Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter 2016

2016, another Easter.

This one feels more like Autumn, after a cold windy few weeks yellow leaves are on the ground.

Milla was contagiously excited about Easter. From all the talks at Kindy she knew it was a holiday weekend with chocolate. Whats not exciting about that!?

So we started our Easter celebrations early on Thursday night with some surprise winter PJs. Now a tradition (of 2 years! haha) the kids were very excited to receive them. Milla preferred Katies (she had sunshines and clouds), but the next day after realising Milla had bunnies on hers AND it was easter weekend (easter bunnies) she firmly told me that hers were now her favourites.

We put on our new PJs, tucked up with Daddy and read from our bibles.

Milla has started praying this week, which is something she has been apprehensive about in the past so we haven't pushed it but have tried to lead by example. Something clicked in her this week and she has been praying on her own accord to God. And man, when she prays... It feels like Heaven is in the room. Although she insists that the only way to pray is with her hands together, funny considering we never do this.

This coincides nicely with a weekend that is all about our families faith. We are enjoying learning together!

Today we made a stuffed bunny with flower fabric. Milla did most of the work on the bunny and I enjoyed sitting with her and sharing in special time together. All of this whilst Katie ran wild and tipped the cocoa container on the floor and spread it around the kitchen and down the hallway with little chocolate footprints. It's not all pretty Instagram moments, real life happens here too!

Peace to you this weekend,

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