Friday, June 29, 2012

Advertise Here!

You may have noticed: I love to work hard on what I do, and the same also rings true when it comes to this space I call Home. 

This blog is a place that I love to be. I have worked so hard on it for the last two years to bring it to the place that it is now. That didn't happen by accident or luck but by a lot of hours spent late into the night writing posts, researching, responding to new readers and engaging with my current ones.

For the last few months I have also been working away at making this a place that can partner with third parties. You, me and them. Together we can do things. Powerful things. I think bloggers in 2012 have a very loud voice and I think the right partnerships can be very successful for all three partys involved. 

You might have already noticed my space on the right side bar with space for advertising, or my new page in my tabs.

As for Sophie Slim; I am still me. I am still sticking to my regular posting schedule, and nothing from my end will change (except maybe a few giveaways every now and again! (I can hear you cheering from here!)). All advertisers, reviews and / or giveaways will be done with you in mind and you can be rest-assured, I am an opinionated lass, what you see is what you get. Trust me. 

If you are a blogger or Felt store that would like to get involved please don't hesitate to contact me, I'm all for the local people! 

If you want to talk to me about anything (advertising, partnerships, concerns, encouragement) please send me an email, , as always I love to hear from you xx

I have a media kit with more information (statistics, rates and opportunities) that I am able to send you.

Have you seen my new FaceBook page? Keeping it up to date with the Blog for those who can't use google reader and still want to follow along :)

Lay My Hiney Down

Weekdays and weekends sort of blur together around here. Often times I look forward to Monday after a busy weekend that is often much more work and more demanding than any other day of the week. Often I say "thank God it's Monday".

Is it like that in your household?

This weekend, however, I am looking forward to. This week has been so busy. I am aching for a rest, to lay my head and my to do list down. 

Thank God it's Friday.

I've been working my little hiney off this week; newspaper and magazine interviews, sorting out my website to offer advertising options (I've been pre planning this for months, but there was still a lot of work to do behind the scenes)(I'll tell you more about it later). I have barely lifted my eyes from my laptop screen. 

Some fresh air will be nice I think, maybe a picnic, perhaps the sun will make an appearance to dry some sheets so we can have fresh linen? 

Fresh linen does wonders for the soul.

Following our home birth my midwife and helpers put fresh sheets on our bed. It was so snuggly and cosy. Perfect for that first night and day in bed :)

I do hope you have a good weekend, and if you're like me and they end up being much busier than they are worth, lets just take a moment to breath in, be strong, and release it all. Lets enjoy what we have because life is fleeting, isn't it? One minute I have a brand new baby and fresh cuddly sheets, next minute she's 10 months old.

Do you have any plans for this weekend? Leave a comment and let me know!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

LOVEBOMB - Katrina

The final LOVE BOMB to be sent out was a late addition, this lady was nominated by one of her friends who has recently joint The Sisterhood. She emailed me with a little bit about her and asked if she's the sort of person The Sisterhood likes to bless? YES! I responded.

I received a few last minute parcels from some people and with it we were able to extend the goods to a sixth very deserving lady! Yahoo!

This lady, lets call her Katrina, has recently moved out to the wop wops to chase their familys dream. For the next 6 weeks she is husbandless and is taking care of her children as a stay at home Mum. The car was crashed during a big storm, the water was cut off on their rural property, and well, with a bunch of kids at home to look after anyway I thought we could do something to brighten Katrina's day! Yes!?

With your help we sent Katrina a hand written card and Sisterhood poem, a Mollie Makes magazine, indian headdress, turkish delight, chocolate and caramel drops, two blocks of chocolate, toffee pop bites, ferrero rocher, body shop hand and nail creme, hankerchief, manuka honey facial moisturiser, dove hair treatment, three turquiose bangles, latte sachet, handmade sewing kit, keep calm sticker.

Please help me learn more about you and The Sisterhood by completing this online survey

The completion of the #LOVEBOMB


Bound Birth Cards

I  used Dee's card binding tutorial to bind up Millas birth cards - they had been sitting in a pile collecting dust and I was at a loss of what to do with them. When Dee posted the tutorial on her blog I bookmarked it and KNEW that I had to follow it. Brilliant! One rainy afternoon last week I was cleaning up my bookmarks (*sigh* no Pinterest for me) and came across it again. I immediately set about doing it and I'm SO glad I did. 

