Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sending Deb Away To Bless

Today I want to introduce you to four things that are important to me and if you're in The Sisterhood I especially hope that you will read this post and respond to it. Let it move you.

Those four things involve two beautiful ladies and two quilts. As I write this my heart is pounding.

First let me introduce you to Deb:

Deb is a full time Mum and Student and she is honestly one of the Kindest (capital K) women that I have ever met. Her Kindness seeps through her whole soul. A minute with her will leave you feeling blessed. She has been an active member of The Sisterhood for about a year now and I consider her to be one of our greatest supporters. When Deb put a public call out for help this weekend I heard my own spirit respond YES. Lets help.

Now let me introduce you to my Kindness Quilt:

 In February when we ran our National Sisterhood Kindness Day Deb told me on the 16th of February that I should go around to her home because she had a gift for me. I did, and it was an absolutely beautiful and huge handmade quilt for me and my family to snuggle under.

I had followed her journey making in on Instagram - She had constructed it from all the scraps in her fabric stash, she often commented on how mismatched it was, referring to it as a "vomit quilt" but I was in love with it.

To me it expressed how so many tiny pieces of fabric that were "left overs" could be joined together to make something meaningful that had a purpose: A real visual picture of The Sisterhood. Deb wanted to give it to me so she had it quilted and bound and bundled it up and trusted it to my care on Kindness Day. It keeps us warm at night on our bed and I am so often reminded how The Sisterhood warms other peoples lives too. I'm reminded that Deb used what she had, her amazing talent for quilting to warm our family.

I feel so utterly blessed by this quilt, and its not the only one that Deb has ever given away. She is -always- using her talents with the sewing machine to bless others.

Now let me introduce you to Cam

Cam lives in Australia, I don't know her personally but Deb has been friends with her for a while now through the online crafting community. Deb and Cam met in December this year. At the time Cam was breathing through oxygen tanks and was waiting for a double lung transplant. Deb loves Cam, Deb prayed for Cam, and when Cam finally received her life saving transplant last month Deb did what she does best.

She made a quilt.

Let me introduce you to that quilt:

Its bright and colourful, just like Cam. And not just any quilt: Sewers and crafty people from around New Zealand who had been inspired by Cam sent Deb their quilt blocks, she sewed their names onto them all and turned them into this beautiful quilt.

It is made up of a whole community of love here in New Zealand to keep a friend in Australia warm while she recovers in rehab with her shiny new lungs. 

You can read Debs blog post about Cams quilt here. But make sure you come back to this one, I haven't finished yet! 

Isn't that so beautiful? I know that just like me, Cam will be blessed by this expression of love. 

And here's where The Sisterhood comes in. 

I see The Sisterhood playing a HUGE roll in resourcing others to bless, inspire and be kind. I am always looking for ways that WE could be those hands and feet, making the way for those who have gifts and talents, or ideas and passion, or who have a heart to be Kind to those around them.

Deb is one of those people. I want to use The Sisterhood to resource her and equip her, to help her in her Kindness mission.

Now that you have met all those involved, I hope you want to be a part of making something special happen, just like I do. 

Here's my big plan, and as I am about to type it I am nervous. So very nervous. But it is something I care deeply about so I am willing to go out of my comfort zone and put it out there.

I want The Sisterhood to fly Deb to Melbourne to hand deliver Cams quilt to her while she is in recovery.

I want Deb to humbly hand over the quilt (she will, trust me, I've witnessed it) and explain that women all over New Zealand joined together to make it happen. Women cut and sewed fabric, they embroidered messages and their names, and they joined their funds together so that when the quilt is handed over, hugs can be exchanged too (and Deb does give the best hugs).

Its saying "heres something we made" but also "we're here, we joined together, we made this happen so that we can support you".

Sure. We could pay for postage. We could wrap it up in a New Zealand post bag and hope it gets there.

But this quilt, this expression of Love needs more than that. It needs the smiles behind it, the physical support, the caring touches, the cups of tea and the meaningful conversation. And Deb is the one to do that.

I told Deb we'd do it. I told her we'd get her there. Because I really truly honestly believe that is the way it is supposed to happen. I told her to book flights. She believed me. She booked them. For THIS WEEKEND. (they were the cheapest for the next while)

It's going to cost us $567 to get her to melbourne and back safetly.

