Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Happy Birthday

After the midwives and friends had left: Just me, baby and husband in our dimly lit bedroom right where I had given birth only a few hours earlier. Bliss.

A dear friend** of mine, Dee, is celebrating a birthday soon. A real life, as it happens, birthday. You know the kind, when a baby is born.

Dee is a total warrior. Since reading her blog she has inspired me in so many ways, and just talking with my husband now (whose all for it), she has recently inspired me with her views on birth; A celebration, an occasion, a joy.  What a revolutionary idea!

For my future births, husband, kids and I are going to be celebrating a happy-birth-day. A new way of looking at it. A new way of going into labour. A celebration.

Heck, its just blowing my mind thinking about all that implicates.

* I never shown images before of me breastfeeding. The sagas this week have made me extremely proud to be a breastfeeding woman. I think no matter how long you have breastfed for - one day or 10 years - you should be proud too. I also think that people can't learn to breastfeed if they don't have any information, stories or support so I should not shy away from sharing about our breastfeeding journey.

**I say "friend", more like "I read every word she writes in her blog and on twitter but she doesn't really know me at all. Creepy much?


  1. This photo of you breastfeeding is in no way offensive. I found that photo during the week very offensive and in my mind it did not do anything to aid their cause. I don't have a problem with women breastfeeding in public or even seeing pictures of women breastfeeding. Your blog is nice, loved reading it and breastfeeding is absolutely something to be proud of.

    1. Thanks Lotti :) Here In NZ we have also had other breast vs bottle debates in the news every night which I dont intend to delve into as well as that FB photo. There's been a lot of breast being talked about over here lately! :)

  2. I think you have every right to breastfeed, but what a wonderful occasion when a baby is born.


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