Saturday, May 31, 2014

First Kindy Visit

Recently we visited our local kindy and enrolled both of the Moo2 girls in. Milla is due to start early September and we cannot wait!

She had a blast visiting and I had to drag her away! I know that she will have a great time there, and I am looking forward to seeing her grow in experience, courage and friend making skills.

And Katie and I? She will miss her, I think Katie is more fond of Milla than she is of me, but she will also get the free run of the toys, she will be able to eat in peace and have lots and lots of one on one time. 

It will be great for everyone and were looking forward to this new adventure!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Family Outings:: Inflatable World

We're enjoying family outings lately. Everyone is at such a fun age right now! Last week we went to Inflatable World, it was incredible. I'm sure it would have been AWESOME for a teenager, but was equally so much fun for my little nearly 3 year old in their under 5's area (and for us parents too).

As usual, Milla took a while to warm up to being in such a loud, stimulating and strange environment. Once she felt comfortable, we all had a blast. Myself, MrMoo, Milla and Katie all bounced, slid down slides and rolled around! MrMoo particularly loved stretching Milla physically and testing her down slides and on blow up obstacles. She got pummeled, but of course wasn't hurt, and ended up in fits of giggles at being thrown around and bounced off her feet! Such fun.

We'll go back some other time! :)

[[Milla, if you ever read this, just for the record: You specifically asked for "a pony tail here, here and here". You only have yourself to blame ;) But girl, you so cute!]]

Mandala Makings

I've been Mandala making lately, inspired by the ever-awesome Attic 24.

I'm still not happy with the circle border on the one with the navy edge, it's hard to steam block things in circles! I might give it another go.

Thanks MrMoo, for pretending that you like it when I stick crochet on the wall ;) 

Blogging at EziBuy

I'm blogging at EziBuy on a weekly basis now for the next year, you can view my posts here: Sophie Slim at EziBuy

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Chillax, wearing Breastmates

Last year I sent this tweet to Franny from Breastmates:

And then last week she contacted me to say she had taken that on board, and designed up the "Chillax Sweatshirt". So here I am today, declaring my undying love, snuggled in my super cosy but also cool, sweatshirt!

Thank you Franny, I LOVE IT!!

I've had it for less than a week and have already worn it more times than not, as is usual when I get my hands on one of Franny's self designed range.

I was so delighted when she had told me she had designed something comfortable and casual, but stylish and in a nice light colour for the cooler months! Here in Canterbury everyone seems to wear only black in winter, its a breath of fresh air to be able to have a light coloured season appropriate top. 

Under the front layer is an opening so you can pull the top aside and breastfeed without having to lift your top up which is perfect in this weather. Also I must admit, I can't stop putting my hands inside the front layer! It's a bad habit but so. cosy.

I'm not pregnant, but i'm sure the vertical lines on this top would be really flattering to a bump underneath, and its long length will make bump wearing easy without it riding up. I like that its long enough to fully cover my childbearing hips and tum ;)

This breastfeeding journey will be nearing an end soon (some time?) and it's been an absolute pleasure to work with Breastmates for over a year now. I still wear each piece of clothing I have had the pleasure of trying, and although its been worn and worn and washed and washed, the quality and style have all stood the test of time. I continue to love Breastmates, and wear their designs week to week.

Chillax Sweatshirt $59.90 designed Breastmates, available in XS - XXL

Nuture Feeding Top
Glory Maternity Dress
Clip on Cami

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Moo2 Girls

These two, so similar in appearance, but completely delightfully different in personality.

[pictured: their reactions to MrMoos birthday candles. Typical responses to everyday occurrences.)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Handmade Big Girl Coat! For Me!

(Thanks to my 2 year old for taking these photos!)

I just finished sewing up this new winter coat for myself! I've never taken on such a big sewing project!

I originally bought the navy corduroy to make a nice winter skirt, but decided that I could probably buy one for the same amount of money the fabric costs, so instead I perused Pattern Postie, an online pattern shop that'll post them to you, and hunted out the perfect coat pattern. Coats are pricey (and so is new fabric) so I thought it was a good challenging thing to make for myself to make the cost worth it.

I was SO happy with my Pattern Postie service! I had some questions about the pattern including a lining and they got back to me really quickly and included a photo of the back measurements and supplies. While I waited for it to arrive in the post I used that picture to go and get all the extra fabric I needed. Genius. 

I ended up going with this New Look 6153 pattern, hoping that the style was so generic it wouldn't fashion-age too much.  

I love the lining. Fun colours to brighten up a winter day!

It's really really baggy, but it suited perfectly this morning as I was layered up for a freezing winters morning! It's supposed to be full and baggy, but it feels a little weird to wear something so BIG, when most of my jackets have been tight fitting, and snug in the past. I hope it doesn't look ridiculous in real life. 

I ended up adding a button, but put it in the wrong place, only realising after I wore it for the first time today and the collar lapel bit didn't sit quite right. 