Which seems like a lot. It is for a Mum and a student. But thats the price of true friendship and support, and I believe if we all pull together and give something little, in the true Sisterhood way "we can achieve something great"

And we do. All the time. We always achieve greatness, and its always the scary commitments, the ones that seem too big, that work out the best because we have to step out of our comfort zones to make it happen.

Will you help us? Will you join with us?

Debs going to Melbourne this weekend to hand deliver this handmade quilt.

This week we will be raising money to get her there. $567. We can do it. 

You can transfer money to The Sisterhood account BEFORE Friday 5th April 2013.

ASB: 12-3149-0209199-13

The amount you give doesn't really matter - I believe if everyone gave something little there would be MORE than enough, always. Please dont feel like your contribution isn't worth it. It is. 

I will be updating the Facebook Page every night with what has been raised so far. 

When you do, please email me on to let me know you have done so, because sometimes transfers take a few days to appear and I want to know what is coming in so we will know if we hit our target or not. 

If by chance MORE money is raised, we'll buy Cam something nice and anything left over will be used for future Sisterhood projects. 100% of the money raised will be for The Sisterhood.

Please be aware that as of right now (we are working on it for the future) we are not a charitable organisation. You can't claim tax back from this. :)

God bless you Sisters. I know you will astound and amaze me. I know your generosity will bring tears to Deb and will fill Cams shiny new lungs with belief in the Goodness of others.

Sunday Night 31/3/2013 UPDATE::
Total raised so far: $664As I said in my post, any extra money raised will go towards a gift for Cam / be used for future Sisterhood projects. Deb has suggested that as a gift we buy Cam a bike, which she has wanted for so long, as a celebration of her new lungs! 

I linked this post in with I Bequeath Love to celebrate friendship

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Milla Makes - Peplum Bubble Dress

The Straight-Grain blog has opened me up to a whole new world of kids fashion and what a beginner sewer can achieve.

This is the first time a fashion trend has ever "clicked" with me and I have thought "I love everything about that fashion!" Kids clothing Belgian styles: The prints and fabrics! The colour combinations! The shoes! 

I don't know if I love the style for myself, but for my daughter yes yes yes!

This was my attempt at creating something different for her, I used a free pattern for a peplum bubble dress. The pattern was really easy to understand, even though I'm not a zip novice (I dont even have a zipper foot! (I can't seem to find one for my ancient Globe machine???)), and have never used bias binding before. The 18mo fit is perfect for Milla. 

I'm quite proud of how it turned out, and Jen from Mend and Make New really is convincing me that sewing kids clothes is so rewarding and fun! 

More Creative posts on Sophie Slim
Joining in with Show n Tell
Win a pair of these shoes! (giveaway closes tomorrow - Friday 29th)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Craft Love Festival - Coming Soon!

One of the awesome things to come out of a post-quake Christchurch is the sudden surge in crafts, arts, markets and celebrating the unique.

Thats why when it was suggested that one of the Around The Table team runs a craft festival I was completely behind it. Its a fantastic thing for Christchurch.

Craft Love Festival is on Friday night, 12th April - We'll be taking 60 bloggers to it to see what Christchurch has to offer, along with the rest of the City! Its going to be packed, and so much fun! Theres even music, food, spot prizes (so dress in your favourite "love" outfit) 

AND if you take a photo of yourself with one of their advertisements and put it on their Facebook page, the photo with the most likes will win a $50 market voucher to spend on the night!!

I'm so excited to have 60 bloggers in Christchurch in a few weekends, I can't wait to show off our beautiful city and all the life it has to offer! 

Do you live in Christchurch? Leave a comment and let me know what your favourite post-quake part of the city is!

Are you coming to the bloggers retreat? Leave a comment and let me know what you are most looking forward to! 


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Millas 18mo Update - Dear Baby

Milla, my sweet girl. Sometimes I just well up with delight when I see or watch her. She is gorgeous and delicious and I just want to drink her in!

18 months old is so fun! She is learning so much every day and will often surprise us by just knowing some thing already. Her Dad is a great teacher and she listens to his every word. She has few words but many sounds that we are familiar with and she is often repeating the beginning of words we say to practice. When we go to the car she says "Bee beep" (because of the car alarm), tickling is "DickaTickaDicka"and I absolutely LOVE her "yeah!" complete with a full head bob. She says Buhbye and Ameh (for amen) when going to bed.

