Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to Find a Good Midwife

Our midwife showing MrMoo how to put on Millas first nappy

While I snuggled a little newborn in 2011 I heard of so many stories of my friends ending up with midwives they didn't like, trust or believe it. It made me terribly sad. I loved my midwife and I was truly sorry to be out of her care. I trusted her completely. I believed in her philosophy and how that impacted the decisions she made.

It was then that I realised that no two midwives are the same. Its important to get one who fits with -your- philosophy, just how no two mothers are the same.

Can I urge you, if you are entering your first pregnancy (or even subsequent ones) and you dont know the first thing about choosing a midwife (don't worry, no one does) have a think about the type of birth you would like to have, and about the type of care you would like to receive. Then ring up and ask a midwife what they offer.

Each midwife is different and will offer a different type of care. Some will only do hospital births, others are skilled specifically at home births. Some can't be involved in epidurals so if you get one you'll be passed over to the hospitals care. Some midwives work within a practice (so you get to know the other midwives on call), others work within a roster at a hospital so you'll have a stranger midwife attending your birth (or possibly delivering, depending on what week or time of day it is).

Some midwives are only part time, some are full time. Some will do home visits, others you'll need to go to their clinic to have your monthly and fortnightly visits.

Some midwives will befriend you and will be interested in your life outside of your uterus, others will be strictly business. Some will be all for medicine and tests, others will weigh up your risk factors and suggest different options.

What suits someone else may not suit you, and vice versa.

I have heard countless times from people who had a birth and care other than what they wanted, and could look back and see that they saw it coming all along.

If you see a midwife for a few months and you feel like you are not clicking with them, see someone else. You are not stuck with them.

Personally, I love my midwife and it is a happy coincidence I stumbled into her care. I was originally seeing a different LMC but a few months into my care for my first pregnancy she had to pull out of midwifery due to family circumstances. Instead, I was referred to this new midwife with the option of seeing someone else if I would rather. I'm so happy I was able to meet her.

Praising my midwife in 2011
What antenatal classes are like


  1. This is a really great post Sophie! Really, really excellent. I'm going to send a link to it to my newly pregnant friends! It is SO IMPORTANT to have a midwife you click with! I love my midwife - genuinely. I have a friend who has had 2 traumatic births, with 2 different midwives who both could have prevented it and it makes me so sad - and mad! Important advice - if you don't click with her and feel like you're not communicating - find someone else.

  2. Great advice, I agree, I should have changed midwives the first time round I didn't realize till having an amazing midwife the second time just how important it is to have someone who has your back and makes sure your voice is heard!

  3. Great Advice, it always amazes me how many women don't realise that they can choose their midwives and change if you don't click. It's great to put the info out there, Debix


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