Friday, June 8, 2012

Basking In Love

I am (not really) sorry, but here's another Sisterhood post.

Its just. My heart is so full. And I need to tell you about it! It is truly amazing when a few ladies get together and offer the few bits and pieces they have!

So today I am basking in love. I just ordered a 1 hour facial for a lovely lady in our LOVE BOMB. Isn't that awesome!? One whole hour of pampering from strangers she's never even met.

If someone sent me a facial voucher in the mail I would flip so I just know she'll love it!

Love love love.

This weeks lesson has been to never under estimate anything. 

This week we have been featured on Kiwi Mummy Blogs website. Women from around the country will be hearing about us. Amazing.

This week I have been approaching companies for Sisterhood sponsorship. Companies who sell chocolate and beauty products and magazines who have supported similar endeavours in the past. This time I'm looking for more than just one offs, I'm seeking a partner ship.

Don't underestimate anything. Sisters, we are few, but boy are you generous. 


  1. Awesome! That is really exciting

  2. See if you can get a buy in from FoodStuffs, Sanitarium, Laffare, Ripe, Gravity, Lush, Body Shop etc... Or if you have any official letters I am happy to help out...

  3. Fantastic how this is taking off - awesome. I still need to get my thinking cap on and get something to you..:-) Happy weekend to you :-) Meg

  4. Sounds like you are involved in something very special. x


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