Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dear Baby, 6 Month Update

Millas dress from Aunty Amy in London

Half of a year. 

This month Milla learnt to crawl (caterpillar), she's very efficient at in now and I really hope she learns to crawl properly and doesn't just make do (there will be a video later in the week). She's so speedy and sometimes manages to sneak away and get into something before we notice. We've had to begin to be house aware and remove any dangers from her exploring grasp. She loves to get into our shoe pile and pull them all out and she often pushes herself over to our sliding door and will just stare at our little lawn and fence. Its thrilling, really. We are learning to say no and to teach. And to be honest I'm so crazy proud of my little caterpillar.

At 5.3 weeks I walked into the lounge from going to the bathroom and I caught Milla sitting in the middle of the lounge floor with a toy. Sitting. All by herself. She had maintained a sitting position for a short while but often fell over. I didn't push it and didn't try and prop her up, all in good time I thought. Well, turns out she just figured it all out on her own, including how to get into a sitting position. One week later she is a pro. I've been spending a lot of time on the floor these last few weeks and the carpet has never been vacuumed this much!

Milla loves to sit in her high chair, especially when her Daddy is hiding underneath the tray and pops up to surprise her! Her little eyes scrunch up, she takes a deep breath and then cracks up laughing! Oh my! SO sweet! 

Still completely attached to her Mama, I can't escape her sight with out tears but this month she seemed to quite like being held by her Granddad Harry and her Aunty Izy. Progress! 

She's quite a quiet girl, doesn't often babble or talk back but when she does get going you cant stop her. Sometimes this worries me, I worry that I'm not talking enough to her or not exposing her enough to others but then I remember that I am and I do. I'm doing the best I can and if Milla wants to be quiet and watch then that's what she can do. 

These photos were taken today, her first leap day on a blanket her Nana knitted her - yes, another one. You can see her rash under her neck that she has had for a while. For the life of me I can't get rid of it. Any suggestions? Her eyes are so big and beautiful, they make me melt. I'm sure she's going to melt a few boys hearts in her future too (*sigh*). Her hair is growing like wildfire! At least a centimetre long now and is a very soft and fluffy light blonde.

Dear Camilla, 

Your Father and I are so proud of you, you have captured our hearts and made us better people. Thank you for existing.

I want to stop and take a moment to tell you how special you are. Unfortunately, you are growing up in a society that values money and looks over too many other important qualities. If I haven't already taught you it enough I want to tell you again: Be who you are, not who someone else thinks you should be. There is so much worry in trying to meet others expectations. It's wasted worry because you are who you are. I am learning to put expectations aside and just be. 

When you find others putting worldly expectations on your life; who you should be, look like, act like, know you weren't raised that way. Girls might tell you you need to be skinner, Companies might tell you you need to be prettier, boys might tell you you need to be loser, school might tell you you need to be a doctor or an astronaut or a janitor. Friends might tell you you need to date that boy to be cool, or to buy that magazine to look good. Do not conform to the worlds standards.

If you will listen to anyone Camilla, please listen to your Mama and Dad because we don't say any of those things. In fact, we only say one thing: Please, be who you are.

Be who you are Camilla! Our God created you so perfectly - he formed you before we even knew of you. You were in Gods plan from the very beginning and he had a lot of time to think about you. Trust yourself and listen to who you are on the inside because that small little voice, that is the voice of God telling you how beautiful you are.

Individuality is a gift and it should be explored. You were raised to explore and to find who you really are and you are special, wonderful, thought about, healthy, beautiful, smart, gifted, important, talented, kind, gentle, courageous, eager, cuddly - all of that and you are only 6 months old!

Baby girl, please keep growing and unravelling like a beautiful flower. I love everyday with you because I get to learn a little bit more about who you were already created to be. And when you are 15 or 20 I hope that you are still unravelling; the beautiful petals peeling back layer by layer as my wonderful daughter learns who she IS.

Happy half a year! We love you just the way you are xxx

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A New Appreciation of Mornings

50 little birds tweeting and pecking, making my morning bright.

I'm starting to appreciate mornings. The happy smiles, peaceful air, the whir of a washing machine, a cupboard full of clean dishes, sunshine streaming into every room of our house, a hot shower and a clean face and the possibilities of a whole day ahead.

