

We had a very fast home birth after a very short labour. There was no time for an exam to see how far along I was, so based off intensity I think I was probably in 'established labour' for 2.5 hours - maybe. I pushed for 30 minutes total.

Infact, it was so fast we didn't get time to fill the pool.

I went into shock a little bit when my contractions intensified. I fainted and vomited and there's a definite period that I just don't remember - Like how I ended up on our bed. In my head I was thinking that that intensity would be lasting for days and I didn't know how I could do it. Looking back I now understand that stage was my transition - going from labour into pushing. It happens to most women and they reach a point of "i can't do this" however, at the time I felt like a failure and I was really scared.

The midwife arrived in a hurry and shortly after I announced that I needed to push.

It was so instinctive. Nothing like on the movies where they instruct you when to push and how hard. My body knew what it needed to do and I was just along for the ride. I could feel everything.

I pushed. I pushed. I made a few jokes. I pushed. I will always remember the moment I turned and looked into Graeme's eyes. They were welled up with tears and so full of love.

Camilla came quickly in one big burst. Usually the head comes out and then there is a pause as the baby rotates so the shoulders can fit through. There was no pause and no changing position for us. I was told I had to get her out straight away so I did. She flew out and landed on the bed. Seriously. She flew. We went from seeing the top of her head (which was crazy!!) to having her in my arms in seconds. Graeme calls her the salmon, I call her our mermaid.

She was placed in our arms, sticky and covered in white vernix. She was as pink as a pig and our little princess. Absolutely perfect.

The next 4 hours flashed by as we enjoyed hours of skin to skin contact (a fantastic way to bond) established feeding (she latched on straight away and hasn't stopped since!) Was weighed (7 pound 6) and measured. The placenta was delivered. It probably took longer than it could have because I was exhausted. I was stitched up and paracetamol'd up.

I will always remember Graeme wrapping his arms around us and praying for us while the midwives were in our hallway. They could hear us and they waited, I so appreciated that. It was a beautiful moment.

Then, it was time for the midwives to leave and Graeme and I were tucked up in bed with our sleeping daughter between us, wrapped up in her wollen blanket. It was seriously perfect. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Giving birth is one of the most natural and empowering things I have ever done. Somewhere deep down my body took over and did what it had to do to deliver our daughter. The midwives were there to help and offer encouragement and a few tips but when it comes down to it, its our bodies that do all of the hard work. I'm sorry if you have not been able to experience that, I mean no disrespect, but want to express how normal labour and birth is. It should not be feared, horror stories should not be the norm. I think its unfortunate that the horror stories are the most common stories to reach your ears, especially when you are pregnant. Birth is natural, empowering and totally forgiving to your body and mind. Women have been doing it for centuries.

Graeme was my main support person and he was everything I could have wanted him to be. He took a little straight talking in his stride (At different points I told him I hated his iPhone, not to touch my legs and that his soothing voice was pi**ing me off!!!!) He was my rock. We also had 2 other girl friends arranged to be support - one arrived just as I was about to start pushing but missed the birth and the other due to a whole lot of hastiness and confusion didn't arrive until after. I think I'll always regret that somewhat. My support people were invaluable to me and we couldn't have had the birth and care we did without them.

Finally, on home birth; Aside from the fact that we would not have had time to go to the hospital and had planned a home birth anyway, I wouldn't have it any other way. It was so indescribably comforting to be labouring in my own home, not have to get into the car (how on earth do people do that!!??) and to be made toast and milo afterwards by our support people. I loved falling asleep in my own bed and waking up to Graeme (definitely couldn't have done that in hospital) and all of my comforts. Almost everyone who came to visit in the following days said how much of a "love nest" it was. It was warm, dim, and we were able to stay in bed together for most of the following days while we recovered and bonded with our daughter. I will not think twice about planning a home birth for our future children.

Thanks for reading. I hope I didn't share too many details but just enough to satisfy your curiosities. I'd like to empower and encourage you too, so if you have any questions or would like to know more details please just let me know. Email me on :)

Extras for the Interested:

As soon as labour picked up and we couldn't fool ourselves into thinking it would stop we tried to take a baby in baby out (like here and here) photo. I had adjusted the top specifically for that purpose earlier in the week and I remember being really annoyed that there were shadows and the lighting was terrible. I was having a contraction during this photo, and a few seconds later passed out. When I "woke up" I was on the floor with our duvet and could hear Graeme on the phone to our midwife. The next thing I knew I was lying on our bed without my top and leggings off and my midwife was taking my blood pressure. Odd.

