Sunday, December 23, 2012

Introducing ::

INTRODUCING:: Baby Moo Bump, 14 weeks womb-side

Although completely oblivious, Milla Moo is thrilled to be a big sister, I assure you.

Just as we are thrilled with our growing family!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Safe Space

Here I am. I clicked on the "publish a post" button and I'm going to do it.

First, let me set the scene. Its 11am, the sun is hot and streaming into our lounge and I am really rather hot in my robe. I've been absent from my blog lately. This precious space I carved out.

I've been absent for a few reasons. They are becoming clearer to me every day as I lead up to this holiday season. Mostly spiritually and emotionally. My focus has been elsewhere, trying to figure things out, going into hybernation, protection, a safe space.

Blogging every day is a vulnerable thing. For the last wee while I have been protecting myself from that. I didn't mean to, it just sort of happened. And when it did it was lovely.

I wish I could say I have been doing all of these other things instead but I haven't been. I have been laying on the couch, mostly sick, and keeping one eye on our toddler. For a week MrMoo was overseas. Remind me in the future to never to be a solo parent ever.

In other news, I found my Blog Book today. It was inside a recipe book in our little stack of them in the pantry. Perhaps MrMoo was sick of my blogging and hid it in a place he thought I would never look!? Very clever.

 I'll be back before you even noticed I was gone, but dont miss me too much okay?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Buttoflies Giveaway Winner

Thanks to Buttoflies I had the opportunity to give away these gorgeous button Christmas decorations to one of my lucky readers!

Buttoflies make all sorts of accessories, you can browse their albums on Facebook to see their full range!

Simone was the winner of these buttons! Congratulations! You'll be getting an email from me soon xx

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sleep time

She's been rather worse for wear this week, runny nose, fever, gunky eyes and woke up yesterday morning with a rash under her arm and down her side. I'm not one to Jump to the doctors rescue, I get that sickness is a part of life. But all my baby books said to panic at the sign of a fever and rash.

You'll be pleased to know I didn't panic but book in to see our doctor straight away. Apparently, after being very such, kids can develop rashes as their symptoms calm down. Completely normal and nothing to panic about. Phew! Glad I didn't panic!

We now have some drops for her eyes which are near impossible to get it, her fever is non existent, she is happy and sleeping off her hard week.

Sleep time : Sophie time. Not bad!

I've been getting lots of cuddles this week!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Here I am

Here I am, posting from my new (hand me down) iPhone, from the land of autocorrect and procrastination. Feels good to be here.

Anyway. It's been a while since my last post. That whole losing my blog book thing really got to me, how's a girl to live?!

It's a beautiful day in Christchurch, the sun is shining and I am being warmed by it on our leather couches.

Yesterday was my 24th birthday. It was a relatively usual day, milla was sick so I stayed home and looked after her. Our car was in an accident the day before so we ordered in pizza for tea and my good friends Amy and Dave (the crafty fox and raccoon) surprised me with presents and cake! Yuss.

To celebrate my birthday I had a pancake breakfast on Saturday with some girl-friends, can't wait to show you pictures!

Happy birthday to me :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blog Book

Ever since the beginning of this year I have been keeping a blog book, a real life physical book that goes everywhere with me.

When I receive sudden inspiration in the mall food court I can whip it out and write down my ideas. Things I want to post about, things I want to edit or adjust or redesign, thing I want to talk to other bloggers about. Anything Facebook or advertising related. It all goes in the book.

Then when I sit down to do a few blog posts I know exactly what I'm posting about, what I need for the post and it usually doesn't take me very long at all.

I love blogging this way because I love blogging. Being organised means I get to spend more time blogging because I know what I'm blogging about. (How many times can I say blogging!?)

Anyway. I've lost it.

All of my ideas. All of my to do's. All in one place.

What was I thinking?!

You might have noticed my blog as been a little quite lately on the personal front (still kickin' along with the sisterhood though). Thats because the book is gone. I feel like a little part of my Being has been lost. Who am I with out it??

