Thursday, May 10, 2018

Our New Whare

Let go back in time to about this time last year (has it really been so long since I have blogged??!)... 

Once again, our Landlord told us "Im selling", why do they always do that?!

And so we were pushed off the plank into finding a new home. 

We had spent years in the rental market, assuming that buying our own home was impossible.

Instead, we saved our pennies, week by week, we increased our Kiwi Savers and made voluntary contributions in to them... And over the years it started to add up. 

We couldn't believe it when we started to house hunt for our own home and that it might just be possible!

I found this little gem while Graeme was visiting family out of the country. I called him and said "We're putting in an offer". We did, we got it, and we love it. 

When I visited the open home I walked up the driveway underneath these sunlit trees, the sun was peaking over the house and I was sold already before I even went inside.

When I saw that little red stain glass window I fell in love (even more!) with this 1929 bungalow.

Sure, it's got its limits. A tiny section mostly, which makes me a little sad on somedays, and happy on others (we came from a rental with a great yard). We're hoping we can make it useable for the girls for this summer so there will be lots of things to draw them outside to play and explore.

But for now, it's home for the next hopefully many years. I'm so glad to be paying our own mortgage. Just today I paid the next rate installation and I felt so relieved by it. No more landlords, house inspections, unmet expectations, surprise visits, and stresssss.

What seemed impossible 6 years ago became possible!  

I'm so glad to be here and feel so grateful for our home. It suits us so well and we are doing little things to make it more ours.

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