Thursday, June 28, 2012

LOVEBOMB - Katrina

The final LOVE BOMB to be sent out was a late addition, this lady was nominated by one of her friends who has recently joint The Sisterhood. She emailed me with a little bit about her and asked if she's the sort of person The Sisterhood likes to bless? YES! I responded.

I received a few last minute parcels from some people and with it we were able to extend the goods to a sixth very deserving lady! Yahoo!

This lady, lets call her Katrina, has recently moved out to the wop wops to chase their familys dream. For the next 6 weeks she is husbandless and is taking care of her children as a stay at home Mum. The car was crashed during a big storm, the water was cut off on their rural property, and well, with a bunch of kids at home to look after anyway I thought we could do something to brighten Katrina's day! Yes!?

With your help we sent Katrina a hand written card and Sisterhood poem, a Mollie Makes magazine, indian headdress, turkish delight, chocolate and caramel drops, two blocks of chocolate, toffee pop bites, ferrero rocher, body shop hand and nail creme, hankerchief, manuka honey facial moisturiser, dove hair treatment, three turquiose bangles, latte sachet, handmade sewing kit, keep calm sticker.

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The completion of the #LOVEBOMB



  1. Love it!! Recognise this well-deserving lovely

  2. Love Love Love
    Do we know if this has been received yet?


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