Although I have to admit it was a very rushed non thought out project. I really did just slap the cover on and as a result its a bit bubbly and I didn't have enough fancy letters to spell out her full name *sigh

I'm definitely going to make another of these with all of our wedding and engagement cards. Lucky too, because I was getting a bit sick of them but am far too sentimental to throw them out.

Now Millas birth cards are in our bookshelf all neat and tidy like. EEee. Big thanks to you Dee!

What do you do with your cards? Any other cool ideas? Leave a comment and let me know! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Dear Dawn,

I wanted to send you a letter from one busy mum to another, to let you know you are being thought of and prayed for. You don’t know me. I’m an anonymous Sister from down South, who heard about you through the wonderful women of the Sisterhood.

Someone nominated you because they think you’re amazing and deserved a treat. When I read your story I couldn’t wait to write to you and let you know that you are loved. It’s so easy for us as mothers to spend all our time and energy caring for others. Sometimes it’s nice to know too, that someone, somewhere, thinks we’re special enough to spend time and energy on us.

So although I’ve never met you, I stopped and thought about you today, and said a little prayer to God, asking him to bless you. I’m praying for health and happiness for you and your family, and wishing you all the very best for the arrival of your new baby.

With love from your anonymous Sister.

Dawn is a wife, mother and has a newborn on its way. She is committed to her family and does an excellent job at intentionally being there for each member of her household. Of course, with her role, most of what she does goes unnoticed. She is an inspiration and I think these sorts of mums should be celebrated for doing their role so well! We wanted to send Dawn treats that she could enjoy in her last few weeks of pregancy and also as she enters her baby moon period. 

With your help we sent Dawn a personalised handwritten letter and Sisterhood poem, two novels (not pictured), $60 - with a note for it to go towards something post baby (I suggested new clothes, but thats up to her), $25 Pretty Birds jewellery voucher, CD of christian worship songs, 2 blocks of chocolate, toffee pop bites, bubbly chocolate, latte sachet, Body Shop body butter, bath bomb, dove beauty bar, dove hair treatment, lipstick, handmade hair tie, hair clips, and three pottles of play-doh (for the toddler!)Please help me learn more about you and The Sisterhood by completing this online survey


Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Yesterday I had phone calls and texts telling me The Sisterhood had been published in The Press and on the Stuff website!

First of all, I wasn't even aware that people still read print media - for that I am thrilled! Go you paper readers! Print is not dead!

Secondly, I was also thrilled that The Sisterhood had some publicity! 26 Sisters gave to our most recent LOVE BOMBs. I am over the moon for them because that article is like a little bit of recognition. Most of these ladies don't know me, most of them haven't met me, they get very little recognition for their generosity and I struggle to express just how thankful I am. Hopefully this article can stay thank you to them. Sisters, buy a news paper, cut out the article, stick it on your fridge and tell everyone "I am in The Sisterhood!"

Celebrate. You are doing good. You are living life well and its okay to be proud of that. Be proud of what has been achieved because God is proud of us. Just like how you would be proud of your own son or daughter achieving something, so is He.

At first I tried to hide from it, honestly, it was a little overwhelming. People kept telling me how well I had done. What was just a little article lead to thousands of blog views in one day, a lot of emails in my inbox from well wishers, new sisters, older sisters, from people wanting to share others stories, from people wanting a hand out or two. I felt my head beginning to swell and my heart beginning to race.

By noon I realised that was silly, I was just me, Sophie, and I had spent the whole morning on the computer and I had to get out of the house. I shut up shop and headed to the mall with my beautiful daughter who is willing to sit in her pram for a whole afternoon while her Mama shopped. Isn't she a delight? She is actually so patient like that. She goes anywhere and does almost anything so patiently. *brag*

Milla looked on while I found things to spend my Westfield voucher on. Hubby and I are taking part in a Canterbury students research paper on how the earthquakes have effected couples relationships in Canterbury. For the last part of the research we had to keep a small journal for two weeks each and send it in, and in return we got a $50 Westfield voucher! Score! So as you can tell, I had free money to burn (which is a rarity). I ended up buying some new Natio make up (new foundation and blusher), new Natio cleanser and a little cheapo outfit for Milla in the spring time. Sorry Mr Moo, you didn't get anything in this shopping trip!

