Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How To Create Side Bar Blog Buttons (VIDEO)

If you have an about me page, any regular features on your blog, something your readers ought to know about you, or a blog in general, then you definitely need customised side bar buttons.

It is really easy to create your own side bar buttons and this video will show you how. If you viewed my video to make your own blog header you will realise that it uses almost the same process of creating and uploading your pictures to do so.

The standard size of a blog button is 160 X 160pixels - this is a great size especially if you are creating your button that is intended to be share with others because you know it will fit in their side bar (like my sisterhood button)

Otherwise, you can create your own custom sized buttons (like my "about me" and Create ones on the right of my blog). To find out the size of your blog side bar use the same method I show you to figure out your header size but for your sidebar instead!

After watching this video: Honestly, the bum bum thing about using this method to upload your button to blogger is that if it doesn't fill your whole side bar up (eg, if you used the default 160x160pixels size) it will stick to the left side of your side bar.

I like things to be in the middle. 

To fix that you're actually going to need to do it with HTML and I thought that was getting a little bit complicated for this video. Instead, I will do an 'extras for experts' video in the near future and explain how you do that, also how you share your button with the big wide world using code! Hoorah! Easy peasy! (video still to come...)

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  1. Awesome tips Sophie! I'll bet loads of new bloggers will be loving your how-to posts!

  2. Great work - I am loving your work on my blog!! M x

  3. Your doing us all a great service Sophie, please keep going (I'm just waiting for a window of time to get down to it all!) x

  4. I love how your blog looks and I learned how to do my header from your previous video. I love how good you explain things. I was wondering how do you edit your blog about me photo. I love how yours is a circle. I recently just started a blog like two days ago and im really trying to get it to look 'cute'. my blog is itsmy02scents.blogspot.com


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