I need to get my A into G and find a new diary and begin scribbling down what I can remember (it was all brilliant. Trust me.). For that reason the Smart Shopping series that was supposed to start last week has been delayed also. Its all in the book.

Who ever finds it could start an instant blog. *sigh*

Do you have a better way at keeping track of your blog and ideas? Or are you just a wing-it type of blogger? Leave a comment and let me know! Maybe I need a better system!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Christmas BOMB nominations

The following nominations are our chosen Christmas BOMB recipients. Here is a little more about them and their children. We are planning to send their children Christmas gifts where we can also.

If you would like to give to this, please send in your gifts before November 15th.

Taylor is a single mother to a sixteen year old girl. She has struggled with health issues for many years and is going to need an operation which will see her unable to work, something she does not want to do. She likes french country and anything girly.

Her sixteen year old daughter like "anything girly, from hair things to cookies.."!

Bridget is a solo mum to three littlies after her husband left her. She is currently going through some family tragedies and needs some LOVE.

Bridgets three children are: Girls: 7 and 2. Boy: 5.

Single Mama to a 9 and 6 year old after a marriage break up. Has recently given up work to look after her kids after a rough winter with sickness.

Viola has a 9 year old boy who is beginning to read for pleasure, loves dinosaurs, lego and technology. He does sports and loves animals.

6 year old girl loves dancing, fairies and girlie things, also drawing, colouring in and dress ups.

Struggling through her own health difficulties Marilyn is also the full time carer of her adult son. Marilyn loves art and butterflies and animals.

Her son is in his 20's with multiple special needs, functioning and a 5/6year old level. He loves Spongebob and Thomas the Tank engine puzzles and books and bubbles!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Christmas Decoration Giveaway!

My fabulous sponsor Buttoflies wants to give away some super cute fabric button Christmas decorations!! Aren't they adorable? hehe, I love the little santa and gingerbread man in the bottom one!

The details to win:
You can win this set of decorations simply by visiting Buttoflies on FB, liking their page and leaving a comment here with your favourite creation!

Extra entries can be gained by sharing on social media (simply leave another comment saying so).

Please include an email address in your comment to be contacted with later.

This is open to New Zealand residents from November 2nd - November 16th.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tough Girl

Thank you so much for all of your concern over our hurt precious. Perhaps having an injured child is a right of passage. I'm not sure, I do know it was incredibly scary and not something I want to go through again. I'll never forget that blood squirting at me and filling Millas mouth at the same time as she screamed and choked. Deary me. I'm sorry.

Moving along.

Once we were at the doctors she was perky as, as if it hadn't even happened. Maybe it was because her Dad was there during daylight hours which is quite a treat! She was such a little chatter box!

Tomorrow we have to go back to the doctors to have the steritape removed and to see if the cut closed properly (I do hope they put the tape on tight enough while Milla was writhing to get free).

Thankfully Milla has just been her usual self all week, even eating her veges :)

I love my readers, thank you for being one of them.


November Slim Spotlight

Happy November! My favourite month! There's a lot happening here on Sophie Slim this month, my birthday for one, a few celebrations and events that are in the works, a finished blanket and my new sewing room will get some use! 

At the beginning of every month I'm going to be showing you some uber cool things my blog partners have been up to lately! This is a new deal in my advertising package which I am thrilled to bring you, because my partners are AWESOME and are the best at what they do! I hope you'll enjoy learning more about them!

This month I am loving Sew Pretty's creative and classic Christmas range! They cover all of the Christmas fabrics (and more!) from shiny trees to fairies to snow men to kiwiana Christmas! 

I love this fat quater set, and am planning on making some classic Christmas bunting this year with my limited sewing skills!

This weekend Kirsty of Sew Pretty is also opening Make Cafe - a brand new cafe in Christchurch where coffee meets fabric, meets classes and workshops! I've already got a coffee date with some local bloggers booked in my calendar to go visit! Can't wait! 

I am so proud to present to you a local to Christchurch biz - Buttoflies! Buttoflies specialises in CUTE, everything is handmade, and most can be made to order from their Facebook page. 