I have since decided to use the photos in this post as my 'baby in' version.

This is the first ever photo of Camilla. 


Happy 1st Birthday Milla!

This time one year ago I was dozing in my own bed with a sleepy new born by my side. The bright light from the sun was trying to push its way through our curtains and our oil heater was cranking hot.

My husband was on my other side, wearing his blue flanellete pijama pants, they are so cuddly to sleep next to. Next to me lay little Milla, naked except for a nappy and wrapped in a hand knitted green blanket made especially for her.

Her forehead was a little purple, and only hours ago had been pushed up together in what I can only describe as looking like squished up knee or elbow skin. Now it lay smooth and flat across her head, her bones back into place, except for the evident purple mark.

Would it stay? I wondered. I didn't care.

She was marked with a birthmark on the back of her head presently covered by straight dark hair, for that I was thankful. Something from me I thought as I have my very own strawberry mark on my neck. We are the same. 

As for this little girl, we really had no idea. No idea about anything really. We didn't check her nappy at all that first day, forgetting completely about it until the midwife asked us about it later that night. Thankfully there were no sticky messes she had been laying in for hours. We had no idea about how to let a little baby sleep, not sure of when to put her down or get her up, or anything really. We just went with the breeze and where ever it took us.

We had no idea how much she would change our lives. We had an inkling, of course, we knew she would, but we had no idea how much. How much. Everything is still the same, yet completely different.

Now I am starting to understand Love with a capital L. I've always thought I did but this is something quite different.

My little bundle of Love lay there quite peacefully in our own bed, only hours after her birth.

Today, in 2012, she turns one. A busy little girl with a toothy grin and crazy hair. A girl who is always on a mission, always has a place to be and something to stack. A girl who is learning sounds and words and confidence. I feel like One is such a big age but then I see her innocence, her complete need for her parents just like the day she was born and I remember she is still my little girl who needs me.

How we celebrated Millas first birthday: Teddy Bears Picnic
Millas we celebrated Millas first birthDAY

Monday, August 27, 2012

Nominations Open for Cookie Drop!

Nominations are now open for worthy recipients in the nationwide Sisterhood Ninja Baking Drop!

  • Nominations will be open until 5pm Friday 31st August
  • Baking will be hand delivered (in a ninja like fashion) on the 1st or 2nd September 2012
  • Nominations are only available in certain parts on New Zealand (where our registered bakers live)
  • Anyone can nominate, there are 170ish baking drops available around New Zealand
  • Nominating doesn't guarantee they will receive baking (but it is highly likely they will)
  • If you haven't registered as a baker but you would like to do some baking for a friend feel free to organise it yourself (I can send you some poems and ribbons to include if you would like to! (just email me))

Thank You Z, Plunket and LLL and Church

Last week I found myself at my local Z Energy petrol station nibbling on a cupcake and cup of coffee listening to the owner tell me how it was one of the best days of his life.

I was there because Z Energy were donating my local Plunket (of which I am on the committee, hence being there) a $1250 grant.

The owner, who owns about 8 stations in Christchurch (if my memory serves me well) said handing over those cheques is one of the greatest things he's done.

Each new Z station are giving away $5000 to projects and charities in their areas.

If you filled up at Z Woolston and put a chip in our Plunket container thank you.

As a new Mum I have found support to be absolutely vital and there were a few community groups who have provided that support.

My church has always offered love and support and after the birth of our baby that came in the form of visits and 3 weeks of meals, organised by some of my closest friends. Since then we've been attending and volunteering at Toddlerock, which myself and Milla absolutely love! Its so much fun going and socialising with lots of other babes and Mums and getting our dance on!

My experience with Plunket has been nothing short of brilliant. My Plunket nurse, Jackie, is a total star and completely loveable, she came to my home when I wasn't able to make it out and always made me feel so relaxed and taken care of. She rooted for me and encouraged me to take on the health care system which led to my surgery, and has continued to be excited about Milla and our family. Plunket also provided a free Pepe course to attend where I made some great friends who I still see on a weekly basis.