We ate rice-balls, lollies (just me, not her) and perused the daily paper where we found our little article!

When we got home with the hubby we declared we must pop a bottle of wine open to celebrate being published and also having paid off one of the hubbys credit cards from pre-marriage! Hoorah!! PARTY TIME!

We never did open that bottle and settled for just juice instead. It was a long day.

Today I have already had a phone interview with a womens magazine and taken a bazillion (bad) self timed photos of myself (how do fashion bloggers do it!?). I think when Milla is up from her nap we're going to go buy a chocolate bar. Yes. That's it.

If you have read the article, thank you! As usual I will continue to post the rest of the LOVE BOMBs once I am sure they have been received. 2 more are still in transit as they are rural deliveries. Keep your eyes peeled!

If you're new around these parts why not leave a comment and introduce yourself?

Monday, June 25, 2012


Dear Libby,

I wanted to send you a letter from one busy mum to another, to let you know you are being thought of and prayed for. You don’t know me. I’m an anonymous Sister from down South, who heard about your selflessness through the wonderful women of the Sisterhood. We’ve never met, but I’m sending you love anyway, because as a fellow mum of busy kids I know how much of a difference it makes just knowing that someone, somewhere, cares about the things you do. And I do care, enough to think of you as I go about my day, and enough to say a little prayer to God, asking him to bless you and your children and your work.

Someone nominated you for the Love Bomb because they think you’re amazing. Someone has noticed the things you do and the heart you do it with, and thinks enough of you to speak up and say “This woman deserves to be acknowledged”.I know you probably don’t think you need recognition. I know you probably just do what you do and get on with it. But it’s nice to know too, that someone thinks what you do is worth mentioning. It’s nice sometimes, to just open up and let yourself be blessed.

I hope you’re feeling the love today.

From your anonymous Sister.

Libby is a wife and mother of two. She works mostly behind her husband who is a very public figure in New Zealand. Her days are spent giving out to others and often getting nothing in return. Most of what she does is behind the scenes and goes unnoticed. Well, we noticed! We wanted to send Libby a parcel that would cause her to spend some delicious time on herself.

With your help we sent Libby and handwritten personalised letter and Sisterhood poem, a voucher for a manicure and pedicure, $25 Pretty Birds jewellery voucher, hand and body lotion, Body Shop shower gel and body puff, CD of British worship songs, bath bomb, heart wall hang decoration, hand made badge, hand made hair tie, two blocks of chocolate, bubbly chocolate bar and latte sachet.

Please help me learn more about you and The Sisterhood by completing this online survey


The completion of the LOVE BOMB

Friday, June 22, 2012


Dear Sally,

I wanted to send you a letter from one busy mum to another, to let you know you are being thought of and prayed for. You don’t know me. I’m an anonymous Sister from down South, who heard about you through the wonderful women of the Sisterhood.  We’ve never met, but I’m praying for you and your family and sending tons of love your way.

I think that’s the greatest thing about prayer, how it connects us to God and to one another. Without even knowing you or your story, without even needing to know the details of your life, I feel a genuine sisterhood with you that moves me to tell you how very loved you are. Your Father and mine, hears my prayers for you, and has the power to speak good things into your life. I pray that He will provide for you and your family’s needs, for health, happiness and for peace that surpasses all understanding. Be poised for His abundant outpouring in your life.

You are special. I hope that you’re feeling the love today.

Sally is my friend who I mentioned in the very first LOVEBOMB post. She had a brand new baby, a few other children, and a husband who had just left her. Despite these circumstances she did amazingly well. Sally is a women who has an amazing spirit of kindness inside of her. She can get through any day with a smile, and was concerned about thinking too much incase she lost some of her precious breast milk. Like I said, amazing. We really wanted to treat Sally and let her know that she wasn't alone. You responded to this call amazingly; She was sent a pretty large hamper because a few of you in particular were struck by her story and wanted to contribute to a few smiles.

With your help we sent Sally a personalised handwritten letter of encouragement and Sisterhood poem, hand made quilt (which is amazing), $25 Pretty Birds jewellery voucher, Avon hamper with 6 products, bath crystals and bomb, chocolate... lots and lots of chocolate (good for happy hormones, right!?) , hair clips and honey shortbread.