Button hair ties, button bobby pins, button snap clips, button book marks, button brooches, head bands, covered button magnets, PHEW! There's a lot on offer, my fav are these adorable babushka doll magnets!

Kathryn, the owner of Buttoflies is a market extraordinare, if you live in the South Island and attend market you'll probably see her one day soon! 

Stick around, tomorrow Buttoflies has a Christmas-themed giveaway for Sophie Slim readers! 

TreeGifts are a unique and beautiful company that send real life trees to your loved one. They have a range of trees and sizes, along with gift boxes and accessories available all available to order online. In fact, I loved them so much after browsing their website I ordered my Dad a large cabbage tree to give to him on his 60th birthday.

It arrived 2 days later in a wooden planter box wrapped in cellophane and a bow. My Dad absolutely loved it! He kept saying over and over again "this is just me".

This is the Cabbage tree I got my Dad, and it really did look just like this (over 1m tall)!

If you're looking for something unique and extraordinary to give to someone special I can definitely recommend the service that Tree Gifts offer!

Did I mention they are incredibly generous? They sent two big boxes of delicious product for The Sisterhood! 

After having their last market rained off, A Craft Market are returning on December 1st in Christchurch. Holly May B is behind it again, she is incredibly talented (just check out her latest Felt listing!) and I just know she'll put on a great market!

If you're a seller and want to sell your wares (this market is for people who are just getting into the market game to give them some experience) then get in touch with her, otherwise we in Christchurch eagerly await December 1st!


Thanks so much for stopping by and reading about the lovely people and businesses who are supporting my yarn habits!

If you would like to advertise on Sophie Slim or would like to know more, simply check out my advertising page!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sisterhood LOVE BOMBs and a vlog

Every time we send out a LOVE BOMB is like a little miracle happens. The consumer culture that is mine mine mine breaks, the stranger culture that is dont interfere its not my problem is pulled down and a little bit of heaven comes to earth each time a stranger is blessed because of The Sisterhood. 

I love being a part of The Sisterhood, it is a huge blessing to my life to know that so many women around New Zealand have been sent a little LOVE and have been told they are doing a great job. 

Often I wonder if we get the biggest blessing in giving rather than receiving. It certainly feels like that from my end. What about for you? Do you feel that way? When you give do you feel blessed because of it?

This November and December we are at it again (who can stop us!) (view details of this LOVE BOMB here). So far with what we have received we can send LOVE BOMBs to 7 women, 4 of those will be special Christmas gifts for women who might not get anything for Christmas (solo Mums and mums of special needs). (View all of the nominations here)

Here's a video to re-introduce myself and update you on whats happening here at HQ with these next LOVE BOMBS. Enjoy!

If you would like to be a part of this LOVE revolution then join in (just email me, or join our Facebook page). We'd be thrilled to have you with us. We're all Sisters over here. 

If you are still intending to send something in leave a comment here and let me know (we'd love to be able to send more love bombs out!!) and get sending! You're running out of time! ;)

Lots of love and respect,
From Sophie xxx


The Sisterhood
PO Box 10100

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hurt Precious

My Precious.

A tumble down some stairs had me weak at the knees. Blood was spraying everywhere looking far worse than it was. Thank goodness for fast acting, confident friends who know what they're doing. Thank goodness for Mr Moo being sick off work, meaning I had the car at play group. Thank goodness for a happy little girl who I love so much. 

Our Precious. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Being Great vs. Good

Playing Mum

I have a good friend, also by the name of Sophie. For some reason with her, I talk about serious things. Most of my life is light and fun, but for some reason with her, serious things come out.

I've lost count of the times I have said to her amongst conversations that "I would just love to be great at something."

I feel like so often I am good at things, but don't get the satisfaction of being great at something.

So often I crave that "great" validation. To know that I am more than okay. As a time-poor Mum it is my journey to accept what I have and who I am. Some times okay needs to be enough. Sometimes "good" is really my great.

I can't help myself, I'll keep learning, keep striving, I'll continue to branch off and try new things. Thats just who I am. Sometimes in this journey we need to remind ourselves of who we really are. And thats who I really am. I try a lot of different things. I learn them until I am good at them and then I move on to the next. I accept that it's who I am. 

