Thursday, May 12, 2016

Motherhood 2016

My FB memories just reminded me that 2 years ago I wrote about what stage of motherhood I was in 2 years ago (Motherhood 2014). I enjoyed looking back and revisiting that season, so thought I will record an update for future trips down memory lane...

What my season of motherhood looks like right now:

Morning "Ata Marie" greetings, with kisses and cuddles in bed.

The distant sound of phone games being played with in the dark while I doze.

Breakfast requests; cornies, weetbix, muesli or honey poppas.

Spilt milk and coconut scattered throughout the house.

Outfits chosen, constant reminders, and screaming in the car.

Scratched hands, sincere apologies and hurt feelings.

Mat time joy. 

"Mum can I come in", a little girl itching to start kindy.

Coffee and cake with friends, my life savers and support system.

Little friends for little children, who play happily throughout the day, only stopping for food and drinks.

Despicable me, Penguins, Cinderella, Cars & Planes, Dinosaurs & Bible stories on rotation.

Camilla the cupcake fairy, over and over and over again.

Endless art works, inspiration and ideas.

Tears over ruined art, rampaging sisters and hurt feelings.

Constant lessons on kindness, integrity, responsibility and joy. Raising up women who believe in themselves.

Leading our family in prayer and passing on my faith to my children. Unending lessons on faith, the miraculous, and a Father who loves and creates. 

Taylor Swift dance parties.

Dinners gobbled, or left uneaten. Pleas for ice cream and treats.

Surprising Daddy after work.

Insufferably long whispered conversations.

Fluffy PJs and warm beds with snuggly toys.

Big girl beds side by side, with the cot packed up and stowed underneath. Mixed feelings, but mostly relief at a new stage.

Goodnight kisses, "Pō Marie" and songs.

Hushed whispers and giggles of joy.

Long nights for dishes, vacuuming and straightening our home for another day.

TV programmes, chips or toast, and The Mans hand to hold.

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