Monday, October 29, 2012

Sisterhood LOVE BOMBs and a vlog

Every time we send out a LOVE BOMB is like a little miracle happens. The consumer culture that is mine mine mine breaks, the stranger culture that is dont interfere its not my problem is pulled down and a little bit of heaven comes to earth each time a stranger is blessed because of The Sisterhood. 

I love being a part of The Sisterhood, it is a huge blessing to my life to know that so many women around New Zealand have been sent a little LOVE and have been told they are doing a great job. 

Often I wonder if we get the biggest blessing in giving rather than receiving. It certainly feels like that from my end. What about for you? Do you feel that way? When you give do you feel blessed because of it?

This November and December we are at it again (who can stop us!) (view details of this LOVE BOMB here). So far with what we have received we can send LOVE BOMBs to 7 women, 4 of those will be special Christmas gifts for women who might not get anything for Christmas (solo Mums and mums of special needs). (View all of the nominations here)

Here's a video to re-introduce myself and update you on whats happening here at HQ with these next LOVE BOMBS. Enjoy!

If you would like to be a part of this LOVE revolution then join in (just email me, or join our Facebook page). We'd be thrilled to have you with us. We're all Sisters over here. 

If you are still intending to send something in leave a comment here and let me know (we'd love to be able to send more love bombs out!!) and get sending! You're running out of time! ;)

Lots of love and respect,
From Sophie xxx


The Sisterhood
PO Box 10100


  1. posted mine friday sophie so should be with you soon x

  2. Awesomeness...couriered mine Friday, so hopefully not too far away xx

  3. You just have the best heart, in the right place Sophie!!
    You'll know when i'm reading here, i always comment. Just coming out of 3 months of terrible internet, it's frustrating as hell.
    I think everyone needs to take a deep breath about social media, lighten up & spend time where it makes them happy. Just like in real life. I know if we met, we'd be great friends, love Posie


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