Full disclosure: I'm on FB today to organise a collection point and volunteers for the Plunket Annual Appeal next week :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Zariahs Response

I consider it a huge honour to know you. You who are kind, outward focussed, generous, willing; You warm my heart in ways nothing else can with your call to action.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for responding to Zariahs Journey.

Zariah is 3 years old and is being treated in Christchurch for lukemia. Her pregnant Mum and Dad are down here with here with her. I'm sure at this very moment there are dozens of stories so similar to their family's but at this moment it is Zariah who has been brought to my attention and I called a pon you, The Sisterhood. And boy did you respond. 

Gifts have been sent and donated to Zariah and her parents, I'm waiting for a few more in the post this week and then I will be going to visit the family on your behalf. I know of a few women in Christchurch who heard Zariahs story and took it a pon themselves to visit bearing gifts already. You are wonderful.

If you would like to respond you still can, there is still time. See this post for some ideas or come up with something you would like to donated yourself :)

I never wanted The Sisterhood to be about praise. I thought to give praise to that would be silly because we would just be doing what we are called to do (if we are able). However, through the last 2 women we have blessed and now this little girl and her parents I really really feel that you go above and beyond 'the call' and for that I am honoured to know you. You know, when I post these things here on my blog I am always so surprised at every comment. "People read my words!?" I think. It is a real blessing to me to know that someone might be interested in what I have to say. So imagine my surprise and overwhelming joy when I actually get emails in my inbox from people all over the country telling me they want to help some one they have never met before. Oh. My. Goodness. So for that I praise you. Thank you for hearing the call and responding.

If you aren't able to respond at this point in time I hope that one day that might change and you too will experience the joy of giving. It really is such a joy. In the mean time you can head over to the original post and leave a comment for the family if you like. Hazel is showing the encouraging comments to the parents :) And I thank you, even for just reading this post and getting this far without getting annoyed at me for asking for something!

This certainly isn't for everyone, but if it is and you are able I do hope you'll read Zariahs Journey and read how you might be able to respond.

Bless you. Bless you.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Facebooking with Wooden Spoons

My Mother called me this morning "Wheres your electric beater?! Do you not have one?"

"Huh? It's broken. Why?"

It seems that even though I'm not on ol' Facey people still talk about me on there.

Last night the husband uploaded a video of me creaming butter and sugar while Milla looked on and tried to stick her hand in the mixture. I was using a wooden spoon and I didn't realise he had uploaded it. Hence the phone call. Mum will call me about almost anything that I put on the interwebs (hi Mum!).

Immediately I jumped on Facey to have a look. Whhaaat? Day Two: fail. Urg.

You might be pleased to know that I restricted myself; I didn't check any of the 11 notifications I had staring me down; I just wanted to see the video and see what part of our home life had been shared with the outside world. The video wouldn't load anyway. Double fail. Waste of time.

Lesson One: Facey is its own little world. Even if I'm not on it, it still exists and operates and I can chose to participate or not. I felt a little bit panicked when I found out that people were watching a video of me I didn't know existed and were commenting and liking and -I- wasn't reading the posts. (How many people liked it!? What were they saying? Did they think it was cute? Did they mock me for using a wooden spoon??)

The husband is a big social media user, when we were talking about my fast last night he didn't reallllly seem to understand it, asking why I couldn't just cut down my time and what was going off it going to achieve when I would just go straight back on when the week was over?

Well. Hopefully after a week my habit and need to check it every half hour might be broken. Maybe I wont feel the need to do that next week? Maybe with going cold turkey this week I'll get a gazillion things done and I'll think "I never want to waste time again". Maybe I'll realise how much I don't need it in my life. Maybe I'll make more of an effort seeing friends in RL because I wont know what they had for dinner last night.

Yesterday went wonderfully. In lou of Facey I cleaned mould (woohoo), blogged, read my book and played with Milla, saw a real life friend and went on two big walks and baked (with a wooden spoon). It was a great day! Today is shaping up to be just as good even though I slipped up a little bit this morning.

Walked into the lounge yesterday and "caught" Milla sitting up all by herself! BIG girl! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Week Facebook Free

Last week I had 2 separate days fasting from Facebook. I say fasting because it was like a fast, it was difficult and I was hungry for that connection. Honestly, that scares me. I like to be constantly reviewing my life and I have come to the conclusion that Facebook has too great a hold over me and I don't like that. Maybe its the human or the woman in me that loves to read about other peoples lives but really when it comes down to it I'm not reading anything interesting and my life is not being enriched. If anything my life is being taken from. 

