Friday, August 17, 2012

Sisterhood In The Media

Recently The Sisterhood has been featured across different mediums of media, here's where:

Firstly, on the front page of Kiwi Mummy Blogs

The Sisterhood was featured in The Press on and the front page of Stuff (click to view online article)

Polly from ZM talked about us in her 'Secret Life of Girls' segment which gave us 90 seconds of fame. (Fast forward to 20.00minutes)

Latte Junkie spoke about us to the Upper Hutt Leader and we were published on Stuff again

The Sisterhood in The Coaster, Buller (Westcoast) newspaper - October 2013

Our LOVE BOMBs were featured in issue 29 of Thats Life magazine

Coming Soon: The Sisterhood in "local heroes" on Canterbury Television News
If you would like to speak to Sophie about The Sisterhood please email her on


  1. Awesome awesome job Sisterhood... <3

  2. I just came across this, and it's something I am trying to do here in the US! My "Love Bombs" are positive and encourage messages to support and love one another greatly. My first Sisterhood tee campaign (limited to two weeks) raised $100 that we donated to the Conci sisters in Austrailia who live in and out of hospitals with a rare genetic disease. The messages of love in response have been fantastic and I want to continue. I am approaching my one year anniversary, 1/31/16, and average 1,000+ readers a month. Please visit if you get a chance at or join our Sisterhood Community on facebook. I will link you when I share the Sisters Give to Sisters campaign. THANK YOU! You are an inspiration.


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