There is so much I could tell you. Her life is so full.

She is an organiser and cleaner, she comes up behind me in the kitchen and shuts all the cupboards and draws I have open, she puts clothes I've left on the floor down in the washing pile, and she cleans up her own spilt water by going to get a cloth from the kitchen without even being prompted. 

She likes to draw pictures in the morning and points at the spare seat at her little table and says "Mama!" until I sit down with her. She hands me my own paper and crayons and we draw her daddy a picture. She'll give it to him at the end of the day. 

She loves to receive instructions and follow them through.

Her hair is always growing, its starting to turn a bit darker at the roots but still very blonde on top. Milla twirls her hair around her finger when she's tired and will often get up from a nap with a big knot in her hair. Its Daddys job to get them out. She sits so still and patiently for him.

She has started to notice other Babies, especially Baby Wes, her friend. She'll point at him and say "Baba!" and then point at my belly.

Milla knows where most of her body parts are: Her hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, neck, arms, hands, fingers, belly, bottom, legs, knees, feet and toes.

She is so busy. There is always something for her to do. I love watching her create her own missions. Mostly it will involve her transporting something from one thing to the next.

Music. I'm sure this girl is going to have a musical ability I will never understand. From the very beginning she would pick up on music and make her own groove. She'll point at the stereo during the day and nod her head for me to turn it on, and when a song ends she'll loudly complain until the next one comes on. When we walk into kids church on a Sunday the first thing she points at is the stereo. She can use her xylophone and shakers, but doesn't have much passion for her drum.

Her favourite toys are Tiger and Duckie. Tiger has been a long time favourite, Duckie is the new In Thing. She takes them both to bed at night, and will have one with her during the day. Although she can leave them behind we often ask which one she would like and she will choose. 

Her favourite book is Dear Zoo.

She is a pro on the rocking horse and has just figured out how to use a ride on car / bike toy (by pushing with both of her feet at the same time rather than walking it)

I'm looking forward to seeing her as a big sister in 3 months time. (as I write this she's currently 19 months). I think she will be very helpful and inquisitive. 

Dearest Milla,

The first year and a half of your life has been filled with so much learning, for both of us. You are so eager to explore your world and to take everything in. You notice everything and you learn so quickly. Your Dad is so good at teaching you new things. You love him so much so you are a devoted student. 

Every day you will show us some how that you have learnt something. It amazes both of us. We continually say "I can't believe it!" to each other. As we go to bed at night your Dad will often repeat your classic lines "DickaTickaDicka"and "Yea!" or "Noooooee" to himself with a big smile. Its so beautiful to see your relationship together.

You are such a gentle girl, so inquisitive and patient. You can wait so well and sit so still and you have a huge passion for music already at such a young age. You love going to Toddlerock on Fridays and every week get more and more brave as you take one step further away from my vicinity to explore the other kids and toys they have there. 

I've been able to leave you in kids church all by yourself a total of two whole times! Thank you Baby Girl, I love being in Church and I hope you do too :) At night time when we pray you put your hand on your Dads head. He loves it so much, mostly because he loves having his head touched, but also because its so special that we can pray together as a family. And then you say "Ameh". We melt every time!

Since my last update when you were 12 months old you have collected a distinctive scar on your forehead. You fell down a stair and headed straight into the corner of a wall. My girl, I have never been so worried in my life! The blood! Thankfully it was just a little cut and your doctor fixed you up good. I do hope the scar fades, I think it has already, but we can make up a good story about it when you're a bit older. Perhaps kidnapped by pirates or something?

You're going to be a big sister soon, as I write this I am due in exactly 3 months. We've been told you're going to have a little Sister. You can kind of say her name, and when I ask you where the baby is or you hear me talk about the baby you pull up my top (no matter where we are), point and say "Babeh". You pat and rub my belly. I think you will be such a caring and helpful big Sissy, just like my own (Aunty Amy). 

Baby Girl, we love you so much. So entirely and completely. I realise now that we didn't even know what love really was before. Not until you came along anyway. We thought we did, but you taught us how intense, passionate, selfless and sacrificing love really is. 