You know, its not like I spend 8 hours on it at a time, but my laptop is mostly always open and I always feel the need to refresh my homepage. Seconds turn into minutes and minutes add up to hours. I'm sick of hearing about others complaining (well aware I'm doing that now) or hearing about such mundane details I really dont care about. I'm sick of reading swear words, hateful words and words that insult my faith. 

Surely there is something better for my life?

So for the next week I am going to go Facebook free and I sincerely hope that I can complete the week and get out the other side. To distract myself I have made a list of things that have been on my to do list for yonks. When I feel bored or unsure of what to do once Milla is tended to and the house work is done I will revert to this list.
  • Complete 2 more scrapbook pages for Millas first year album
  • Complete 2 more granny stripe colours for my Granny Blanket
  • Sew something. Anything! (Did I mention my sewing machine is fixed?)
  • Rearrange our lounge with our dining table (it's coming out of storage tonight!)
  • Bake something. Anything! I miss delicious baking treats.
  • Write posts and read blogs in one sitting rather than throughout the day
  • Continue to read my book, The Help
  • Re organise Millas draws and figure out what clothes she needs for the size she is growing into (0)
Honeslty, as a mother with a young baby that is PLENTY to do amongst everything else. I will be surprised if I get all of this done but at least its a reference point.

I will continue to be blogging and reading your posts as well as Tweeting on my Twitter account.

To avoid Facebook I will for the most part keep my laptop on our dining table so as to avoid the temptation of sitting on the couch with it and killing time. I will also disable all notifications and emails and will be sharing this blog post on my wall so that my friends know they cannot contact me via the ol' Book.  When I get back on I'll be doing a serious cull of friends (currently have 710 - most from the days of Youth Pastoring)

Wish me luck! Is anyone else brave enough to join me?


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Happy" Anniversary

"Dear Christchurch, I hope you are okay after the big disaster - from Queenstown Primary" Water bottle donated from Queenstown and picked up at the RedCross.

I have written and re-written this post too many times, unable to express my deeply buried feelings for the public to see.

The truth is my thoughts are a mess. Some days I am over come by hope; I'm so proud of our strong Cantabrians, other days I wallow and fret wondering why we didn't move out of here a year ago.

I guess thats grief and life. Our "new normal".

Following the quakes I wrote about my experiences in this post. You can read it if you like, but today I do not wish to dwell on that day. I wish to look at now and the future.

Thankfully we have a rented home to live in. We severely doubted our ability to find a rental following the quake. It is strong and sound and is resilient against the on going after shocks. I feel safe here, but it is a big concrete building and I have flashes of doubt in my mind of being trapped under a pancake stack of concrete slabs. But for the most part, we are safe.

Graeme still has his job. Amazing. People actually sound surprised when they hear that since he works in a factory in an industrial area just outside of the CBD. Actually, his company is doing very very well. We are so thankful for this.

Whenever one of us leaves the room we appoint "Quake Duty". If there is a shake you are the first to get to Milla and do whatever you have to to protect her. Too many babies died That Day.

I am so thankful for Milla. I was feeding her breakfast while listening to the Prime Ministers address to the nation this morning. One year ago I feared for her life, thinking we might not make it through. And there she was, sitting in front of me, happy as larry eating her rice cereal while rebuilding and saddness was talked about on the television behind her.

Did I ever mention our street smells like c.r.a.p? Like actual, out of the toilet poo. I always used to ask Graeme "Did you fart?" in the car when we turned into our street. Now I know its just the way it is now.

I honestly thought I had not changed as a result of the Quakes but I know now, I have. Day to day it gets pushed aside but when I stop to think I am overwhelmed.

"When you stop you feel, when you feel its uncomfortable" - Bob Parker

Thank you for standing with us. We are broken inside but piece by piece we rebuild and become a little bit stronger with a little bit more hope for the future. 

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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Travelling Sister

Hello Fellow Sisters!

I would like to raise my glass, take my hat off and thank you for your generosity. Many of you were involved in helping out a fellow sister last month who has recently had her second child (or you wished you could have) and I know for sure you made many days for her. I saw what you sent her and let me just say, wow! There are many wonderfully generous people out there and I'm please to be able to call you a Sister. 

