Friday, February 19, 2016

Dinners Ready - A moment in time.

"Dinners ready" I announce. Or breakfast, lunch, snacks, or anything really.

Two little humans drop what they are doing and run past me, under my legs, they sprint to the kitchen shouting in celebration down the hallway where I am standing.

I follow as they navigate their way past me.

The big one is faster.

The little one runs with her hands in the air. There's side stepping and confusion as she passes. She's not sure how to get around my legs, but she pushes through anyway. Her feet making a gentle, but firm stomp on the ground with each running step.

My view is like a computer game. I can see it all from above, looking down on my little character running towards the dining table.

This may be one of my favourite parts of motherhood, and stay at home mum life; the view from above, the excited side stepping in the hall way, the running in front of me, hands in the air and the patter of feet. Yes, it's one of my favourites.

Ages 4.5 & 2.5

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Waitangi at Onuku Marae

Dear Milla, 

This weekend our whānau went to Onuku Marae to commemorate Waitangi Day. Mum and Dad, Nannie and Poppa and Aunty Izy and Uncle Phil all came! 

Onuku is just past Akaroa, and it's where your Dad and his family spent a lot of time when they were kids living in Duvachelle. Dad has lots of memories here and it's a very special place for him. 

The marae has just completed a whole lot of renovations with a brand new wharekai so they had the opening on Waitangi to celebrate! 

There was a big pōwhiri welcoming everyone on, but we were on the tangata whenua side watching the guests come in. Milla, you were so interested in what was going on, you loved the waiata and listening to Te Reo. You even plucked up the courage to share your mihi with your Koro and Kuia (although we call them Nannie and Poppa!) 

"Ko Camilla tōku ingoa, no Ōtautahi au" you said! Ka pai Milla! So proud! 

We love sharing Māori customs and language with you. You have a great sense of Mana Ake, you know it's a special part of who you and your whānau are. We will continue to teach you as best we can throughout your life about your culture, language, ancestors and this beautiful land we live on. 

Love, Mum & Dad x

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