[You will be pleased to know that the Hubs is back, the children are doing well, and they have professional help for their circumstances. Thank you for your prayers.]

Please help me learn more about you and The Sisterhood by completing this online survey

The completion of the #LOVEBOMB


Thursday, June 21, 2012


Dear Amy,

I wanted to send you a letter from one busy mum to another, to let you know you are being thought of and prayed for. You don’t know me. I’m an anonymous Sister from down South, who heard about you through the wonderful women of the Sisterhood.  We’ve never met, but I’m sending you love anyway, because as a fellow mum who’s in the middle of raising four of my own, I wanted you to feel special and cared for as you welcome your first baby into the world.

Someone nominated you because they think you’re amazing and deserve a treat. I hope it’s a joy to you knowing that you are thought of, and that even though you and I are strangers, I thought about you today and said a little prayer to God for you. I’m praying that you and your little one will be in good health, and that you will have all that you need and more. I pray also that you will be surrounded by loving and supportive people who lift you up as you begin your journey as a new mum.

Take care and be blessed.

Amy is a young lady and a brand new Mama! She is doing an excellent job taking care of and loving on her newborn. We wanted to provide an opportunity to send Amy some love too! I remember all too well showering while my newborn was sleeping and smelling the new body wash someone had given me. It was devine and for those few minutes I felt like 'me'. I dreamt of giving Amy that same opportunity to spend some time pampering her self.

With your help we sent Amy a hand written letter of love and Sisterhood poem, one hour facial voucher, coffee culture voucher, parachute music CD, $25 jewellery voucher for Pretty Birds, 6x Avon products, latte sachets, 2 blocks of chocolate, chocolate bars, Ferrero rochers, mint chocolate bites, Baking cookbook, Parenting magazine, handmade bobby bins and hair clips, handmade quilt, handmade hand bag, coin purse, bath bomb.

Please help me learn more about you and The Sisterhood by completing this online survey

The completion of the #LOVEBOMB


Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Dear Alex,  
I wanted to send you a letter from one busy mum to another, to let you know you are being thought of and prayed for. You don’t know me. I’m an anonymous Sister from down South, who heard about you through the wonderful women of the Sisterhood.  
I know what it is to study while raising children – how difficult it can be and also how rewarding. I want to encourage you on your journey and say that I know the sacrifices it takes, and the hard work and challenges, but in the end it’s all so worth it. 
While you’re still in the middle of your study, I want you to know that someone is praying for you. Asking God to travel the road with you, to bless you and your family, to provide for your needs. I hope it helps you to know that you’re not going it alone. 
I hope you’re feeling the love today.
Love always,

Alex is a hard working wife, mother of two, and full time student. She works hard for her family and loves coffee and good books. We wanted to create an opportunity for Alex to stop for a moment amongst her busy days and take a breath to smile and fill her heart.

With your help we sent Alex a hand written letter of love and Sisterhood poem, fresh coffee, mocha sachets, plunger coffee samples, 2 blocks of chocolate, chocolate bars, Ferrero rochers, squiggles bites, chamomile tea, The Pilots wife book, Parenting mag, $25 jewellery voucher for Pretty Birds, handmade bobby bins and hair clips.

Please help me learn more about you and The Sisterhood by completing this online survey

The completion of the #LOVEBOMB

The Completion of The #LOVEBOMB

Sisters, the time has come. Our #LOVEBOMBs are on their way out to their recipients. I'm waiting on one final address and they will all be complete.

What started out as a grand idea that I immediately regretted turned into something completely wonderful, challenging, tiring, uplifting and fufilling. What was a grand idea and a complete stretch to bless five ladies turned into blessing six ladies with a surplus for another planned blessing in the month of July.

Its really easy to get caught up in the process of this whole operation. The emails, the advertising, the packaging, the gifts - It has been a complete breath of fresh air to be reminded that these are people. ladies. with lives. lives that they are living while we become busy little bees and organise themselves.

