Friday, June 1, 2012

Meet The Ladies

Meet our LOVE BOMB ladies* and learn a little bit more about why we're doing this:
*All names have been changed to protect privacy

 Libby was nominated by one of her long distance friends. She is the wife behind a very public-figure husband, you could say she's a long suffering wife. Late nights, extended business trips, and everything Libby does during her day is for other people. She puts on events for the city of Auckland and helps families in need. She gets nothing in return. She has two beautiful primary school aged children and we think, along with her friend, that its about time Libby got something back!

Any finances you donate will go towards a beauty pamper voucher for Libby to enjoy on one of her rare days off. We'd also love to send libby a whole lot of goodies in the post. Think magazines, books, chocolatey treats; Something to enjoy when she has the opportunity to sit down and put her feet up.

Alex has been anonymously nominated by one of her best friends. She is a full time student along with her husband. Together they have two little girls and they work very hard to earn what they have. They have enough for everyday living, but not much more. 

I think a full time student and Mum must be in desperate need of a treat! We'd love to send Alex some coffee, chocolate, wine, and a "real" book, as recommended by her bestie. 

Dawn is a cheerful positive Mum who was made known to us by one of her friends. 

She is faithful, generous, dedicated and works very hard to raise her family. She is due to pop out a brand new baby in the next few months and as a reminder to never undervalue a mothers work, we would love to thank her for doing such a tremendous job. Just showing up each day. Amazing.

We'd love to send Dawn some treats in the post, and any finances that you donate will be going towards a clothing voucher for her so she can dress up a little bit after the birth of her new baby. Some times its hard to prioritise your changing figure with the needs of your own family, but we think thats important too. Look and feel great! 

Sally is the Mama I mentioned in my initial post about our LOVE BOMB. Sally works extremely hard to raise her family amongst difficult and challenging circumstances. She often doesn't have any extras to look after herself, so we would love to provide some for her.

Clothing or department store vouchers, bath washes and gels, chocolates, beauty products, magazines, Growing Great Girls and / or Growing Great Boys and perhaps anything else you might think is useful.

Finally, Amy is expecting her first child any moment (seriously, she could be in labour right now). While she has everything she needs for her new babies life, Amys pregnancy is not being supported by her partner or family. She's in need of a lot of soul lovin'. 

With any finances donated we are going to buy a beauty pamper package for Amy so she can spend a little time being looked after. New nail polish is good for the soul, right? 

Fortunately she has some amazing friends who nominated her, so we know she'll be well looked after.


If you have any other ideas or would like to contribute something else that I haven't listed please get in contact with me, . For any finances contributed (a few people have asked me if this is okay) (anything "big" or "little" is SUPER helpful) I have set up an account for this very purpose, please also email me for those details.

You are all superbly generous. What we're pulling off here is AMAZING. Please do not under estimate it. 

Also, if you are of the praying type, please take a moment today to pray for these ladies and their families. 

Thank you. Love you.


  1. WOW!! Love this 'get to know the ladies' session!! Absolutely fabulous work Sophie!! :) x

  2. I love that you have included some extra info it makes it easier to connect with a story.


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