Some times we need to tell ourselves that we are good. And if we can do that, its really great.

I found these lines of wisdom below on Pinterest and I thought that it pretty much sums up how I try and live my life, almost word for word. I shared it with The Sisterhood and on the Sophie Slim facebook page.

Its been going over and over in my mind for the last day, not because its a new thought to me but because it reaffirms an old one. All I'm trying to do in this life is to do what I love. If we do that, we'll be really good at it. And the world needs more people doing good, whatever that may be.

I wonder, do great people know that they are great? Or do they struggle with the same insecurities the rest of us do?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Unknown Journey of a Mother

More and more throughout this parenting journey I realise that I know so little. One morning it will dawn on me that my little girl doesn't eat her veges any more and I dont know how to change that, or that for a week the contents of her nappy was odd and suddenly fixed itself, or I will realise that no matter how hard I try to teach her to use her rocking horse to much resistance, her 6 month older cousin can teach and inspire her in the space of minutes.

Really when it comes down to it, we're stumbling our way through this life. Some places in the road are clear and mapped out, others are over grown, unchartered territory. 

I loved Miriams take on parenting, how important it is to do the journey together, to be a role model, someone your husband and children can look to. 

This week Mr Moo and I are beginning a 6 week course on parenting 0-5 year olds. We're really looking forward to do it together, getting some new (and old) information and being able to talk amongst peers. 

Do you ever have these moments? This week? Leave a comment and let me know i'm not alone!

Loving Millas Dad
Parenting with peers

Thursday, October 18, 2012

To Westport with Sissy - The Journey

I went away last week with my Sister. She's visiting all the way from London and I organised my life so I would be able to spend as much time as possible with her. 

The rest of our family were waiting for her arrival on the Westcoast (where we're from), so I picked her up from the airport with Milla only to find out we had to wait another 2 hrs for her luggage to arrive on a later flight. Milla was ready for bed, in fact, ready hours ago, I was trying to stretch it out so she would sleep for the ride over. It was nice to hang out at the airport together and eat lunch. Amy was hanging out for a bakery, apparently they dont have bakeries in England. Weird, huh?

By the time we left the airport Milla was in good spirits, but had been awake for 8 hours and was past it. We had used up most of her food at the airport and Aunty Amy was a stranger who she didn't like sharing the car with her very much. Basically, she slept for 20 minutes and howled the rest of the 3 hours and 40 minutes it took to get to Westport. 

We tried everything and I was cursing the person who had told me that morning that babies just look out the window and are happy on long journeys if they have a snack in their hands. Yeah right.  Lesson learnt. In the end we turned up the music to drown her out and that actually worked. She loves music, and whenever the song ended or we talked she started up again. Instead we just sang the rest of the way (really loudly) and that seemed to work.

When we arrived Amy had a little greeting party waiting for us at the top of the driveway. Mum, Nana, Bec, Adam and Tracey were all waving us down in the car. We hopped out and gave them all hugs. Amy had tears and we were in Westport with our family. be continued...

Do you have any tips for travelling with big babies or toddlers? Leave a comment and let me know, I obviously need them!

READ MORE: Incase you missed it while I was gone...
Anticipating when Big Sissy arrives
Celebrating our first Plunket Babies birthdays (with a party!)
A Burlesque Hens party
A skirt I made
An Update on my Granny Blanket and feeling like a lady!
Measures taken to keep Milla in our property (we have since had to beef up security!)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nov / Xmas LOVE BOMB Nominations

Seven beautiful women.

Seven inspiring, courageous, giving, thoughtful, enduring, long suffering, hope-filled women.

These seven women are going to receive a LOVE BOMB from us. From their Sisters. Even though we have never met each other, its our way of saying "Thank you for being you. We love you." Its our way of saying "We're thinking of you. You are not alone."

Look over this list of women and remember these few general sentences carry a life time of stories behind them, they carry lives, thoughts, emotions, families, real. life.

If you're of the praying type, please consider these women in your prayers as we attempt to bless them and try and bring about a few smiles to their days.