I am excited for the next few days. The NZ post system is fast. I know that even as early as tomorrow one of our Sisters could be receiving a box on her door step. She might not have even heard of us (although can I let you in on a secret? At least one of our ladies has definitely heard of us. She may or may not be reading this! SURPRISE!), she might be surprised, turned the box over and see "From The Sisterhood"

Who is The Sisterhood? I imagine suspicion will arise. She might open it then and there, pulling out the tissue paper, greeted by a box filled with gifts just for her. Confusion. I imagine she'll go through its contents and come across a card addressed just for her. Inside a jewellery voucher and a hand written, personalised letter. I hope then as she reads those beautiful words comprehension will dawn. 

I'm praying she will feel special and loved. Not because she needs it but because we want to give it.

If you are of the praying type please spend time praying for these beautiful women who are hardworking, inspiring and someone who we can celebrate! If you aren't, please think some nice positive thoughts towards them :) Love love love. Be filled with love. 

And thank you. Thank you. Its because of you that this has happened. 

Over the next few days I will be sharing what is in each parcel, the letter that was included and a little bit about each of the ladies.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How To Create Side Bar Blog Buttons (VIDEO)

If you have an about me page, any regular features on your blog, something your readers ought to know about you, or a blog in general, then you definitely need customised side bar buttons.

It is really easy to create your own side bar buttons and this video will show you how. If you viewed my video to make your own blog header you will realise that it uses almost the same process of creating and uploading your pictures to do so.

The standard size of a blog button is 160 X 160pixels - this is a great size especially if you are creating your button that is intended to be share with others because you know it will fit in their side bar (like my sisterhood button)

Otherwise, you can create your own custom sized buttons (like my "about me" and Create ones on the right of my blog). To find out the size of your blog side bar use the same method I show you to figure out your header size but for your sidebar instead!

After watching this video: Honestly, the bum bum thing about using this method to upload your button to blogger is that if it doesn't fill your whole side bar up (eg, if you used the default 160x160pixels size) it will stick to the left side of your side bar.

I like things to be in the middle. 

To fix that you're actually going to need to do it with HTML and I thought that was getting a little bit complicated for this video. Instead, I will do an 'extras for experts' video in the near future and explain how you do that, also how you share your button with the big wide world using code! Hoorah! Easy peasy! (video still to come...)

How to create pages and tabs
How to link your comments to your email address so bloggers can reply
How to get your blog turn up in Google searches

Have any questions for me? Leave them in the comments or email me directly on sophie AT

Monday, June 18, 2012

In This Moment - On My Mind: An Update

As I type this I can hear my baby girl whimpering from her cot. She started coughing yesterday, a deep chesty cough but she seems to be in good enough spirits. I am tired, two almost sleepless nights has already caught up with me and I am reminded of how good I have it with a baby who usually sleeps through the night.

I was just internally debating over what to have for dinner tonight, I have two slow cooker meals ready to go but it just hit 3pm and I realise I have already left it too late. Whoops. Toasties is it. That was until I received a phone call from the inlaws: Dinner at theirs tonight! Yuss. Good timing of the phone call NannyMoo.

I won a little wooden table and chair set for Milla on trade me this weekend, I am thrilled with my purchase and can't wait to pick it up. I'm putting a "sand and paint" on the ever-growing-hardly-ceasing to do list and then it will be adorable! Also, while browsing paint colours online this weekend I found my paint-personality: Spring! Definitely my most favourite season. I love these colours and thinking a blog make over is in order. I'm getting sick of this dull pink in my header.

The #LOVEBOMB is almost over: I'm just waiting on a few more things to arrive in the post then I will be taking photos, packaging it all up and having it shipped off. I can't wait! Its very thrilling, but also very tiring. It will be nice when this is all done.

I am attributing all of this blue-y-ness to a lack of sleep and this horrid winter, by far my most hated thing in this world. Winter. Grr.

I'm going to put some real pants on, go check the mail, hang some clothes up and then crash on top of our bed in a deep slumber until the husband gets home.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Loving Friends

I am loving beautiful new friends who feel like they have been in our lives forever. Friends who we have known only a short while but have shared some of the most important moments of our lives with.

I love that our new friends have a beautiful little girl the same age as Milla. She has the sweetest smiley-est nature ever. She is completely adorable and my heart melts when I see her.

I love that our new friends let us crash their lunch date last weekend and then took us to their favourite place in our city. We wandered around together, learnt and laughed and explored this little slice of history in our beautiful city while our girls sheltered from the wind together. 

