Sunday, February 19, 2012

Every Sunday

I took these photos last Sunday during a sermon. Milla munching, trying to keep her entertained with a fuel card. 

Camilla will grow up in Church. We hope not to shove Christianity down her throat but through action and word we hope to raise her with Christian values and lead her to the cross where she can build her own relationship with God. When she looks back on her childhood I hope that she can see that.  

It's morbid I know but we still haven't decided what will happen to Milla if we were to pass away. I suppose the rational answer is that our families would take over her care. However, both of our families don't share the same values that we do. I know that each of them would do the best job they could. Maybe they would take her to Sunday school every now and again. But who would pray with her? Who would teach her to forgive like Jesus forgives us? Who would parent her in a way that shows the same Grace and Love that God has for us?

Jury is still out on that one. 

Top Right: Millas Friend came to our church for the first time! They were very happy to sit next to each other! :)

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