More beautiful women will be added to this list as we have more gifts donated. This is just a very beautiful beginning.

To send something to them to be included in their LOVE BOMB, send to:

The Sisterhood
PO Box 10100



The beginning of this LOVE BOMB
Previous completed LOVE BOMBs
Compassion BOMB

Contribute To A LOVE BOMB

LOVE BOMBs are radical LOVE. They are giving to a stranger, chosen from a list of nominations. A Stranger who is a warrior, a fighter, a giver, a lover, a carer, a women who should be celebrated but often doesn't get the appreciation she deserves.

Our LOVE BOMBs are our way of saying "Thank you for being you. Even though we've never met, we love you like a Sister"

They say "Take this, enjoy everything inside, feel special"

Our LOVE BOMBs are filled with treats that the recipient might not buy for herself. When you're sending a gift for a LOVE BOMB, consider to yourself, would I be thrilled if this arrived in my mail box unannounced?

This could include, but is not limited to:

  • Beautiful handmade cards
  • Notes of encouragement
  • Chocolates (always. chocolate.)
  • Coffee
  • Fancy biscuits
  • Body lotions
  • Body washes
  • Perfumes
  • Hair products
  • Nail polishes and files
  • Lip glosses
  • Hand lotion
  • Magazines
  • Novels for women
  • Beautiful journals
  • Beautiful pens
  • Jewellery and accessories
  • Handbags and pouches
  • Crafty items
  • Handmade items
  • Items for children
  • Vouchers (malls, grocery, online etc)
The beautiful thing about LOVE BOMBs is they are a whole lot of people joining in something small together to create something quite extraordinary. Therefore, no gift is insignificant or too small. With our powers combined we can achieve a lot!

You can send anything to:

The Sisterhood
PO Box 10100

Updated Advertising Options on Sophie Slim

Exciting news guys! After talking with my advertisers I have now decided to offer a range of different sizes (and prices) to suit a range of different blogs, businesses and people! Also, I am now making giveaways and reviews free with any large ad!

Woo! I get really excited when I begin to work with others here on Sophie Slim! There are so many possibilities here on the internet and I consider it a real honour to share my space, which I work so hard on, with others.

I hope you like these new options, and if you'd like to get into the world of blog advertising just email me and we can work something out! Its really easy :)


On this blog you’ll find out about life in Christchurch, New Zealand through the eyes of a young new Mama. Sophie Slim aims to be a resource and a constant source of encouragement to women around New Zealand.

Sophie blogs about her husband and 1 year old daughter, faith, crafts (sewing, crochet, knitting and anything else she can get her hands on), tips on blog design for beginners, living on a budget, reviews for products and things Sophie loves. 

Sophie Slim is also the home of The Sisterhood, an online community of over 900 women around New Zealand who gather together to encourage and bless other women.

By advertising on Sophie Slim you will have access to some of the most beautiful and generous women the world has to offer. Sophie loves her followers and you will too!

Friday, October 12, 2012


She's walking, well and truly.

Milla absolutely loves to be outside, any chance she can get, now that she has the little step out of our house mastered she is constantly in and out during a sunny day.

She's also has the potential to escape into a very large car park, since we live behind a building, and our gate is unseen from our front door.

I made these little signs to put on the gate, hopefully our visitors get the picture! ;)

And yes, that is a matching grey tracksuit. Adorable.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

White Granny Blanket and Nail Polish

Last week I discovered my nail polish collection. When you work at a beauty salon for a few years you will inevitabily build up a collection of beauty colours and great quality polish. This purple is one of my favourites, most of the time it is so dark and is often mistaken for black.

I love love love nail polish. And I especially love crocheting with polish on.

Somehow, it just makes crochet easy. Seeing those little finger nails flash with colour while my white yarn slides through my fingers and turns into something quite incredible.

As a result I have been crocheting a lot this week, and am on the home stretch towards finishing Millas single bed blanket.

Only 5 and a half rows to go (12x15 squares). 

