Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sisterhood - The Beginning

On a late summer evening I was stuck with the reality that my brother, my very own flesh and blood, had gone for days without food without us knowing.

After I dried my tears and got my anger in check I realised that there are lots of cases like my brother in the world. In fact, there are a lot of everyday people going under the radar. I thought of a few women in my life that I knew of. Women who needed a little encouragement and a helping hand. Women who just needed to be told that they are not alone. Some women who just needed attention after they spend their days giving and giving and receiving nothing in return.

That night I put the call out, I arranged The Sisterhood. We would be made up of women all around New Zealand. We would be willing, generous, caring and with soft moldable hearts. I didn't want people to "join", I wanted them to "belong".

Ladies responded. They promised to keep their ears to the pavement; to notice and to care about other Sisters.

Our first mission was to send gifts of love to a new Mama in Auckland. We wanted her to know that she was not alone. We sent her crafty gifts to remind her that time spent doing something she loves is super important.

After that we were told of Zariah, a little girl, only 3 years old, who along with her family were staying in Christchurch for treatment of recently diagnosed Leukemia. Our hearts were soft and we felt their circumstances. "If that was us" we thought. So we sent them gifts. Chocolates, coffees, decorations, cards, books and felts, and $200 for a date for the parents.

Because of them and their courage our hearts were full. We continued on and sent bags and bags and bags of warm clothing to a Canterbury family whose house had just burnt down. We responded to one of her friends calling for help. The family had nothing and asked for clothing. So clothing we sent!

The mother was so touched, she cried and thanked us, but really, its them we thank. "Thank you for soldiering on. Thank you for being strong!" A few weeks later the Mum asked us to help again, so we sent her little baby boy who was due in a few week warm clothes and toys.

And most recently, we are sending a LOVE BOMB. Our biggest mission yet. We are loving on 5 amazing ladies all around New Zealand at once. We are gathering our treats and dollars to say "THANK YOU!" These ladies are strong, they are selfless, and they go under the radar of everyday life. However, they have been put on our radar thanks to their close friends who have nominated them.

The Sisterhood continually impresses me. It tells me that there is still kindness and generosity in this world that is so central me focussed. A lots of people ask me how they belong to The Sisterhood, and I tell them, if you consider yourself a Sister you are already in.

And from there? Once you're in? Just respond. However that looks. Whether its in prayers, notes of love, chocolates, money, gifts. However you respond is just perfect.

Really, this is all about a lot of people giving something small to create something amazing.

I really want to take this opportunity to thank you for reading this far. And if you consider yourself a Sister: Thank you. You make the world go around. I do not underestimate your ability to change someones life.


If you want to get more involved straight away, here are a few quick links for you:


Join the LOVE BOMB here!

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