Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Staying Warm!

Today is the sixth day of winter and Millas first snow day! As I'm sure you would have heard, here in Canterbury some of us have been lucky enough to stay home and sheltered from the SNOW!

Milla didn't really understand what the snow was, but she could tell something was up and kept looking at the falling flakes.

At lunch time Mr Moo came home from work, they had shut up the factory and returned to their warm dry homes.

The last time Milla was around the snow she had been in utero for 34 weeks and was nice and snug (an so was I) so today we are staying inside :)

Keep warm Canterbury! 

 Today I am catching up on emails, playing card game with the hubs, chasing up LOVE BOMBers and cleaning out the microwave! Joy :)


  1. those are some clean looking windows for your snow viewing pleasure.

  2. My wee man went out in the snow for the first time today (he was a bit too little last time round)- the biggest problem today was getting back inside afterwards. He is a real outdoors boy and loved every second of it!

    1. That is so cool Juliet! I think i would much prefer a boy who loved to be outdoors than in! Yes?

      Enjoy your day of future memories together :)



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