From last month I learnt many things. 1) Most of you want to help. 2) Some of you are able to help 3) Many of you just need to be asked / given opportunities to

So here I am, asking again.

This one is for the friend of a blogger. If you read this post (below) you can find out more information. Basically: a (pregnant) Sister is down in Christchurch with her youngest daughter receiving treatment for leukaemia (she's 3). The hubby's work is allowing him to stay in Christchurch so they are together, but due to the Earthquakes down here the ward they would normally be in is being renovated so where they are staying is below par and really not made for Kids going through such an event (or the parents) in their lives. They are relatively alone, disconnected and in a hospital that has no TV and only one toilet and shower for the whole ward.

I read this and felt the call to help. "What could we do" I hear you desperately wanting to know? ALL SORTS! But mostly, whatever you can offer. Like last time it's less about what we have to physically offer and more about the support and heart behind it; Letting a Sister know that she is thought about, prayed for and loved. Physical gifts just help to express that.

Here's what I'm thinking so far: 
Gifts for the 3 year old - books, toys, activities, bubbles, some new clothes, pretty hats and scarves, colouring in, activites.
Gifts for the Mum: Magazines, chocolates, special latte type sachets, home cooked meals, home baking, new slippers, socks, dressing gown etc.
For Mum and Dad: A restaurant voucher for them to enjoy a night out (perhaps you might want to donate a money amount towards this which I could buy on our behalf?)

Let me know if you have any other ideas.

Please get back to me (via email) if you are one of the following...
1) Would love to help out and contribute
2) Would love to contribute but can't this time around (I can let you know of future blessing missions if you'd like?)
3) Have any better ideas

I can't wait to hear back from you. To continue the discussion please email me,

All my love, 

(p.s, this ones not a blogger so I'm not being as secretive about it on my blog as I was previously)
(p.p.s a few have already responded so positively to this: THANK YOU!!)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Every Sunday

I took these photos last Sunday during a sermon. Milla munching, trying to keep her entertained with a fuel card. 

Camilla will grow up in Church. We hope not to shove Christianity down her throat but through action and word we hope to raise her with Christian values and lead her to the cross where she can build her own relationship with God. When she looks back on her childhood I hope that she can see that.  

It's morbid I know but we still haven't decided what will happen to Milla if we were to pass away. I suppose the rational answer is that our families would take over her care. However, both of our families don't share the same values that we do. I know that each of them would do the best job they could. Maybe they would take her to Sunday school every now and again. But who would pray with her? Who would teach her to forgive like Jesus forgives us? Who would parent her in a way that shows the same Grace and Love that God has for us?

Jury is still out on that one. 

Top Right: Millas Friend came to our church for the first time! They were very happy to sit next to each other! :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Digger

Milla is a little bit clingy. Okay. She's a lot clingy. 

She loves her Mama and her Dada and when they are out of sight or she is pulled suddenly from our arms the bottom lip drops instantly and cannot be consoled without her Mama.

Its kind of funny because I remember my sister and brother calling me "The Digger" when I was 7 because if I didn't get my own way I would drop my bottom lip. Much like a digger.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Millas Scrapbook

I have found a few spare minutes and some creative loose ends and started my scrapbooking mission!

I'm no scrapbooker, and personally I'm not a huge fan of all the fancy things you find in the stationary shops so I was a little bit stumped as to how I was going to achieve what I wanted to.

So, I just started. My aim is for this scrapbook to cover the first year of Millas life with her scans, birthday and monthly updates from my blog. I'm not really doing any embellishments but I am doing little illustrations on each page. My favourite so far is the cover page (left), and I have almost finished Months 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 :)

Are you a scrapbooker? Do you have any tips for me?

This is what's going on in my creative space.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm A Believer - A Valentines Special

image from my husbands Instagram account. Surprise hearts in his lunch!

A wee while ago I wasn't a believer. As the doors opened for another day on the job I stood at the top of the escalator seething as I watched what seemed like 50 delivery men take the ride up turning their heads from side to side looking for the direction that they are headed. Lingerie? Fashion Accessories? Shoes? Teen Fashion? Where was the recipient located?

50 men delivered colourful bouquets of blooms to expectant sales assistants. I wasn't a believer and a part of me was devastated.