Also, my sleeves ended up gathered and a bit bunched. I'm sure to the untrained eye its not a big deal, but I can tell. I don't think I stretched out the sleeves properly when I sewed them in place, whoops. I may re do this, there's a 50/50 chance, but unpicking in chord is just so frustrating!!

I so love my new handmade coat, it's no Talia, but it'll do. 

Check out the new MooMooInn backyard now! All that green! Compared with this! Haha!

Thanks to MrMoo, always. I'd probably feel like I couldn't sew if you weren't so supportive. Money, time; It could seem so selfish, but you make it so its not.

Milla, thanks for being my photographer this morning ;)

Not a sponsored post.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

At The Park, A Video

Last week Jake Stanley filmed us at the park for a small cameo in a church video. He turned our footage into a surprise video for us, and I couldn't be more delighted with what he's done! It's a beautiful clip and I'll treasure it for ever and ever and ever! Thanks Jake!

To watch, click on the screen shot below:

Monday, May 12, 2014

Motherhood 2014

What my season of motherhood looks like right now:

Middle of the night bad-dream wakings and resetlings.

Hushing 3am renditions of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at the top of ones 2year old lungs.

Cold weetbix and coffee.

Cold anything that was previously prepared hot.

Piles upon piles of book readings, colouring in pages and pretend cups of tea.

Convincing little people to go to the toilet.

Wiping up someone else's wees after you weren't listened to.

Washing. Endless washing. 

Endless food prep.

And dishes.

Leaving the bathroom door open because I know I will be joined while doing my business. 

Showering naked in front of a watchful and interested audience.

Endless teaching on feelings, kindness and consideration (all the stuff good adults are made out of)

Demands for hot water bottles and teddy friends to be in the right order and kissed goodnight.

Screaming and singing.

But also,

Warm snuggles.

Sing songs and dance parties.

Giggles and laughter.

Endless pretend cups of tea.

A toddler who wants to read her bible every morning, and asks to read about "the princesses and the crosses" (Moses and Jesus).

6pm bedtimes and the whole night available for all that washing and those dishes and husband time.

After dinner and bath satisfaction.

Playgrounds and play dates.

Seeing my two girls bond and connect, as they grow more confident with each other and the world around them.

Hearing my nearly 3 year old repeat phrases we use in everyday conversation, oh hilarity!

A quiet toddler who can busy herself when mum needs a rest. 

Relying on God each day, and seeing Him come through.

Loving friends who are going through all of this in their own homes, but meet together anyway to talk about it all and then forget it to focus on the much more interesting things in our lives.

Spontaneous "I love you" and "you're the best".

Wonder and excitement over a younger sibling learning something new before our very eyes.

Ahh, life is bittersweet.

(Photos taken this morning by Milla)

DIY Shop Front

On the EziBuy blog today you'll find me blogging about the cardboard grocery shop front I made for Milla, and also the "story stones" I made in replacement of pretend grocery items (because I'm cheap like that)


You can go to the post by clicking here (if you go on your computer you'll see a cute .gif at the end)

Peace xx

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Camilla Writes

Camilla's interest in letters, words and number have been at an all time high for the last month or so.

She frequently asks me how to spell different words, then writes them in her own script.

She loves writing in notebooks, I think to imitate me as I write in a journal every morning. 

I am so proud of my girl, she is so inquisitive, intelligent and soaks up every piece of information she can.

(2years, 9 months old.)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tea Trolley DIY 2.0

Our new friends Jared and Georgia sealed the relationship with love when they gave me a spare tea trolley they had laying around.

I spent last ANZAC weekend sanding and painting it, and finally attached the vinyl during the week.

I wish I had a before photo, but I don't. Needless to say she was in need of a lot of love and had 3 different paint colours showing through from her many years serving a primary school class room. "Library book returns" was painted on the top, probably explaining the slight bow in the top shelf.

I painted her Treefrog Green from Resene. Two test posts was enough to do two thick coats of paint, and half a meter of vinyl from Spotlight was enough to cover the two levels.

We did have a chunky dark brown shelving unit along this wall, but all it did was collect folded washing and an odd assortment of junk. It couldn't really be used properly. We sent the shelf out to the garage a few weekends ago and haven't regretted it for a second. 

Now our green trolley stands in it's place and I am mighty proud of her, shining away against a wall in our lounge, sending a bight burst of happiness into me when ever my eyes meet her. 

She was destined to hold Milla's "art supplies" (which I hope to get more of, our small collection is really rather pathetic) and our snuggly blankets that we use every single night on the couches. I do love snuggling under a warm blanket with my man! On Monday nights she'll serve drinks to our connect group as a tea and coffee station. LOVE.


Resene Treefrog Green (2 testpots) $8 (on sale anzac weekend)
Vinyl from Spotlight $10
Sandpaper $5

My happiness and functional space, $$Priceless.

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