Monday, February 20, 2012

A Travelling Sister

Hello Fellow Sisters!

I would like to raise my glass, take my hat off and thank you for your generosity. Many of you were involved in helping out a fellow sister last month who has recently had her second child (or you wished you could have) and I know for sure you made many days for her. I saw what you sent her and let me just say, wow! There are many wonderfully generous people out there and I'm please to be able to call you a Sister. 

From last month I learnt many things. 1) Most of you want to help. 2) Some of you are able to help 3) Many of you just need to be asked / given opportunities to

So here I am, asking again.

This one is for the friend of a blogger. If you read this post (below) you can find out more information. Basically: a (pregnant) Sister is down in Christchurch with her youngest daughter receiving treatment for leukaemia (she's 3). The hubby's work is allowing him to stay in Christchurch so they are together, but due to the Earthquakes down here the ward they would normally be in is being renovated so where they are staying is below par and really not made for Kids going through such an event (or the parents) in their lives. They are relatively alone, disconnected and in a hospital that has no TV and only one toilet and shower for the whole ward.

I read this and felt the call to help. "What could we do" I hear you desperately wanting to know? ALL SORTS! But mostly, whatever you can offer. Like last time it's less about what we have to physically offer and more about the support and heart behind it; Letting a Sister know that she is thought about, prayed for and loved. Physical gifts just help to express that.

Here's what I'm thinking so far: 
Gifts for the 3 year old - books, toys, activities, bubbles, some new clothes, pretty hats and scarves, colouring in, activites.
Gifts for the Mum: Magazines, chocolates, special latte type sachets, home cooked meals, home baking, new slippers, socks, dressing gown etc.
For Mum and Dad: A restaurant voucher for them to enjoy a night out (perhaps you might want to donate a money amount towards this which I could buy on our behalf?)

Let me know if you have any other ideas.

Please get back to me (via email) if you are one of the following...
1) Would love to help out and contribute
2) Would love to contribute but can't this time around (I can let you know of future blessing missions if you'd like?)
3) Have any better ideas

I can't wait to hear back from you. To continue the discussion please email me,

All my love, 

(p.s, this ones not a blogger so I'm not being as secretive about it on my blog as I was previously)
(p.p.s a few have already responded so positively to this: THANK YOU!!)

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