Do you wear nail polish? Do you ever find it changes the way you act, hold yourself and -do- life?! Leave a comment and let me know!

I always type much more elegantly with polish on ;)


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Handmade Skirt

A little while ago I set myself a new challenge to dust off my old sewing machine and to get using it! The only way to get better at something is with practice, not thinking if only I was better...

After I received the travelling Stash Box I realised my opportunity had come, there was some devine thick fabric in there that was the perfect amount for a super simple skirt!

One day I would love to put a little applique pocket on the front, but lets face it, I'm not much of a perfectionist and now that I have 'finished' this I probably wont be altering it. Dreams, huh?

Anyway, I quickly had to sew this then and there (10pm at night) and debuted it at Church the next morning. Hubby loved seeing my legs after a long winter! ;)

It feels SO GOOD to have made something that I can wear myself! 

My summer sewing challenge I have set for myself:

1x Skirt
1x Top
3x Dresses

The print on the fabric is navy and white. I teemed it with a colbolt blue cardi, and a peachy pink scarf and matching shoes. Just between us I love wearing scarves. For someone who has a limited wardrobe they are the perfect accessory to change any outfit! 

Outfit Deets::
Silk scarf: Gift from a friend visiting India
Cardigan: Glassons
Skirt: Handmade by meeee
Shoes: Warehouse

Joining in with Wardrobe Wednesday at Create Hope Inspire

Traveling Stash Box

Do you want to join me in a summer sewing challenge for yourself? You could do anything really!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Channelling my newly found Chicago Sexy I went to this hens party full steam ahead! We were going burlesque dancing, the bridesmaids (of which I am) had hired corsets, and the brides sister (maid of honour) had bought the bride a delicious white ensemble to keep... ;)

When we were going to the burlesque dancing I was getting quite nervous, thinking we were about to learn some sort of strip tease - not quite! Our burlesque was to a Sophie Ellis Bexter song and was a mix of burlesque and hip hop, we were taught about a 30 second routine in 1 hour. So. Much. Fun.

Afterwards, we went to a bar/club. A real live place with flashing lights and music. Sorry. Being a Mum and a resident of Christchurch this is quite un heard of. All of us were saying "this feels so weird, what do we do here again?" We flashed the business card of our dance instructor and got 2 for 1 bubbles. Oppsies. Sorry. Wasn't supposed to tell anyone that! ;)

We stayed at the one place and went home when the clock hit midnight.

Living in Christchurch you need to get quiet creative with your social times, not having a CBD really limits your options, it was great to have something awesome like a burlesque dance class to go to together. I can definitely recommend it if you're organising a girly event! And get dressed up! So much more fun!

Our bride had a lot of fun :) Weddings coming up soon! Can't wait!

I tried to re-enact the dance routine for Mr Moo the next night and failed miserably. 

For the Christchurch ladies this one's done at the Salsa Latina studio on Bath Street with Monique.

Monday, October 8, 2012

First Birthday - Plunket Style!

This week we celebrated the turning of the first year of our babies lives with a little celebration at the park with our Plunket group! We had the date booked in for months, comfortably in between the ages of the oldest and youngest. We aimed to do a secret present swap and have a cupcake smash eating spree. The men even came too (but not MrMoo! Boo!)

We met at a great park in Cashmere, Christchurch. Perfect for older and little children with a huge slide,  mini maze for the toddlers, set on a little hill with a fence at the bottom and lots of lush grass. I do love that park. Its a shame its not closer to any of our homes or it'd be our local!

Milla scored a bowling set for her gift, then we all lined up and had our photos taken followed by a sing song of happy birthday (...dear baaaabies...) and a cupcake! Nom! 

It was a lot of fun, I sure do love those Mamas and their babies! Its been a great first year with them and I'm looking forward to many more!

There were a few others who couldn't make it on the day :(

 Millas was the Tiger one


Friday, October 5, 2012

Compassion BOMB

At The Sisterhood we love to take the time to surprise a woman and thank her for just being her. Because we can. We like to thank the hardworking, courageous, generous women in our community, the ones who go under the radar of everyday life. Often we do these in big campaigns where we'll send 5, 10 or even 20 at once. 

