Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Scenes From Our Weekend


Camilla has a secret handshake with her Dad. This weekend it finished with him kissing her thumb. She likes to complete any thumbs up or hi-fives with kisses. I was able to sneakily snap one of them on camera, but I cannot give away any more details of the secret handshake. 

A special moment from the weekend was making a surprise trip to the botanic gardens; running through the flower patches, playing on the swings and slides and finding feathers on the ground. 

It was perfect (even though we were boiling hot and starving). Some times you can still see magic even though your stomach feels like its eating itself. 

I like adventuring with our little Moo2 tribe. 

Delilahs Dress

Last week my little niece turned ONE! Yay! She celebrated this milestone with her family and little friends at a Teddy Bears Picnic party (much like Millas Teddy Bears Picnic Party, but Delilahs looks way cooler!)

 Since I couldn't be there to celebrate, I sent over this handmade dress for her!

I've made a lot of these dresses over the last year, and this is the best one I've done (aside from the little bit of wonky topstitching around the neck line. Grr. Annoy!) (I think every time I say it's my best one)

It was my first time using a fabric other than cotton too. I can't remember what its content was but it felt like maybe it had some spandex in it? It has a slight stretch in it and was quite thick anyway, I lined it with cotton so It wont give any more.

I walked past this bolt of fabric on the counter top about 10 times, and eventually the ladies were saying "just take it!" and they were right, once I had my eye on it I knew that it was perfect, but I was scared of the stretch!

It gave me a little more confidence to tackle a knit fabric project soon.

Delilah, happy birthday little Princess! I can't wait to see you in your new party dress in the summer time! 

Love, Aunty Soph xx


Monday, March 30, 2015

Ladies Pixie Coat - Pattern Release

After I made the Big Little Pea Coat a few years ago, I told Lisa that if she ever designed a women's coat I would love to be one of the first to make it! So here I am, showing of the very new-just-released-today Ladies Pixie Coat pattern

Lisa's Big Little patterns are so easy, they really are for beginners with no button holes or zips to worry about! 

I have made two coats already, out of super warm vintage blankets. The first is for me, and then Lisa adjusted the pattern and the fit based off our recommendations to the pattern. 

With the pattern updated to include a larger hood and longer arms I made another for my friend Georgia, who is modelling it below. 

The actual sewing of the coat only took one night and was very easy to put together. The pattern comes with a tutorial that includes step by step instructions and lots of photos of the process. 

It's hard to go wrong. But if you do, there's a pattern group you can join on Facebook and theres many sewers there who can supply inspiration and answer questions, along with Lisa (the designer) herself on hand. 

You can buy the Womens Pixie Coat with included rounded hood and regular collar options in sizes 6-18 from the Big Little Etsy shop.

For today and tomorrow the pattern is 25% off using the code LADIESPIXIE

Check out the other patterns on offer while you're there (like the Kids Pixie!), all designed in New Zealand by a Kiwi Mum! 

I'll definitely be making this coat again, it's been tested 10 times over so you know it will fit and work well! I just need to find another perfect woollen blanket to use! My coat is affectionately called the "blan-coat" in our home. 

Lisa, thank you so much for creating such beautiful patterns for children and women! I love your work, and can't wait for the colder weather to kick in to snuggle in my warm coat! 

And Georgia, thanks for letting me make you a coat and force you to model it for me without any warning! 

My Big Little Pea Coat for Milla
More of my Sewing

Thursday, March 12, 2015

2015 Goals

It's already March, but I've had this notepad floating about my kitchen and desk for the last 3 months that has my new years goals on it, waiting to be typed out and recorded.

I love to set new years goals, I think it helps us to intentionally achieve certain things throughout the year, keeps us focussed on bettering ourselves, and helps us to look forward to the future.