Stay well Little One,
Love Mama xxx

Millas Monthly Updates

Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm On BlogLovin

I'm on Blog Lovin (like the rest of the world!)

I'm still a tad confused about how it all works, but hopefully I'll get some time to sit down and focus on making sure I've set it up properly. (I seem to have two blog addresses to follow? one is my blogspot and one is

I did sign up to it last year but deleted my account when I discovered it was only really americans using the site. So i'm so happy to have you all over there! I think its a great site!

Follow Sophie Slim on Bloglovin

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

All About Heidi - Baby Shoes Review & Giveaway

These shoes are unlike anything Milla has worn before. Once on the soft leather moulded to her feet and she has happily worn them for days at a time since. The velcro is strong and stays put and her feet dont slip out of them. Its like they were made for her.

I love the shiny gold colour so much, and All About Heidi has such a delicious range of colours available you might not be able to choose your favourite, they are unlike anything I have seen before! Only handmade will offer you that.

Did I say handmade leather shoes? Yes. Yes I did.

All About Heidi are offering you the chance to win a pair for a little special person! 

I know right! These would be great for your own kids, or win them as a gift for someone elses, or stash them away for "that day" ;)

Visit All About Heidi and choose which scrummy shoes you would like to win and leave a comment here with the colour and size (its all on the website) along with your email address (so you can be contacted).

The winner will be chosen on Friday 29th March 2013 and notified by email. Use Rafflecopter to gain more entries!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

((word verification has been disabled so you cellphone users can enter too!))

Monday, March 18, 2013

Plunket Fundraising Complete!

Thank you for your generosity! 

This week we were able to raise $210.00 for Woolston Plunket! Bringing the total to $1000 raised with your help in the last few weeks! YIPEEEEE!!! 

I have already transferred the money to Plunket, which they receive with greatest thanks, and have drawn the 4 winners for the birth details prints! 

They are... Hollie, Alyna, Paige and Laura! All of you will have received an excited email in your inbox by now!

Thank you to EVERYONE who gave money or told someone about this, your generosity continually amazes me xxx

If you love my birth prints and want one for someone special in your life I can make them for you for $15, just email me, I've added some new designs to my felt store  :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Granny Circle Blanket - Complete!

In June 2012 I started creating granny circles for a blanket, destined for my baby's future big girl bed.

I planned to make 15 rows of 12 squares, big enough for a single bed, totaling 180 squares.

I started off using scrap wool but quickly discovered that I would need consistant colours and textures to keep the weight of the blanket even. Although it looks the same, some wool will be lighter than others and it can throw the whole thing out. Some circles were ending up smaller and thinner than others etc. 

Instead I used an acrylic yarn, approximately 150gms of each colour Navy blue, aqua blue, sky blue, dark purple, lilac purple, red, hot pink, baby pink, teal, yellow, lime green, along with approximately 10 balls of 100gm white.

I layed them all out randomly, no two circles exactly the same, and hung them on some yarn and stored them in my wardrobe on a hanger. I slowly got through the yarn snake, and did it in my "layed out order" so there was a nice even mix of colours (brights vs. darks etc)

Eventually it was time to start the white of the blanket and initially it was such an exciting process - to see that mass of bright colours balanced out with a simple white, imagining my daughter snuggled underneath it, I prayed for my family white I crocheted it.

Once I got to the middle it began to get tedioius; another row done and you could hardly tell. The end felt far away. 

Little did I know I was actually only 1 row away from finishing, when it was bundled up and put away at the beginning of my pregnancy with Baby Moo2. 

Summer was beginning, morning sickness thrived and I felt like crochet was the last thing on my mind. 

In February 2013 I picked it up again, realising we wanted to move our daughter into her own bed some time in the next few months before the newest baby was born and I needed the blanket for it. Because I'm sentimental like that. And I dont miss a deadline. 

I quickly finished off the last row and a half, giggling with glee that that is all that was needed to complete it and spent a week working on the border.

A recent post by Attic24 for her patchwork blanket inspired me to do a thick border around the blanket, something I hadn't given much thought to but after seeing her photos of her blankets with great big borders and understanding how they 'complete' the blanket I was inspired. My blankets will always have borders now!

I interpreted her photos of a recent border she had made up and trialled it out on my own, I love how the little spots of pink break through the white.

