Saturday, May 24, 2014

Chillax, wearing Breastmates

Last year I sent this tweet to Franny from Breastmates:

And then last week she contacted me to say she had taken that on board, and designed up the "Chillax Sweatshirt". So here I am today, declaring my undying love, snuggled in my super cosy but also cool, sweatshirt!

Thank you Franny, I LOVE IT!!

I've had it for less than a week and have already worn it more times than not, as is usual when I get my hands on one of Franny's self designed range.

I was so delighted when she had told me she had designed something comfortable and casual, but stylish and in a nice light colour for the cooler months! Here in Canterbury everyone seems to wear only black in winter, its a breath of fresh air to be able to have a light coloured season appropriate top. 

Under the front layer is an opening so you can pull the top aside and breastfeed without having to lift your top up which is perfect in this weather. Also I must admit, I can't stop putting my hands inside the front layer! It's a bad habit but so. cosy.

I'm not pregnant, but i'm sure the vertical lines on this top would be really flattering to a bump underneath, and its long length will make bump wearing easy without it riding up. I like that its long enough to fully cover my childbearing hips and tum ;)

This breastfeeding journey will be nearing an end soon (some time?) and it's been an absolute pleasure to work with Breastmates for over a year now. I still wear each piece of clothing I have had the pleasure of trying, and although its been worn and worn and washed and washed, the quality and style have all stood the test of time. I continue to love Breastmates, and wear their designs week to week.

Chillax Sweatshirt $59.90 designed Breastmates, available in XS - XXL

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  1. That is stunning & so clever! Such a reasonable price too! Go you two xx

  2. What a gorgeous top Sophie - love the colour and the styling.


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