Although I'm not a member, I follow the La Leche League on facebook and have found their posts to be incredibly encouraging. I have never needed to ask a question of them but over the last year have thoroughly enjoyed reading other peoples questions and responses / experiences. I love that for LLL breastfeeding is completely normal.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Crafty Christchurch

These ladies.

All very near and dear to my heart. These Christchurch bloggers and myself got together and went to Crafty Christchurch on Thursday night. A craft and supply market inside the Hagley Geodome.

 I was amazed at how many suppliers and crafty businesses are up and running in Christchurch, amazed and inspired. These businesses have been through it and are still here. I love that. When people need a release they craft. 

We bloggers moseyed through the top quality stalls too with such lovely products. Fabrics, yarns, hooks and needles, sewing machines, threads, hoops, beads, chains, papers and cutters. Anything crafty and it was there.

The market is running until 6pm Saturday 25th August, if you're like me you'll want to check it out.

Mmm so love to touch me some soft woollies.

Also, I was spotted twice by Sisters I've never met before. Crazy crazy! (in a good loving it way) 

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Surprise LOVE BOMB

This week I had a call from a close friend asking for help from The Sisterhood. You know me, I couldn't resist. "Tell me more!" I said. Her friends husband had just passed away, after a two week battle with cancer. 

My heart stopped. 

What? Two weeks. How horrific, sudden, devastating. It hurts just to think about it. She is left with four young children as she deals with and heals from her husbands passing.

Thanks to you, I have a pile of boxes in my bedroom, filled with goodies for exactly this purpose. This week I sent out a LOVE BOMB on your behalf, I knew you would want me to, we sent this lady a few goodies, but hopefully some that will bring a teeny smile, and bring a little luxury into her life that must be hurting so much.

Take a breather girls. 

With your help we were able to send *Rebecca a pretty handmade card and Sisterhood poem, soft tissues, chocolate, cherry body butter and cherry hand wash and a 30 minute relaxation massage

Everything in this parcel was kindly donated by you and sent free of charge thanks to Post Haste. Thank you.

*Not real name

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Sisterhood Ninja Cookie Drop

The Sisterhood are onto their next mission! A super secret nationwide ninja cookie drop!

The Sisterhood are a (large and growing) group of women all around New Zealand, our sole aim is to bring smiles to otherwise bleak days, we love to surprise nominated women with gifts and love, sent from strangers "just because". Anyone can be involved! 

There are two parts to this mission, first, we need bakers, then, we will need nominations. Here are the details for both:

The Bakers:

  • Commit to baking for a deserving Sister(s) in your neighbourhood
  • You have one week to sign up. (20th-25th August)
  • Its your job to be an excellent ninja. Keep their details private, move in stealth, don't be seen!
  • Bake as much as you would like but you will need to inform us so we can allocate you the right number of nominations
  • You can bake anything (not just cookies), but have it cut up into pieces for easy family sharing
  • Once you sign up, you will be sent Sisterhood poems and ribbons to decorate your baking with
  • Its your responsibility to package the cookies in a clean container and make them presentable
  • You will be emailed your drop off locations by 8am on Saturday 1st September.
  • Baking will need to be labelled (incase of allergies, tastes etc) and dropped off on the 1st or 2nd September
  • You may be asked to take photos of your baking and write a small blurb about what its like to participate and be involved in The Sisterhood. These are both optional :)
SIGN UP to be a baker HERE 

The Nominations
  • Once we receive all of our baking registrations we will open up nominations, these will only be available in particular regions of NZ (depending on where our bakers are and how much they can do)
  • Nominations for cookie drops will be open from 26th-31st of August. 
  • Baking will be dropped of on the 1st or 2nd of September

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sisterhood In The Media

Recently The Sisterhood has been featured across different mediums of media, here's where:

Firstly, on the front page of Kiwi Mummy Blogs

The Sisterhood was featured in The Press on and the front page of Stuff (click to view online article)

Polly from ZM talked about us in her 'Secret Life of Girls' segment which gave us 90 seconds of fame. (Fast forward to 20.00minutes)