I hated it; Chocolates, the hearts and the six dollar cards all seemed so pretentious. Yet a part of me stood waiting, hoping for a bouquet to be placed in my eager hands. I craved some sort of outward symbol for people to know that I was loved. I wanted to know that I was loved. Pretentious, I know.

Fast forward, I now love modern Valentines Day. Actually, I love most holidays; I'm always looking for a reason to celebrate something. Husband and I don't do big presents - financially we don't have the money for them and emotionally we don't need them to prove our love to one an other (although they are lovely and do excellent things to boost ones self!). I don't need a huge bouquet of flowers, I never expect one and I dont want a six-dollar-card! I just want recognition. That's all. Perhaps some kind words? Perhaps an extra hug? Maybe a hand written note? Just a symbol to say "I love you and I have never stopped loving you" (maybe some lolly hearts in a lunch)

And hey, If we need a particular day of the year to remind ourselves to do that then thats fine with me. I would hope that our relationships continue on like this every single day but sometimes we just need a reminder and a spark to express how we feel about each other amongst our mundane everyday lives.

Happy Valentines Day my lovelies. I hope its filled with acknowledgement and recognition for the beauty you add to someone elses life :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Happy Birthday

After the midwives and friends had left: Just me, baby and husband in our dimly lit bedroom right where I had given birth only a few hours earlier. Bliss.

A dear friend** of mine, Dee, is celebrating a birthday soon. A real life, as it happens, birthday. You know the kind, when a baby is born.

Dee is a total warrior. Since reading her blog she has inspired me in so many ways, and just talking with my husband now (whose all for it), she has recently inspired me with her views on birth; A celebration, an occasion, a joy.  What a revolutionary idea!

For my future births, husband, kids and I are going to be celebrating a happy-birth-day. A new way of looking at it. A new way of going into labour. A celebration.

Heck, its just blowing my mind thinking about all that implicates.

* I never shown images before of me breastfeeding. The sagas this week have made me extremely proud to be a breastfeeding woman. I think no matter how long you have breastfed for - one day or 10 years - you should be proud too. I also think that people can't learn to breastfeed if they don't have any information, stories or support so I should not shy away from sharing about our breastfeeding journey.

**I say "friend", more like "I read every word she writes in her blog and on twitter but she doesn't really know me at all. Creepy much?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

You'll get square eyes!!

Photo credit to my Mama

A long while ago I was given the advice "start how you intend to continue", it has travelled with me and been spoken into my life by many wise people. I apply this to a lot of things - my faith, my marriage, my parenting, my friendships. Some times I don't end up continuing how I started things but I have learnt that it is far easier to stay in good practices rather than try and make up for lost time and bad practices.

What do I want? I want a family who is committed to quality time, who will talk and socialise, who will ask each other how their days were and will have things to share from their own. I would like a family who at the end of the day will feel as if they lived. They got out, learnt, adventured. I would like a family who can go away at the weekends, fill their afternoons. A family who can get off their bums.

Recently, I have been considering this mantra to my internet and television life.

Milla is aware. Very very aware. She notices, she looks, she listens, she learns. As a result in the last month I have seriously limited my internet usage and tv usage.

I'm not a huge TV watcher but I have it on during the day for company. I noticed that Milla will stop what she is doing and watch TV (even when I'm not). Infomercials, the news, the latest happenings in summer bay, what ever. If its moving, it has her attention. To be honest, that scared the crap out of me. I dont want a toddler hooked to the TV. I don't want a 10 year old who needs to play the playstation. I dont want a 15 year old who wont leave their room and is glued to the TV.

So, what did I do? I started how I intend to continue. I turned the TV off and I shut the laptop. I don't want her growing up thinking she needs to compete with an apple symbol for my attention. 

I still have Breakfast on in the mornings, and I occasionally keep Master Chef on (although it's finishing tomorrow). Instead during the day I have been playing music from a hiding laptop (really need to invest in a radio for our lounge) and I have been making a conscious effort to participate in her play times. I check my emails and blog while she is asleep. If the day is dragging we get out of the house, we visit friends, do some shopping, drink some coffee or just get out and get some fresh air.

We aren't perfect. The TV often gets turned back on for the news, or to occupy me while I'm cooking dinner. I don't feel as if I'm going overboard with this. I think everything in moderation is a good thing.

