Friday, February 24, 2012

Facebooking with Wooden Spoons

My Mother called me this morning "Wheres your electric beater?! Do you not have one?"

"Huh? It's broken. Why?"

It seems that even though I'm not on ol' Facey people still talk about me on there.

Last night the husband uploaded a video of me creaming butter and sugar while Milla looked on and tried to stick her hand in the mixture. I was using a wooden spoon and I didn't realise he had uploaded it. Hence the phone call. Mum will call me about almost anything that I put on the interwebs (hi Mum!).

Immediately I jumped on Facey to have a look. Whhaaat? Day Two: fail. Urg.

You might be pleased to know that I restricted myself; I didn't check any of the 11 notifications I had staring me down; I just wanted to see the video and see what part of our home life had been shared with the outside world. The video wouldn't load anyway. Double fail. Waste of time.

Lesson One: Facey is its own little world. Even if I'm not on it, it still exists and operates and I can chose to participate or not. I felt a little bit panicked when I found out that people were watching a video of me I didn't know existed and were commenting and liking and -I- wasn't reading the posts. (How many people liked it!? What were they saying? Did they think it was cute? Did they mock me for using a wooden spoon??)

The husband is a big social media user, when we were talking about my fast last night he didn't reallllly seem to understand it, asking why I couldn't just cut down my time and what was going off it going to achieve when I would just go straight back on when the week was over?

Well. Hopefully after a week my habit and need to check it every half hour might be broken. Maybe I wont feel the need to do that next week? Maybe with going cold turkey this week I'll get a gazillion things done and I'll think "I never want to waste time again". Maybe I'll realise how much I don't need it in my life. Maybe I'll make more of an effort seeing friends in RL because I wont know what they had for dinner last night.

Yesterday went wonderfully. In lou of Facey I cleaned mould (woohoo), blogged, read my book and played with Milla, saw a real life friend and went on two big walks and baked (with a wooden spoon). It was a great day! Today is shaping up to be just as good even though I slipped up a little bit this morning.

Walked into the lounge yesterday and "caught" Milla sitting up all by herself! BIG girl! 


  1. I can totally relate to this! I made a conscious effort in December to spend less time online, esp on FB, and it was awesome. Odd at first, but really worth it.
    It's almost as if as soon as you become a SAHM, it becomes a seemingly vital link to the outside world; when your day revolves around changing nappies and feedings and soothings and housework, you want to know that someone, somewhere, is doing something a thousand times more exciting than you.
    Even if you don't make it the full week without checking it at all, limiting it is still a good effort!

  2. Your daughter is so cute, lovely photos. I wish that I could keep off Facebook for just one or two days. I'm a bit of a homebody and a loner and so it's the way I keep up with my family who are living interstate. Also with studying online some of the groups have group pages on there and that's how we keep contact, it's simpler than doing it through the Uni discussion board. Too many messages to go through. I would like to give it a go and see how I went though. I think it's admirable if you can do it.


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