It was a lovely moment in time. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Beginning of a Blanket

I've had white granny crochet blankets in my "To Make" bookmark folder for so long (I'm not cool enough for Pinterest yet). 

Last week I was referred to a lovely ladies blog and she had a divine crochet blanket in her blog header. I had to know more! 

I discovered this blanket was made with an easy peasy free tutorial and I immediately set about recreating my own. I am in love with the bright bursts of colour surrounded by the peaceful white. This project is totally up my alley.

I am planning on making a single bed sized blanket for Baby Millas bed (when she has one). I've already set about creating these circles in a flurry and completely at random. I'll make all my circles first and then do all of the white so hopefully if I run out I can still get more in the same dye lot; Unlike my last crochet granny stripe blanket where I only got so far and ran out of colours and couldn't buy them again! Boo! That wont happen this time around.

The tutorial doesn't cover it but I will be including some sort of lovely blanket edging like this one to pretty up my blanket. 

My aim is to have this finished by the end of winter. 

Have you made anything similar? Leave a link in the comments, I'd love to see your work! Likey?

Other creative endeavours
My ripple blanket
The Tale of Granny

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Millas Tricks on Video

My very own Mama has been here for the last few days and we have been busy shopping, eating and visiting relatives.

While we're off having a good time enjoy these cute videos of Milla showing off her "tricks"


Monday, June 11, 2012

Being A Smart Wife

If I look back and take stock over my last three years I notice and appreciate how far I have come. 3 and a bit years ago I got married to my fiance, we moved in together, and I became a wife who cooked and cleaned and ran a house having previously never done anything like it before. My signature (and only) dish was a stir-fry which I had made about 3 times. 

Life became interesting.

Now, 3 years later I realise that I actually have learnt a lot in that time and I have become better at a whole lot of things. Everyday I continue to learn better and easier ways of doing housewife things but recently I have become much more interested in being smart at them.

That is, being smart with my time and methods. Is what I'm  doing really a good use of my time? Could I do this a faster, easier way? Do I even need to do this? Am I doing it well?

One thing in my home that I have a love hate relationship with it cooking and baking so I'm trying to get smart at it. You see, I love having food in my belly but I hate preparing it. Mostly, its a lack of knowledge and understanding of food. Oh, and a loathe of dishes.

Last week I realised that if I baked 3 batches of cookies all at once I still do the same amount of dishes and it only takes me about 10 minutes longer (!!!!!!)

So as I was going to bake my usual batch of Edmonds basic biscuits with chocolate chip cookies I tripled everything, rolled them into balls and freezed them in 10-biscuit-lots. 


We have had "fresh" cookies almost every night this week, I simply take a bag out the freezer whenever we want them, put them in the microwave for 1 minute, push them down with a fork and bake for 10 minutes. We literally have fresh bickies in 13 minutes (before my milo has even gone cold)

Once I realised how genius this was of me I have since baked 20 individual handmade pizzas of different toppings to quickly pull out for lunches when I can't be bothered making the husbands lunch (yes, I make it, I know).

Now I'm looking for other ways I can be a very clever home maker. Do you have any ideas for me? Leave a comment and let me know!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Basking In Love

I am (not really) sorry, but here's another Sisterhood post.

Its just. My heart is so full. And I need to tell you about it! It is truly amazing when a few ladies get together and offer the few bits and pieces they have!

So today I am basking in love. I just ordered a 1 hour facial for a lovely lady in our LOVE BOMB. Isn't that awesome!? One whole hour of pampering from strangers she's never even met.

If someone sent me a facial voucher in the mail I would flip so I just know she'll love it!

Love love love.

This weeks lesson has been to never under estimate anything. 

This week we have been featured on Kiwi Mummy Blogs website. Women from around the country will be hearing about us. Amazing.

This week I have been approaching companies for Sisterhood sponsorship. Companies who sell chocolate and beauty products and magazines who have supported similar endeavours in the past. This time I'm looking for more than just one offs, I'm seeking a partner ship.

Don't underestimate anything. Sisters, we are few, but boy are you generous. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Birthday Cushion

I took a leaf out of Miriams Create Hope Inspire Blog and made a cushion for an up coming birthday. The special first birthday has been and gone, I remember the time when she was just 2 days old very well and I was so excited to celebrate her first year with her and the family! 

