Saturday, June 2, 2012

Big Sissy

This weekend my big Sissy has flown to Las Vegas, from London, to meet our Papa, where they are going to celebrate her big 30th birthday, today!

Thats right, my big Sissy is 30 years old. She's a whole 6 years older than me (do the math), and has always been my keeper. I am told that as a baby she took me everywhere in my pram, and did as much mothering as my own did. I guess its a relief to have another sister after 3 other brothers?

As a teenager my sister got me my first job at a bakery at the age of 13. She taught me how important it was to get to work on time (at 7am) in a clean uniform (she was my supervisor), and also that someone in our family could go to university, travel the world and become a chartered accountant. 

Sissy taught me that its important to have pretty dresses in your wardrobe and to have a nice bra. She taught me that its okay to dye your hair yourself, and as a teenager I would often dye her hair, its nice that she trusted me in hindsight. 

She taught me the importance of giving gifts and would always give me something for my birthday and Christmas - one year a got a teeny tiny toe ring inside a huge box filled with shredded paper. A lot of thought went into that one! My sister was always generous and would often call herself the "breadwinner" She always worked hard and budgeted hard. I'm very proud of her for that. 

My big sister has been living over seas for the last 4 years, she has visited a few times since then and came back to be the maid of honour at our wedding but I still miss her a lot. I can't wait until her visa runs out and she has to return :) hehe

Happy birthday sweet Amy! I hope you have such a great time with Dad and Colly and Raj in Vegas! put some money on 30 (you can do that, right? Thats a thing?)



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