However, every now and again I will get an urgent plea for support - someone in our community is hurting, they are in need of some extra love, some cyber cuddles and a gesture to know they are not alone.

This week I got one of those calls from some friends in my Church. One of their good friends lost her little baby this week. A little six month old. Awful, terrible, heartbreaking. I cannot begin to imagine what she must be going through right now. I knew you Sisters would want me to respond, to let her know she was being thought about and prayed for, so when her friends asked if there was anything we could do I said YES straight away. Some times life is about saying YES.

I wanted to send her something simple, I chose each item from our shelves of glory  and in my own mind each item has a particular meaning and thought behind it. 

On another note:
I was thinking about how lately The Sisterhood has grown so much recently and as a result the recipients of our LOVE BOMBs are able to easily find out who we are on the internet, they then come to this blog or our Facebook page and express their thanks, often telling us many details of their lives. It would be great if we could be as encouraging with our words as we are with our gifts. When some one responds, I think it would be fabulous if we respond with kindness back. Let them know of your thoughts, your prayers for them, your kindness. Feel free to express that love for a stranger however you can. 

With your help we were able to send this hurting Mum a handmade card with the Sisterhood poem, beautiful notebook for all of her thoughts, mug with sachets and chocolates, lavender bag (which smells ah-mazing), hand made raspberry soap.

This LOVE BOMB was sent free of charge thanks to Post Haste couriers

click here to view more completed LOVE BOMBs
click here to join our most recent LOVE BOMB campaign 

Big Sissy Arrives!

Guyys. I've kept quiet about this for a long time. BUT. This weekend. I. Am. PICKING MY SISTER UP FROM THE AIRPORT!

My real life blood Sissy is coming back to New Zealand from London, where she has lived for over 5 years. The last time I saw her was when this photo was taken, at our brothers wedding 2.5 years ago.

She's coming back. Just for a 2 week visit. *sigh*. We'll take what we can get!

I'm picking her up from the airport this weekend with Milla eating her lunch in the back straight after Church and we are going to go straight to the West Coast where the rest of the family will be waiting to see her! Special times! We are all so excited! AND. As this post goes live, she'll be on her way!

It will be a busy few weeks for us, including a trip to Westport (the hubbys staying home to work - stay away burglars!), being a bridesmaid and my Dads 60th birthday! Can't wait! Bring it on, Life! (p.s, I'm am learning to take it slow, say no, and look up. But for the next fortnight its all go!)

I hope you all enjoy the next fortnight, I'll be stopping in regularly to write up a few posts to let you in on our adventures, responding to comments as well as a few pre scheduled posts along the way! Enjoy xx

Sister Hair Styles
Sisters 30th Birthday Tribute

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Travelling Stash Box

The Travelling Stash Box made its way to my home recently, bursting with fabrics and ribbons, sparkly tubes and woollen strings!

I pulled the ribbon on top and it all came tumbling out. Heeeaven!

Bits and pieces from womens stashes all over New Zealand. I loved that every piece had a home once a pon a time, it had a destiny, a good intention, but somehow didn't quite make it. Instead, shipped off to another good home in the hopes someone else will love it as much as the original owner.

You could take anything from the stash and replace it with something of equal type / value.

Here's what was in the stash when it arrived at mine::

And this is what I took from it (mostly fabrics from Treena, who had it before me) and some orange yarn, remember when I said I couldn't find any anywhere!? ::

And here's what I replaced my takings with:: A meter or two of some fabric, along with a whole lot of off cuts of pretty cottons, ribbons, yarns and a set of aluminum crochet hooks.

Thank you so much to Cat for organising this Stash Box! I believe at the end of its travels when it gets back to Cat its contents will be given away! I'll let you know if / when that happens! In the mean time, hop over to Cats, she's organising another christmas swap (she doesn't ever stop!)

I've already made a skirt out of some of my new fabric and delivered the box to Debs and its back on its journey around the world New Zealand.

Spring Fabric Swap
Joining in with Creative Spaces
The beginning of The Stash Box
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