Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dear Baby, 6 Month Update

Millas dress from Aunty Amy in London

Half of a year. 

This month Milla learnt to crawl (caterpillar), she's very efficient at in now and I really hope she learns to crawl properly and doesn't just make do (there will be a video later in the week). She's so speedy and sometimes manages to sneak away and get into something before we notice. We've had to begin to be house aware and remove any dangers from her exploring grasp. She loves to get into our shoe pile and pull them all out and she often pushes herself over to our sliding door and will just stare at our little lawn and fence. Its thrilling, really. We are learning to say no and to teach. And to be honest I'm so crazy proud of my little caterpillar.

At 5.3 weeks I walked into the lounge from going to the bathroom and I caught Milla sitting in the middle of the lounge floor with a toy. Sitting. All by herself. She had maintained a sitting position for a short while but often fell over. I didn't push it and didn't try and prop her up, all in good time I thought. Well, turns out she just figured it all out on her own, including how to get into a sitting position. One week later she is a pro. I've been spending a lot of time on the floor these last few weeks and the carpet has never been vacuumed this much!

Milla loves to sit in her high chair, especially when her Daddy is hiding underneath the tray and pops up to surprise her! Her little eyes scrunch up, she takes a deep breath and then cracks up laughing! Oh my! SO sweet! 

Still completely attached to her Mama, I can't escape her sight with out tears but this month she seemed to quite like being held by her Granddad Harry and her Aunty Izy. Progress! 

She's quite a quiet girl, doesn't often babble or talk back but when she does get going you cant stop her. Sometimes this worries me, I worry that I'm not talking enough to her or not exposing her enough to others but then I remember that I am and I do. I'm doing the best I can and if Milla wants to be quiet and watch then that's what she can do. 

These photos were taken today, her first leap day on a blanket her Nana knitted her - yes, another one. You can see her rash under her neck that she has had for a while. For the life of me I can't get rid of it. Any suggestions? Her eyes are so big and beautiful, they make me melt. I'm sure she's going to melt a few boys hearts in her future too (*sigh*). Her hair is growing like wildfire! At least a centimetre long now and is a very soft and fluffy light blonde.

Dear Camilla, 

Your Father and I are so proud of you, you have captured our hearts and made us better people. Thank you for existing.

I want to stop and take a moment to tell you how special you are. Unfortunately, you are growing up in a society that values money and looks over too many other important qualities. If I haven't already taught you it enough I want to tell you again: Be who you are, not who someone else thinks you should be. There is so much worry in trying to meet others expectations. It's wasted worry because you are who you are. I am learning to put expectations aside and just be. 

When you find others putting worldly expectations on your life; who you should be, look like, act like, know you weren't raised that way. Girls might tell you you need to be skinner, Companies might tell you you need to be prettier, boys might tell you you need to be loser, school might tell you you need to be a doctor or an astronaut or a janitor. Friends might tell you you need to date that boy to be cool, or to buy that magazine to look good. Do not conform to the worlds standards.

If you will listen to anyone Camilla, please listen to your Mama and Dad because we don't say any of those things. In fact, we only say one thing: Please, be who you are.

Be who you are Camilla! Our God created you so perfectly - he formed you before we even knew of you. You were in Gods plan from the very beginning and he had a lot of time to think about you. Trust yourself and listen to who you are on the inside because that small little voice, that is the voice of God telling you how beautiful you are.

Individuality is a gift and it should be explored. You were raised to explore and to find who you really are and you are special, wonderful, thought about, healthy, beautiful, smart, gifted, important, talented, kind, gentle, courageous, eager, cuddly - all of that and you are only 6 months old!

Baby girl, please keep growing and unravelling like a beautiful flower. I love everyday with you because I get to learn a little bit more about who you were already created to be. And when you are 15 or 20 I hope that you are still unravelling; the beautiful petals peeling back layer by layer as my wonderful daughter learns who she IS.

Happy half a year! We love you just the way you are xxx

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  1. LOVE those pics of her with the toy! You are doing so good Soph!

  2. such great pics! you should frame that bottom composite up


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