Here are something I am already working on for this year::

FAMILY (all of these goals are aimed at increasing our quality time and togetherness with my husband and children)
    The bain of my life right now. They creep in to the everyday, they steal quality time away from each other and our children, but they are also super useful and we would be lost without them. I'm working on managing my screen time and to notice when its important to focus on life right in front of me. Including but not limited to; bedtimes, after work times, meal times, church times and quality times.
    This has been a work in progress with bouts of exercise. I'd like to to be a more regular thing, especially heading in to winter. I've been doing the 30 day shred vids, walking most days to Kindy, or going for after dinner runs. I'd like to integrate fitness into my everyday life. 
    We're saving for our future home. This year I'd like to increase our savings for that specifically. We have also started a fund that we put a small amount into each week to go towards an overseas holiday for our 10 year wedding anniversary. In a few years, we should have a good little fund to play and adventure with! 
    So far this year we've planned two road trips. I'm hoping to visit more places and see more things. As our girls get bigger its getting easier to explore with them. We have SO much to see.
    I'd like to focus on memorising more scriptures to have them on hand when I need them. Also, I have started reading Bible In A Year, I am already behind, but it fills me up most days and I will keep going until I finish.
    Mormons dominate the blog world, and they often talk about FHE (Family Home Evening) which is a Mormon practice to spend a night (usually Mondays) at home with the family to read scripture, and to pray and teach their faith to their kids. I'm NOT Mormon, but I think they're on to something here, and I think its something I'd definitely like to include in our family life heading forward. 
    Id just like our home to be a functioning, relaxing place where we can feel at peace. Most days I pray that our visitors would feel peaceful in our home, but this also means practically, decluttering, keeping things tidy and functional. I've been buying a few little things (in keeping with our budget) here and there this year to make our space more ours.
    The container garden was a 50/50 success and flop this year. I'd like to grow some more things, and try out some others. This space is a work in progress.
    My yearly blanket is almost finished this year, but for the first time it's not a crochet one. More on that soon.
    I'd love to give knits a go this year. I've already bought some fabric and have a pattern printed, I just need to find the courage to do so. Along with that, I'd also like to master a twin needle. I have never used one before  but I think the finish they give is so professional looking. 
    I'm preplanning special birthdays and celebrations and things that I can make ahead of time as gifts for friends, but I also want to include more handmade toys and clothing into our own lives. I'd love to make a dress or two this year for myself. Often I spend time making for others, most of my handmade's leave through our front door. I'd like a few of them to stay around so I can enjoy them too.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Splash Pad Fun

Some time in February we were having fish n chips in the park on a Saturday night with some friends, when we stumbled across the new Splash Pad in Scarborough park (Christchurch).

Graeme and I had seen it previously on a late night date-night walk. Then we joked about how our oldest, Milla, would probably hate the splash pad. Too much unpredictable crazy water we thought.

It turns out, when our girls were let loose at 5pm in their dresses, our oldest had the time of her life! She loved it, there was no hesitation and no stopping her! 

Milla loves to run through the rain bow, shoot people with the swinging red pole thing, stand on the jets and spray unsuspecting people nearby, and to wade into the paddling pool at the other end of the pad.

Our littlest, Katie, will dip her fingers and toes in, and thats about as far as she's willing to go.

It was so funny to me to see how I had their reactions summed up in my head, and to see that play out completely differently in real life. My girls are always surprising me!

Milla loved it so much we've since been back a few more times with friends and grandparents, and as the weather cools down I'm sure it'll be our favourite spot next summer too!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sundress For Milla [Stuff Ive Made]

My latest make for Milla is this pretty, flowery sundress.

That.. actually... looks more like a nightie than anything. Doh.

Luckily my 3 year old doesn't know what a nightie is. 

If you're interested in making this, it's a FREE pattern in a size 4 by The Mother Huddle. It's called Here Comes The Sundress. Fabric is from spotlight, in a sweet liberty-esque knock off range (only $6-$8m!)

I think what makes our look so much more bed-time attire is that it's longer. If I was any sort of perfectionist I would re-hem it. But alas, this project was finished weeks ago and has since been worn, so as it stays. 

Do you ever do that? Declare a project complete and don't fix anything up on it that probably should be fixed??

I've been enjoying sewing SO much lately, there's always been at least 3 projects on my table in the last few months. Long may it last. 

I'm working on a quilt, my first go at knits (shock!!!), peasant dresses, a table fort and winter PJs for a whole whanau. 

I had better get some done before I start something else!!

Special thanks to Mother Huddle for the free pattern!

More Stuff I've Made and Sewing here

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