Latte Junkie spoke about us to the Upper Hutt Leader and we were published on Stuff again

The Sisterhood in The Coaster, Buller (Westcoast) newspaper - October 2013

Our LOVE BOMBs were featured in issue 29 of Thats Life magazine

Coming Soon: The Sisterhood in "local heroes" on Canterbury Television News
If you would like to speak to Sophie about The Sisterhood please email her on

Contact The Sisterhood

You can send anything at any time to:
The Sisterhood
PO Box 10 100

You can email Sophie directly on:

You can join our Facebook page here:
The Sisterhood on Facebook

You can nominate someone for a LOVE BOMB here:
Sisterhood Nominations

Loving Boxes and Quality Time

We have had the Big Moo2s staying with us for the last week, and will be here for the next four. Earthquake repairs, they are getting their house plastered and repainted and much of the brick work re done. Its going to look fab when its completed!

They have fully set up our spare room as a little apartment, theres a big screen tv, a fridge, computer, table, two chairs and all their other bits and pieces! With them came big boxes which Milla loved! She even plucked up the courage to crawl through them to the other side!

Infact, they are so set up we barely see them!

They are away this weekend, and on Saturday my own parents are coming to stay in the Moo2s little apartment!

I love that we are able to have a spare room and it can be given out to those who need it, and when its not homing someone its drying our washing and storing love bombs :)

I had a fab night with Mr Moo on Tuesday. I had the car all day and went to pick him up from work, instead of taking us home I drove out to the beach and we had fish and chips in the car while it poured with rain outside and the windows fogged up on the inside.

We went home, put the baby in bed, turned off the lights and watched Harry Potter (and the Goblet of Fire (possibly my most fav movie and book of the series)) together while snuggled on the couch in the dark.

It was devine.

All those little moments make up the joy in my life, its important to stop and remember them :)

Were there any small moments in your week that caused you to stop and enjoy them!? Share in the comments! 

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The White Has Begun!

I have started to piece these circles together already and am already 3 rows in (12 circles in each row)

I layed them all out randomly the other night to figure out the placement of each, only to discover that I had two the same! It was a fun game trying to find the circles other mate. Never fear, it has been replaced! Each circle unique.

I then had to pack them away, and Mr Moo came up with a brilliant idea to store the circles, I threaded them all onto a string of wool and have it hanging in my wardrobe, they are all in order for the way that I will be stitching them together to make sure theres an even coverage of colours.

Isn't My Moo brilliant?! Here he is with his idea!

Happy creating!



Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Traveling Stash Box

There is a traveling box making its journey around New Zealand, filled with pretty fabrics, yarn, ribbons and cottons and anything else you would like to add to it!

It finds its origin from Cats Home - go there to sign up so this little beauty can stop off at your place, where it can leave a little and take a little from your own stash.

Like all good things, there a rules, you can find them on Cats blog, and leave a comment with her to let you know you're in!


This whole month is crazy busy craft wise for me, I have a blanket to finish, two others on the go, fabrics cut up and ready to sew and my paints out making kites and signs for Millas first birthday. I'm excited to be a part of this traveling stash box in such an inspired month!

Don't you agree, creativity breeds creativity? The more I do the more ideas and motivation I have!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Inspired Kiwis

I do not underestimate the value that sport has in our society. I believe, absolutely, that sport should be a regular part in every persons life. Especially teenagers, and especially teenage girls, what physical activity alone can do for depression is enough of a reason to convince me that an establishment like the Olympic Games is a worthwhile investment.

Billions of dollars though it may cost, I don't think you can put a price on success and inspiration. To see those Kiwis on that podium and to hear your national anthem being played. Wow.

I just hope that in the last two weeks, at a midnight medal ceremony, there were hundred of little Kiwis all up way past their bed time, on the couch with their parents being completely and utterly inspired. 

Be the best. Try hard. Work. Succeed. Try again.

I hope those little Kiwis heard those words and felt that inspiration before they were sent off to their beds.

Fun Facts:
  • 2 Games ago (2004, age 15) my Sister and I made a promise to go to the Olympic Games together some time. 