And here she is, in all of her nine month, colourful glory!! 

Millas white Granny-Circle blanket!

She was supposed to be for a single bed, but as we haven't set Millas bed up yet I took these photos on our double. As you can see, its rather large! 

Time Taken: 9 Months
Yarn Used: 8ply, acrylic yarn.
12 balls of 100gm colours, 10 balls of 100gm white (with plenty left over)
Granny Circle pattern used: Grandma All-Square tutorial
Border Inspiration: Attic24 Granny Patch Blanket
How to stop your borders from ruffling: How to Make a Flat Border for a Granny Square Blanket
More Crochet Inspiration: Sophie Slim Crochet Pinterest Board

Thanks for stopping by and sharing these journeys with me! Blogging is so good like that! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The Sisterhood has been working away under cover again, this time sending treats to two deserving woman.
The LOVE BOMB pictured above has gone to a mother parenting teens. Shall I stop right there? I know what my family were like as teenagers, I wish someone had sent my parents a love bomb! Along with the love bomb we wish her strength, patiences and an everlasting love!

Because of allergies we weren't able to send food treats, so instead I loaded up a little box with delicious hand creams, soaps, files, a super cute wooden pin, foot balm and a beautiful handmade zipper bag! 

Hopefully she'll love it!

The other, not pictured, when to a Mama who has just had a little boy and has been left by her partner, who already have a child together. The little boy isn't doing too well and she is receiving extra support to try and settle him into this new life. She is being looked after by friends in practical ways, but I wanted to send her some treats to let her know that even when our babies cry and we go to be exhausted we are still doing well. Even though we can't see them, women around the world stand beside each other and love each other.

Don't we?


If you would like to nominate anyone please email me on 

If you would like to give, view our previous LOVE BOMBs to get ideas of what we do, and send anything to:: The Sisterhood, PO BOX 10100, Christchurch


These were able to be sent because you have donated so many awesome goodies that our shelves of glory are still well stocked and are ready to bless others! THANK YOU! Also big thanks to Post Haste couriers for sending our LOVE BOMBs free of charge! :)

Baby Moo2, 25 weeks - wearing Belly Beyond

Baby Moo2 is growing!! All of a sudden there is no longer 6 months to go! We're down to three (and a bit) and I'm starting to get organised!

When I first found out I was having a winter baby I admittedly freaked out a little bit. I am not a cold person, I hate the winter with a passion and struggle my way through it to be rewarded with a beautiful spring. If I could live on a tropical island I would! For me winters represent nothing but cold, dark days, couple those images with a new born baby and a toddler stuck in doors... panic! 

I decided from the outset that I would learn to embrace this dark necessary season and do all that I could in preparation to make it a good one. 

The first step was to have a good range of warm maternity clothes that would do me through the autumn months. Belly Beyond sent me this ensemble from their Ripe Maternity range. 

The top wont do for breastfeeding but it is perfect for these overcast damp days with a big belly, and isn't a daggy old maternity top! No elastic down the sides! I can see myself wearing this next winter (minus a bump!). Its a stripy knit fabric that is soft and stretchy with a big with neckline which I love. (Have I ever mentioned collar bones are my favourite body part? Also my strawberry birth mark :) Milla has one too!) 

I already had two pairs of maternity jeans, but I haven't worn either of them since getting these ones! These are Ripe Maternity's skinny jeans. I can't believe I'm going to admit this:: They've got -nothing- on my $25 KMart jeans. I can't believe I was wearing those uncomfortable things! 

These jeans actually fit my belly! They curve and the bottom of my belly and rise up above my bum so they are nice and comfy and dont show off anything when I bend over! They have a huge belly band which has elastic at the top so it stays up and you can't see it under tops!

I love the way belly bands feel so secure and tight on my tummy so I always wear mine up!

Friends on the Sophie Slim facebook page had some great ideas for being happy over the winter months and I've written them all down and will add them to my preparations ... cushions, slippers, lamps for the lounge, lots of pumpkin soup and a nice light novel for those late night breastfeeding sessions!

I'm actually starting to get excited about the snugglyness ahead!! This baby will be here before we know it!

Stripe Knit c/- Belly Beyond
Ripe Maternity Skinny Jeans c/- Belly Beyond
Shoes - Wildpair
Watch - Kmart

Baby Moo2 - 20 Weeks
Baby Moo2 so far - The Journey
Baby Moo2's gender reveal!