At night our lives are a bit different. When the husband comes home often all we have to do is watch a TV programme. We get whole seasons of a show we like and we go through them at our leisure rather than watching things we're not really interested in. Some times its hard to get out and continue to do the things you used to do. With a new baby, the wonders of TV really are wonderful. It would be nice to think of something new we could do together in our own home. Play a game? Do a puzzle? Who knows.

I'm finding it interesting to grow as a parent as Milla grows. Seasons change, and so do we. This new aware thing is a new season, and soon something else will need to be adjusted, and then something else. It's all learning and its all growing.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In The Spotlight

Every now and again my roving spotlight will come to land on a particularly clever blog. Or perhaps witty, honest, colourful. This new to me blog will become my must read, any new posts are quickly clicked upon and enjoyed as I am so eager to find out what new words they have to share.

Today, my 2 new must reads are in my own back yard of Christchurch, New Zealand. They happen to be dear friends, and they happen to both have taken up blogging recently all upon their own accord.

Let me introduce them to you...

HollyMayB has been in my life for a little over 4 years. She is a strong woman full of wisdom and insight that I don't possess. We go to the same church together, have coffee during the week, and have littlies roughly the same age. She is ridiculously talented when it comes to the crochet hook or the sewing machine. Seriously. She makes everything look so effortless and professional. I am thoroughly jealous of her in that department! (!!!!) Holly's blog is full of everything wonderful. Her sewing, crochet, son, marriage, environment. Everything is shared with honesty and a dose of humor and I love to open up her blog and be inspired and learn. (Also, whenever I post something new in my blog and there is a typo or spelling mistake I will hear about it from Holly ;) )

My favourite post of Holly's: Mama Love. The hilarious morning of a happy chucker.

Amy the Crafty Fox is such a good friend. She's the kind of person who will think of you when you're off in another world doing your own thing. She will buy you gifts, send you lovely text messages, and just make you feel like a thoroughly crap friend in general because she's so onto it and awesome (and I'm not). Amy was at the birth of my daughter (although she just missed the actual birth) and was a total star applying hot towels, making toast, filling the birth pool and all the other things that she did that went unseen. She also took a fair bit of verbal flack from me and laughed about it the next day :) Amy is a Project Queen. Seriously. Every time she pops up in my blog dashboard I'm excited to see what she's created now. Her and her husband are a great working team, they produce things of the highest creative and professional level around. I adore those two, and I am thrilled that she has started a new blog to share with the world.

My favourite post of Amy's: Re Upholstering. Did you know I was talking to someone about reupholstering my couches and they linked me to AMYS blog because of this amazing tutorial!??! I laughed and laughed and laughed (because it was so awesome) because someone was referring Me to Amy's blog! So cool!!

So please, go over and check out 2 of my dearest real life and blog friends that I have to offer :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Granny Stripe!

A very long time ago I introduced you to my new snuggly friend, Ripple, she was a labour of love and when finally completed I immediately embarked on finding a new friend for her. Meet, Granny.

Granny is being hooked using acrylic yarn on a 3.5 hook using a tutorial by Lucy from the Attic. She is soft and colourful and oh so BIG! She might just fit on our double bed once I'm through with her! She is full of greens and purples with a bright mustard and pink to break it all up. Love. 

You wont see a Revelio any time soon, she is only half finished, I need to go back and repurchase more yarn (hoping like crazy they still have these colours (I have all the codes recorded)) but in the mean time, I wanted you to become acquainted. She has already brought me so much joy.

What that? Oh, you like my new red bag? Oh, well thank you! :)

While pregnant I did lots of online opinion surveys, because you have time for such things, and now I have reaped the benefits. I bought this bag and a cute dress for MiniMoo with all my hard opiniony work! :) Husband is thrilled that I have a place for my yarn (which is permanently in any room I am) instead of carting around a ripped brown paper bag. 

Linking up to Creative Spaces. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pinned Print

I finally did it! I pinned in real life! Whoa!

I found this on pinterest and turned it into our own!

At the weekend I found myself with time to spare after just admiring my friends amazing blog where she is on a roll at creating anything and everything and I thought "I wish I had the time..." and then I thought "hang on, I do!" but then I thought "Milla will wake up soon" and then I thought "I may as well get started while she's asleep". A few hours later... ta da! (slowly but surely getting better at my new years goals!)

I was so excited we walked briskly down to the warehouse the next morning to print it off and buy a frame to fit! :)

Thank you to Dee for the encouragement to do something with my hands, and to Amy for your blog :)

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