  • My sister has been living in London for the last ages. She went to the Olympic Games (without me) (lots) and had a ball. She probably doesn't even remember that pact. But I do, Amy. I do.

  • Next Games my husband is going to be 30. Heeheehee.

  • I love the Olympics. 
  • Milla will be strongly encouraged (read: forced) to be involved in organised sports. She will be allowed up past her bedtime to watch kiwis compete in future games. She is welcome to use this blog post to banish any bedtimes in the future if I somehow forget this desire.
  • As a teenager I played basketball for my province, represented my island in high jump, tried canoe polo, underwater hockey, touch rugby, tennis, hockey and running.
What were your favourite events in the Olympic Games 2012? I love love love the high jump, but didn't get to see any this time around!!

Leave a comment and let me know!

*Are you following along on Facebook or Pinterest yet?
** I'm completely thrilled for Valerie coming home with a gold, but feeling very sad for her rival who has not bet her for two years and felt the need to stoop to doping, sad days for sport.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Sparkliest Jug in Town!

Okay Girls. BIG news. After all my bragging, you're going to thank me for this one!

I have t.h.e sparkliest jug and toaster in town, and they are 3.5 years old! They have never looked cleaner since we took them out of their box... and I owe it all to this little white square of goodness...

Last year I did one days work for my Mum in Law (she's a cleaner), and she had this little beauty in her kit, I was amazed and cleaned dirty marks off walls with out any products! I figured it was some sort of cleaners secret that I wasn't allowed in on, until I saw this bad boy in Briscoes last week! YES!


"Why?" Questioned Hubby. "Whats so special about it?"

"Its just amazing. Trust me."

Yup, demonstrations later came for the Hubs. I cleaned black marks off the skirting boards, our toaster and jug were done in seconds, and soon I'll be tackling our stainless steel rubbish bin. It can also do soap scum, food and most surfaces. You just rinse it in water, rub it on something, and it is instantly ah.mah.zing! For $3 (and no chemicals).

Go and buy one. Now.

Not convinced? Heres my before and after photos (know that I have tried to clean these surfaces before with other products to no avail)...

p.s - it comes in a big white block, I've cut mine up to make it last much longer. You could get about 4 decent hunks of sponge from one whole block.

You're welcome.


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Friday, August 10, 2012

Sunshine and Oxytocin

Circa September 2011 - 4 days post baby

As I type it is 4pm on Thursday afternoon, I am full of coffee and cheesy scone, laying on our bed with brand new sheets and soaking in the sun. Sunshine that is filling our room and reaching my bones.

It feels so good.

I can't help but think about this time last year (almost) with my new baby, my memories are filled with sunshine and milk. That is mostly all I remember. Sitting in front of our large sliding doors on the floor soaking in the sun while guest sit on the couches, eating my lunch each day in the sun (on the floor), hanging out flannel after flannel on our clothes horse in the sun, wearing my summer PJs, laying on our bed with our new baby as she is fast asleep.

Sunshine. I love it.

It brings me memories of cuddling a naked Milla in the sun for her jaundice, waking up every morning and putting a naked Milla on a bare chested husband so they could bond. Oxytocin, I'm a big believer.  Oxytocin and sunshine together, why, that could heal almost anything! 

So with sunshine and oxytocin I have wonderful new born memories, and this time of year is bringing me back to them. 

Its hard to believe those memories are real life. I am so lucky.

This week I have had a gastro bug and have been suffering through night after night of a waking screaming baby. She has learnt to scream instead of cry, and she screams the house down. I have been tired to say the least. 

This sunshine is filling every part of me with goodness. 

I love it.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

180 Crochet Granny Circles

One hundred and eighty granny circles complete. They are colourful, vibrant and each one unique.

So begins the white borders and piecing them together...

Throughout this journey with each circle I am thinking of our little girl, with this blanket covering her bed. I am thinking about tucking her in at night, reading books to her on her bed, comforting her while she is sick. This blanket is an absolute pleasure to create.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Millas First Birthday

Now that her birthday is only a month away I feel like I can start planning it! We aren't huge party makers, but I always like to do something special to mark celebrations.

For Millas first birthday we are having a teddy bears picnic with her closest friends and family. 