If you have any more suggestions for helping me survive this winter, please leave them in the comments! I'll love you forever.

PS, we've named her!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to Find a Good Midwife

Our midwife showing MrMoo how to put on Millas first nappy

While I snuggled a little newborn in 2011 I heard of so many stories of my friends ending up with midwives they didn't like, trust or believe it. It made me terribly sad. I loved my midwife and I was truly sorry to be out of her care. I trusted her completely. I believed in her philosophy and how that impacted the decisions she made.

It was then that I realised that no two midwives are the same. Its important to get one who fits with -your- philosophy, just how no two mothers are the same.

Can I urge you, if you are entering your first pregnancy (or even subsequent ones) and you dont know the first thing about choosing a midwife (don't worry, no one does) have a think about the type of birth you would like to have, and about the type of care you would like to receive. Then ring up and ask a midwife what they offer.

Each midwife is different and will offer a different type of care. Some will only do hospital births, others are skilled specifically at home births. Some can't be involved in epidurals so if you get one you'll be passed over to the hospitals care. Some midwives work within a practice (so you get to know the other midwives on call), others work within a roster at a hospital so you'll have a stranger midwife attending your birth (or possibly delivering, depending on what week or time of day it is).

Some midwives are only part time, some are full time. Some will do home visits, others you'll need to go to their clinic to have your monthly and fortnightly visits.

Some midwives will befriend you and will be interested in your life outside of your uterus, others will be strictly business. Some will be all for medicine and tests, others will weigh up your risk factors and suggest different options.

What suits someone else may not suit you, and vice versa.

I have heard countless times from people who had a birth and care other than what they wanted, and could look back and see that they saw it coming all along.

If you see a midwife for a few months and you feel like you are not clicking with them, see someone else. You are not stuck with them.

Personally, I love my midwife and it is a happy coincidence I stumbled into her care. I was originally seeing a different LMC but a few months into my care for my first pregnancy she had to pull out of midwifery due to family circumstances. Instead, I was referred to this new midwife with the option of seeing someone else if I would rather. I'm so happy I was able to meet her.

Praising my midwife in 2011
What antenatal classes are like

Monday, March 11, 2013

Donate to Plunket and WIN!

Last week I set up a collection point for my local Plunket. With a team of volunteers who I contact from the last years Pepe groups (the new parents course Plunket offers), we collected each lunch time over the week days.

Together we managed to raised $790.60

Not bad, considering we are situated in low-income East Christchurch! Its amazing how much everyones small change can add up to, and what a difference that will make to our local Plunket.

Although the nurses are funded, the every day running of the clinics and rooms are the responsibility of the committees, all of the money needed has to be fundraised throughout the year. Our Plunket is in east Christchurch and serves mostly low income, high needs families. The $790 raised will go towards providing morning teas, running new parents courses and weekly play groups, along with necessary borings like cleaning products and toilet paper for these families. 

It is an honour and a privilege to be able to help our community in this way.

Initially I had set my hopes on raising $1000, and I would still love to meet that target.

For this week only, ending Friday, I am taking internet donations to add to the $790. For every $5 you donate towards Woolston Plunket (and all of it will get there, promise) you will go in the draw to win a personalised birth details print like pictured above.

Please put your donations in The Sisterhood bank account::

ASB# 12-3149-0209199-13

The Details::
The text colours and wording are all up to you, I will design it to your specifications and it will be given to you via email so you can print it off (at your local photo machine!) and frame it. For every $50 donated I will add in an extra opportunity to win a print. For example $200 raised will result in 4 prints being up for grabs!

Use your name as a reference, and if I dont know you please either comment here with your email address or email me to let me know you have contributed!

I'll keep you up to date with the money raised on my Sophie Slim Facebook Page and will announce the winner next Monday 18th March, 2013.

Thank you for your love and kindness towards the community I live in and serve <3 b="">

Monday, March 4, 2013

A Generous MrMoo

Last week MrMoo layed in bed and told me how proud he was of me; All of the time I spend on others, the committees, the volunteering, the strangers.

