Friday, May 16, 2014

Handmade Big Girl Coat! For Me!

(Thanks to my 2 year old for taking these photos!)

I just finished sewing up this new winter coat for myself! I've never taken on such a big sewing project!

I originally bought the navy corduroy to make a nice winter skirt, but decided that I could probably buy one for the same amount of money the fabric costs, so instead I perused Pattern Postie, an online pattern shop that'll post them to you, and hunted out the perfect coat pattern. Coats are pricey (and so is new fabric) so I thought it was a good challenging thing to make for myself to make the cost worth it.

I was SO happy with my Pattern Postie service! I had some questions about the pattern including a lining and they got back to me really quickly and included a photo of the back measurements and supplies. While I waited for it to arrive in the post I used that picture to go and get all the extra fabric I needed. Genius. 

I ended up going with this New Look 6153 pattern, hoping that the style was so generic it wouldn't fashion-age too much.  

I love the lining. Fun colours to brighten up a winter day!

It's really really baggy, but it suited perfectly this morning as I was layered up for a freezing winters morning! It's supposed to be full and baggy, but it feels a little weird to wear something so BIG, when most of my jackets have been tight fitting, and snug in the past. I hope it doesn't look ridiculous in real life. 

I ended up adding a button, but put it in the wrong place, only realising after I wore it for the first time today and the collar lapel bit didn't sit quite right. 

Also, my sleeves ended up gathered and a bit bunched. I'm sure to the untrained eye its not a big deal, but I can tell. I don't think I stretched out the sleeves properly when I sewed them in place, whoops. I may re do this, there's a 50/50 chance, but unpicking in chord is just so frustrating!!

I so love my new handmade coat, it's no Talia, but it'll do. 

Check out the new MooMooInn backyard now! All that green! Compared with this! Haha!

Thanks to MrMoo, always. I'd probably feel like I couldn't sew if you weren't so supportive. Money, time; It could seem so selfish, but you make it so its not.

Milla, thanks for being my photographer this morning ;)

Not a sponsored post.


  1. It's great Sophie! Don't sell yourself short. Making a coat is an awesome achievement; even if it looks like a dog's breakfast (which it totally doesn't!!) you can still be proud! Woo hoo for yoo. (See what I did there?) Love the lining too. xx

  2. And you call yourself a beginner sewer! Pfft whatever - you are AWESOME! Love the lining too! What a clever cookie! (And Bronwyn from Pattern Postie is lovely aye?)

  3. Love the colour of this, and the lining looks so smug - I know what you mean about not being happy woth details that don't sit 'quite right'. Decisions, decisions :-)

  4. Well DONE!! You clever lady. xxx

  5. It looks so fab! I'm terrible at sewing for myself, I always see the faults! I love the service at Pattern Postie, Bronwyn is so helpful and it's so much easier looking at the patterns online rather than with a child in tow at a fabric shop!

  6. Sewing is a great way to unwind and I personally think it's important for our kids to see us doing something for ourselves so they realise that life isn't just about them! It also gives them a chance to learn a new skill when they're ready too. Your jacket looks great.


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