A made the Goose a colourful pillow with her name embroidered onto the back. When you have a big sister you dont get much to call your own (trust me, I know) so I wanted to make something that was too awkward to pass onto someone else! 

We'll be attending a lot of first birthdays this year, sorry babies, you'll all be getting your own pillow! ;)
Miriam, thank you so much for the inspiration!!

Grannys Tale - Last weeks Creative Space
The Birthday Girls birth

Do you like to follow any gift giving traditions? Cheap as chips? Hand-made only? Bought the morning of? Leave a comment and let me know! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sisterhood - The Beginning

On a late summer evening I was stuck with the reality that my brother, my very own flesh and blood, had gone for days without food without us knowing.

After I dried my tears and got my anger in check I realised that there are lots of cases like my brother in the world. In fact, there are a lot of everyday people going under the radar. I thought of a few women in my life that I knew of. Women who needed a little encouragement and a helping hand. Women who just needed to be told that they are not alone. Some women who just needed attention after they spend their days giving and giving and receiving nothing in return.

That night I put the call out, I arranged The Sisterhood. We would be made up of women all around New Zealand. We would be willing, generous, caring and with soft moldable hearts. I didn't want people to "join", I wanted them to "belong".

Ladies responded. They promised to keep their ears to the pavement; to notice and to care about other Sisters.

Our first mission was to send gifts of love to a new Mama in Auckland. We wanted her to know that she was not alone. We sent her crafty gifts to remind her that time spent doing something she loves is super important.

After that we were told of Zariah, a little girl, only 3 years old, who along with her family were staying in Christchurch for treatment of recently diagnosed Leukemia. Our hearts were soft and we felt their circumstances. "If that was us" we thought. So we sent them gifts. Chocolates, coffees, decorations, cards, books and felts, and $200 for a date for the parents.

Because of them and their courage our hearts were full. We continued on and sent bags and bags and bags of warm clothing to a Canterbury family whose house had just burnt down. We responded to one of her friends calling for help. The family had nothing and asked for clothing. So clothing we sent!

The mother was so touched, she cried and thanked us, but really, its them we thank. "Thank you for soldiering on. Thank you for being strong!" A few weeks later the Mum asked us to help again, so we sent her little baby boy who was due in a few week warm clothes and toys.

And most recently, we are sending a LOVE BOMB. Our biggest mission yet. We are loving on 5 amazing ladies all around New Zealand at once. We are gathering our treats and dollars to say "THANK YOU!" These ladies are strong, they are selfless, and they go under the radar of everyday life. However, they have been put on our radar thanks to their close friends who have nominated them.

The Sisterhood continually impresses me. It tells me that there is still kindness and generosity in this world that is so central me focussed. A lots of people ask me how they belong to The Sisterhood, and I tell them, if you consider yourself a Sister you are already in.

And from there? Once you're in? Just respond. However that looks. Whether its in prayers, notes of love, chocolates, money, gifts. However you respond is just perfect.

Really, this is all about a lot of people giving something small to create something amazing.

I really want to take this opportunity to thank you for reading this far. And if you consider yourself a Sister: Thank you. You make the world go around. I do not underestimate your ability to change someones life.


If you want to get more involved straight away, here are a few quick links for you:


Join the LOVE BOMB here!

Staying Warm!

Today is the sixth day of winter and Millas first snow day! As I'm sure you would have heard, here in Canterbury some of us have been lucky enough to stay home and sheltered from the SNOW!

Milla didn't really understand what the snow was, but she could tell something was up and kept looking at the falling flakes.

At lunch time Mr Moo came home from work, they had shut up the factory and returned to their warm dry homes.

The last time Milla was around the snow she had been in utero for 34 weeks and was nice and snug (an so was I) so today we are staying inside :)

Keep warm Canterbury! 

 Today I am catching up on emails, playing card game with the hubs, chasing up LOVE BOMBers and cleaning out the microwave! Joy :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This Week! The Sisterhood LOVEBOMB

Hi Sisters,

This is it!

This week we are gathering up our supplies for our LOVE BOMB. Soon, we will be sending little magical parcels filled with lots of LOVE around the country for unsuspecting amazing ladies to open.

These parcels are going to tell them that they are valued, appreciated and LOVED.

You still have the chance to be involved. If you would like to know how you can do that, please email me, right now.

