Monday, June 4, 2012

Dear Baby - 9 Month Update

In her eighth month of life Little Milla learnt to dance! She shakes her booty from side to side whenever there is music around or we say "Dancing! Dance?" Of course, she doesn't often do this on cue so I am yet to have a womb-warming video, but she is getting very good at it. I love going to Toddlerock, as soon as the music starts up her little hips start shaking! CUTE!

This month Milla pushed through a top tooth in the same few nights we got her off her dummy. It was a rough few nights, and at the end of it she had a brand new shiny tooth to show off! (Milla is an AMAZING teether. I barely notice her teething.)

She was never particularly attached to her dummy and only got it in her cot and I never put it back in during the night, but we liked being able to offer her something to comfort her, and of course, when we initially gave it to her when she was 5 weeks old it was like sweet relief and a sanity saver. I kept telling myself when she lost it that "that was it, no more", I kept imagining her at 6 years old with that ratty thing hanging out her mouth. No thanks. 

One night I went to put her to bed and it wasn't in her cot! There was nothing I could do about it and she didn't have a spare so we ploughed through the night, she was awake for 3 hours during the night, then next night woke up once for half an hour, and the third night was sound asleep for thirteen hours, and has continued that since. Sweet sleep! 

Would you believe it, after that 3rd night of wonderful I found that stupid dummy on the back seat of our new car!! Too late! The dummy has gone!

Just for the record, I definitely don't regret giving it to her. She was an extremely spilly baby and spent her first month screaming her head off. That initial moment when she sucked her dummy back for the first time was like a picture of the heavens opening up and the angels singing. We couldn't believe our luck! A quiet baby!

Speaking of spilling, aside from the random 2 little chucks down my back during church today, she's pretty much stopped throwing up. Another sweet relief. (this has been a good month). Infact, I don't even carry two big flannelette diapers with me any more to wipe up the spills! 

Milla is also getting on much better with strangers (any one other than Mum or Dad). Her grandparents can hold her now without her crying, and the other morning at Toddlerock something happened and she started crying, my friend picked her up and she actually stopped crying! Friend couldn't believe it! Nor could I actually.

Just a quick mention of her hair - its growing! Like crazy! Sometimes she actually does look pretty crazy, it sticks up all over the place. Its currently fine and blonde, but watch this space.

I love my baby girl! SO much. 

Sweetest Baby In The Whole Wide World:

Whether you like it or not, education is very important. You Mama wasn't so great at staying in class, and that is one of my biggest regrets. I realise now that education can't be handed to you, you need to want it and accept it, and once you have it it can't be taken away from you. Infact, along with your beliefs and morals, education will be one of your most valuable assets.

Fight for it. If you don't understand your teacher, ask another question, if you are bored by a subject make sure you take one that interests you. Learn, question, value, relate. Remember to think about how your curriculum relates to your life. History, present, future, it all has the power to affect you.

Be interested in politics, understand that politicians are making everyday decisions on your behalf. Pray for your leaders, think about them often and hope for a better outcome for your family, country and world.

Fight for the good in this world. Let your nurturing female nature come out and help people. Don't be afraid to stand up for other peoples basic rights. Love one another and let that love determine your actions. Always act in love. Speak in love. Be love.

God needs us girls so the world keeps loving.

Oh, and know that natural SUNSHINE will bleach out almost any stain. I wish I knew that earlier so I'm telling you now.

I love you sweet Girl. You have changed our lives so much and it is such an honour to see you grow and learn before our very eyes. We are ever thankful for the miracle that is life.

Love always, Your Mama xxx

*Milla is wearing a dress from Chloe's Mama in the States. It is adorable!

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