To be honest, I don't consider myself a giver or a generous person. I have a lot to learn and thankfully I have some amazingly generous role models to look to who teach me about giving and living on a daily basis. However, I hear this "generous" word and my name thrown about a lot, I think a lot of people have a warped perception of me and perhaps it seems that way from the outside, but to hear it from someone who knows me best, that they are proud, well.. That means a lot.

It was great to hear that my husband appreciated the way that I use my time. As a stay at home Mum I am very aware of the fact that what I do with my time earns us no money. And in the worlds eyes could be considered a waste, but I always have a driving desire to use my time well and to have it benefit the world. Whether that brings in money or not. 

It could be easy for my husband to say that I waste my time on all these "free" things that I do. That as a stay at home mum I should be solely focussed on our family. To say that I could probably be working and earning some money with all the time that I give away. 

But he doesn't say that. He appreciates me for it, and thanked me for making this world a little bit different (and hopefully better) each day.

I thanked him for waking up each morning with a smile on his face and going to work each morning to provide for our family. He works hard and never ever complains. 

Today is the beginning of the Annual Plunket Appeal. I was hesitant to tell MrMoo that I had signed up to help again this year, knowing how much it required last year. I have organised a week long collecting stall at my local mall. I eventually slipped it into conversation that that is what I was doing, and he was thrilled. 

It is so good to have a partner who supports what you do, and to use what you do have for the benefit of others. And you know, I actually feel rich for it. 

Thank you MrMoo for understanding about the important things in this world; you make it really easy to be me.

[[I am reminded of the Proverbs Woman and feeling a teensy bit good about myself::
Proverbs 31: Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.
She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life. ]]

Friday, March 1, 2013

February Month

((Enjoying Summer))

It can't have just been me, February went way too quickly. Time seems to be flashing by, I wonder is it just because I have a toddler now, or am pregnant, or is this whats its like for the rest of our lives? It just keeps getting faster and faster? Slow down life!

Its kind of a big geeky-bloggy of me, but February has been my favourite blog month, perhaps of all time. I put a lot of thought into each of my blog posts, so wanted to round them all up for you to enjoy incase you missed any of them!

Namely, I started my "My Journey" series, where I have been writing down little snippets from my past. So far they have just been about my relationship with MrMoo, but I will be branching off over time and going down other avenues that I would like to record before the memories slip away completely. (Since doing this Ange and Meghan have also started doing there own!) You can read about how MrMoo, The Youth Pastor, stalked me and wouldn't leave me alone until we dated, how MrMoo proposed, and the beginning of our wedding ceremony.

Speaking of MrMoo, we also celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary and have had lots of date nights this month! Spoilt!

We announced with a fancy .GIF that our little squirmy baby is going to be a GIRL! WOO! (any girl name suggestions? Seriously?) And I did my first baby update / maternity wear post at 20 weeks.

AND! I made lots of stuff! Crochet baby wipes, cardigan re-styles (which is a loose term, hee), Homemade Laundry Powder, kids table & Valentines hearts for MrMoos work mates!

I also taught you how to use hyperlinks correctly in your blog posts - lots of you dont (lets face it), but now after reading it you do! Hooray! Major success, and I have swelled with pride many times noticing your good hyperlinking! ;) You'll be ranking high on Google in no time!

And last but not least, The Sisterhood held our very first National KINDNESS DAY! It was a beautiful successful day with lots of people loving on others, I couldn't have asked or expected any more!


 In February I have had some beautiful sponsors on my blog that I am so proud to represent! 
Breastmates sent me a delicious Glory Maternity Dress to try out and I've worn it a bazillion times since (you know, on all those date nights I've been having!), I love it! 

They have such a great range of maternity clothing and Franny, the owner and founder, has just designed her very own line! Er, hello business crush! 

Scamps is a new sponsor and they will be hanging out here for the next few months, so go and visit them and get familiar! They are an online ecoproduct store for mums, babies and kids!

I love their philosophy and it suits me perfectly, you can buy anything from reusable nappies and eco baby skin products to wraps and carriers or lunchboxes

((if you're interested in having your blog or brand represented on Sophie Slim check out my advertising options)


Wow, looking at all of those exciting things that happened last month makes me feel so successful and proud of myself! I achieved a lot, even if it doesn't feel like it. What a great thing, to look back and appreciate the past! Pats on the back all round!


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