Friday, October 12, 2012


She's walking, well and truly.

Milla absolutely loves to be outside, any chance she can get, now that she has the little step out of our house mastered she is constantly in and out during a sunny day.

She's also has the potential to escape into a very large car park, since we live behind a building, and our gate is unseen from our front door.

I made these little signs to put on the gate, hopefully our visitors get the picture! ;)

And yes, that is a matching grey tracksuit. Adorable.


  1. Ahaha! I bet my parents wish they had this when I was little. I used to run away ALL the time. xo. Deanna

  2. Loooooooook at that adorable cheesy grin
    Cute girl
    Ohhhhh I have an escapee story to make your hair stand on ends

  3. LOVE that sign. And that adorable little girl! x

  4. I love that sign, but YIKES at living right beside a carpark! Maybe you need some kind of mirror, or spying camera to prevent a not so great escape! :P


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