Its at our place, I really wanted an outdoor party so that was a happy compromise - its no park, we only have a little yard with mostly dead and weedy grass, but its better than having to rearrange on the day. Shh but I'm a bit of a stresser and worrier. Best to avoid that completely! If its raining we will just have a little hang out at our place in doors :)

These are the invites, there are a whole lot of versions, you can see more of them on my Facebook page, and see my inspiration board on Pinterest!

Do you have any children's party ethics? Only celebrate every few years? Only family? Leave a comment and let me know how your family deals!

Millas "friend" Baby shower
Millas "family" Baby shower

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Domain Name and Pinterest

The Deets:
I can now be found on . You wont need to adjust any subsciptions, you will automatically be redirected here! Pretty cool huh?

Follow Me on Pinterest
I am now happy to have a resource to make sense of my book marks bar. I plan to be turning all of this pinning and inspiration into real physical things and determined for it not to suck the life out of my inspiration! 

Let me know your Pinterest link in the comments section and I'll pop over to your boards!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dear Baby - 11 Month Update

My baby girl, climbing, "walking", doing almost whatever she pleases. Soon I'm not going to be able to call you baby anymore. There has to be a line somewhere doesn't there? I'm thinking we might be reaching it honey. 

We sit in the "baby zone" at Toddlerock and its clearly obvious you shouldn't be there anymore.


This month gone by she suddenly exploded with words, being particularly quiet up until now, one weekend it was all "Mamama, Dadada, Bubub" and it hasn't stopped since! I'm quietly chuffed inside, and very proud of my Milla who finally found her voice. 

Milla: "Mumumum"
Me: "Can you say Mum?"
Milla: "Mumumum"
Me: "Who's your favourite?"
Milla: "Dadadad"


She also rawrrs like a lion. Its true.

Milla randomly learnt to point, and can now follow a line of pointing (like, "look over there" *Mum points* *Milla looks*).

One Wednesday afternoon I showed her a xylophone and one of those bopping toys that spins the balls inside when you push it down. "look, like this" said Mum. *Milla stares*. "Oh well, too advanced I guess".

The next day Milla crawls down to her room where I can hear a xylophone being tapped with the plastic stick and then a series of bops on her toy, followed by happy laughter. My girl. She got it! Remembering and putting something into action from the day before, freakin amazing!?!?

She blows my mind again. I'm always reminded that I am her teacher, she follows what I do and learns from me.

Milla loves to hold things in her hands, mostly pegs and her socks which she has pulled off her feet, or stray balls of wool. She will carry as many things as she can around, purely for the joy of holding them.

She's still not walking, but everyday is getting better at what she does do. She now walks around all our furniture with only one hand on, the other hand goes up in the air, much like a ballet move.

Infact, I know she doesn't need to 'lean' against anything. I've caught her many times standing perfectly fine all by her self without realising (I think she thinks shes leaning on the couch, but she's not). Its incredible frustrating for me if I'll be honest. I really thought she would be walking by 9 months, she developed so quickly to begin with, I had everyone telling me "shes just going to get up and walk any second now" so I didn't push it, I let it happen, and now I feel like its been happening for too long. I'm trying to stay patient and remind myself that she is only 11 months old for goodness sake.

Milla loves to pass things to us and then wait for them to come back, if it takes too long there will be tears, but its pretty sweet to see her hand outstretch with a sock, all for Mum!

She has quite good co-ordination, and can pass us something even when we move our hands to receive it in a strange way: down low, up high, she knows she needs to put it in our hands.

Dearest Baby Girl,

Know that out of everything, I love you.


Millas monthly updates

Friday, August 3, 2012

LOVE BOMB #2 - Alanis

Alanis is a single mother to a preschooler and a new born. We wanted to send treat to her that would be useful but also lovely for her to enjoy.

With your help we sent Alanis a sisterhood poem, $50 countdown voucher, a Wot Wots activity book, chocolate, body scrub sachets, party mix, chocolate almonds, crochet stars, assorted chocolates, chain frame, handmade bracelet, Kawai notebook and pen, Kleenex, soap, toilet bag with body lotion and gel, Aveeno sampler, hand made reversible bag,  $10 simple souls treasures (jewellery) voucher.

