Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Beginning of a Blanket

I've had white granny crochet blankets in my "To Make" bookmark folder for so long (I'm not cool enough for Pinterest yet). 

Last week I was referred to a lovely ladies blog and she had a divine crochet blanket in her blog header. I had to know more! 

I discovered this blanket was made with an easy peasy free tutorial and I immediately set about recreating my own. I am in love with the bright bursts of colour surrounded by the peaceful white. This project is totally up my alley.

I am planning on making a single bed sized blanket for Baby Millas bed (when she has one). I've already set about creating these circles in a flurry and completely at random. I'll make all my circles first and then do all of the white so hopefully if I run out I can still get more in the same dye lot; Unlike my last crochet granny stripe blanket where I only got so far and ran out of colours and couldn't buy them again! Boo! That wont happen this time around.

The tutorial doesn't cover it but I will be including some sort of lovely blanket edging like this one to pretty up my blanket. 

My aim is to have this finished by the end of winter. 

Have you made anything similar? Leave a link in the comments, I'd love to see your work! Likey?

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  1. It looks gorgeous. I have some projects I need to pull out and make them work over winter. Everyone needs a TV project right?

  2. Lovely bright circles - they're gonna look great with a white border!

  3. Oh your colour choices are divine, this will look stunning when finished.

  4. Love the border! It is going to look so pretty on big girl Millas bed!

  5. I love all the bright colours you have chosen! Will look so lovely with the white.

  6. Those are gorgeous, and you have picked wonderful colours for it!

  7. Your colours are looking amazing! Well done on getting underway. My one big tip - sew in all the ends as you go!!!

  8. Lovely colours! Can't wait to see it finished :)

  9. funny, just found your blog for the first time and i too am part way through a blanket like this!!!!!!!!!! i have done 90 circles so far and was thiking maybe 200 but maybe i will do 180 like you.


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