Anything is possible.


How To Create Easy Blog Headers


Last week I taught you how to find the dimensions for your blog header, and before that gave you some useful side bar tips for your blog.

This week I am showing you (in a video!!) how to turn those dimensions into a real life header.

All you need is a web browser, those dimensions and a photo while you're watching this video I made:

Here I use picmonkey to create a custom header for Miriam at Create, Hope, Inspire.

How to find the size of your blog header
Introduction and side bar tips
How to create side bar buttons
How to create pages and tabs
How to get your blog found by Google
How to link your email address to your blog comments

Have any questions for me? Leave them in the comments or email me direct on sophie AT 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dear Baby - 9 Month Update

In her eighth month of life Little Milla learnt to dance! She shakes her booty from side to side whenever there is music around or we say "Dancing! Dance?" Of course, she doesn't often do this on cue so I am yet to have a womb-warming video, but she is getting very good at it. I love going to Toddlerock, as soon as the music starts up her little hips start shaking! CUTE!

This month Milla pushed through a top tooth in the same few nights we got her off her dummy. It was a rough few nights, and at the end of it she had a brand new shiny tooth to show off! (Milla is an AMAZING teether. I barely notice her teething.)

She was never particularly attached to her dummy and only got it in her cot and I never put it back in during the night, but we liked being able to offer her something to comfort her, and of course, when we initially gave it to her when she was 5 weeks old it was like sweet relief and a sanity saver. I kept telling myself when she lost it that "that was it, no more", I kept imagining her at 6 years old with that ratty thing hanging out her mouth. No thanks. 

One night I went to put her to bed and it wasn't in her cot! There was nothing I could do about it and she didn't have a spare so we ploughed through the night, she was awake for 3 hours during the night, then next night woke up once for half an hour, and the third night was sound asleep for thirteen hours, and has continued that since. Sweet sleep! 

Would you believe it, after that 3rd night of wonderful I found that stupid dummy on the back seat of our new car!! Too late! The dummy has gone!

Just for the record, I definitely don't regret giving it to her. She was an extremely spilly baby and spent her first month screaming her head off. That initial moment when she sucked her dummy back for the first time was like a picture of the heavens opening up and the angels singing. We couldn't believe our luck! A quiet baby!

Speaking of spilling, aside from the random 2 little chucks down my back during church today, she's pretty much stopped throwing up. Another sweet relief. (this has been a good month). Infact, I don't even carry two big flannelette diapers with me any more to wipe up the spills! 

Milla is also getting on much better with strangers (any one other than Mum or Dad). Her grandparents can hold her now without her crying, and the other morning at Toddlerock something happened and she started crying, my friend picked her up and she actually stopped crying! Friend couldn't believe it! Nor could I actually.

Just a quick mention of her hair - its growing! Like crazy! Sometimes she actually does look pretty crazy, it sticks up all over the place. Its currently fine and blonde, but watch this space.

I love my baby girl! SO much. 

Sweetest Baby In The Whole Wide World:

Whether you like it or not, education is very important. You Mama wasn't so great at staying in class, and that is one of my biggest regrets. I realise now that education can't be handed to you, you need to want it and accept it, and once you have it it can't be taken away from you. Infact, along with your beliefs and morals, education will be one of your most valuable assets.

Fight for it. If you don't understand your teacher, ask another question, if you are bored by a subject make sure you take one that interests you. Learn, question, value, relate. Remember to think about how your curriculum relates to your life. History, present, future, it all has the power to affect you.

Be interested in politics, understand that politicians are making everyday decisions on your behalf. Pray for your leaders, think about them often and hope for a better outcome for your family, country and world.

Fight for the good in this world. Let your nurturing female nature come out and help people. Don't be afraid to stand up for other peoples basic rights. Love one another and let that love determine your actions. Always act in love. Speak in love. Be love.

God needs us girls so the world keeps loving.

Oh, and know that natural SUNSHINE will bleach out almost any stain. I wish I knew that earlier so I'm telling you now.

I love you sweet Girl. You have changed our lives so much and it is such an honour to see you grow and learn before our very eyes. We are ever thankful for the miracle that is life.

Love always, Your Mama xxx

*Milla is wearing a dress from Chloe's Mama in the States. It is adorable!

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