This was all sent free of charge thanks to Post Haste and was made possible because of each of you who gave something small to create something big. Thank you! x


Thursday, August 2, 2012

LOVE BOMB #2 - Suri

Suri is a wife, mother, and is dying of cancer. When we heard about Suris story, from her daughter who calls her "my hero" we really wanted to send their family something they could do together to create a few memories in the time they have.
With your help we sent Suri a sisterhood poem and two handmade cards, $100 wagamaga voucher (to take her whole family out with!) family "Journey" ornament, reversible handmade bag, chocolate blocks, chocolate almonds, mojo coffee, lush bath bomb, gourmet soap, assorted coffee and chocolate, aveeno moisturizer sampler, tradeaid necklace, crochet flower brooch, Kleenex tissues, kawaii book and pen set, torrent ebook, 

This was all sent free of charge thanks to Post Haste and was made possible because of each of you who gave something small to create something big. Thank you! x


LOVE BOMB #2 - Lisa

Lisa has been quite sick recently so we wanted to send her some goodies that she could enjoy at home. Also, just now I realised that I shouldn't have sent her food items as she is on allergy diets. My bad!!

With your help we sent Lisa a sisterhood poem and hand made card, $50 countdown voucher, body set with bath bomb and loofah, slippers, chocolate, $10 simple souls treasure jewellery voucher, OPI nail polish set, chocolate almonds, Kawaii book and pen set, Kleenex tissues, assorted chocolates and candy, Handmade bracelets and earrings, Revlon fruity lip gloss, handmade reversible bag, 

This was all sent free of charge thanks to Post Haste and was made possible because of each of you who gave something small to create something big. Thank you! x


LOVE BOMB #2 - Jennifer

Jennifer is a wife, mother to a preschooler who is in and out of hospital. We were told she rarely gets any time to herself and would love a glass of wine.

With your help we sent Jennifer a sisterhood poem, Tiki Wine, 2x Wild Water family passes, 2x Hoyts tickets, $45 wagamama voucher, lucky break mag, stickers, handmade reversible bag, chocolate, crochet facecloth and soap, Kleenex tissues, gourmet soap, chocolate almonds, bath bomb, lotion, assorted coffee sachets and chocolate, mojo plunger coffee, kawaii book and pen set, fudge, marmite container, crochet flower brooch, handmade earrings, Aveeno sampler, torrent ebook, eat unlimited food hamper with 5 meals and soups (not photographed)

This was all sent free of charge thanks to Post Haste and was made possible because of each of you who gave something small to create something big. Thank you! x


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LOVE BOMB #2 - Cynthia

Cynthia is a wife, mother of a special needs child and spends every single day working in her community to see other lives improved. I think Cynthia is pretty amazing so we really wanted to send her something that would give her a break out of her everyday life and give her the chance to relax! 

With your help we sent Cynthia a sisterhood poem, a $45 Wagamama voucher, 2 adult hoyts movie tickets, 2 large table mats, kawaii book and pen, hand made reversible handbag, hand made bracelet and earrings, Kleenex tissues, chocolate almonds, assorted chocolate and latte sachet, silicone flower muffin moulds, lush bath bomb and soap.

This was all sent free of charge thanks to Post Haste and was made possible because of each of you who gave something small to create something big. Thank you! x


LOVE BOMB #2 - Angelina

Angelina is a wife, mother to preschoolers and does a fantastic job at being an active member in her community. She is a great friend, always generous and always helping out others and is experiencing multiple miscarriages. We really wanted to send her some goodies for her family to use as well as something nice for her to enjoy!

With your help we sent Angelina a sisterhood poem, two handmade cards, reversible hand made bag, $45 wagamama voucher, 2x Wild Water family pass, gel nail voucher, facial and pedicure voucher, Kohu Road family icecream and drink pass, assorted coffee and chocolate, kawaii notebook and pen, handmade earrings, torrent ebook, Kleenex tissues, handmade soap, chamomile tea and infuser, chocolate blocks, body shop pamper pack, 5x play doh, sticker sets, 2 Wot Wots activity books,

This was all sent free of charge thanks to Post Haste and was made possible because of each of you who gave something small to create something big. Thank you! x


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