Thursday, October 4, 2012

Travelling Stash Box

The Travelling Stash Box made its way to my home recently, bursting with fabrics and ribbons, sparkly tubes and woollen strings!

I pulled the ribbon on top and it all came tumbling out. Heeeaven!

Bits and pieces from womens stashes all over New Zealand. I loved that every piece had a home once a pon a time, it had a destiny, a good intention, but somehow didn't quite make it. Instead, shipped off to another good home in the hopes someone else will love it as much as the original owner.

You could take anything from the stash and replace it with something of equal type / value.

Here's what was in the stash when it arrived at mine::

And this is what I took from it (mostly fabrics from Treena, who had it before me) and some orange yarn, remember when I said I couldn't find any anywhere!? ::

And here's what I replaced my takings with:: A meter or two of some fabric, along with a whole lot of off cuts of pretty cottons, ribbons, yarns and a set of aluminum crochet hooks.

Thank you so much to Cat for organising this Stash Box! I believe at the end of its travels when it gets back to Cat its contents will be given away! I'll let you know if / when that happens! In the mean time, hop over to Cats, she's organising another christmas swap (she doesn't ever stop!)

I've already made a skirt out of some of my new fabric and delivered the box to Debs and its back on its journey around the world New Zealand.

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  1. Yay! Cant wait to it gets back to me!

  2. Awesome job getting everything back in the box!!

  3. What a neat idea for this stash box!! It must be so exciting for each person when they receive it and check out the goodies inside!!

  4. So excited that the orange yarn found a home ::))
    It's amazing seeing how the box is changing on its journey

  5. I'm now on the list to get the stash box ahead too, really looking fwd to it : )

  6. What a wonderful idea! And how exciting to get mail like this instead of the dreary bills.

  7. What a great idea! And amazing how someone else always has just what you need:) Cyndy

  8. Glad you got some goodies! I am looking forward to this box arriving on my doorstep here in Northland!


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