Thursday, March 1, 2012

[wednesday] A Day In My Life

[0730] Milla wakes up and joins me in bed for a lazy morning feed. She's starting to crawl so we can't stay in there too long. Up we get!

[0815] Breakfast time! Rice cereal, nom nom

[0830] Serious emergency bath (in the sink) and change of clothes. There was an explosive whoopsie!

[0930] All rugged up for a ride in the buggy on a cold Christchurch day. Complete with rose bud hat and Nanas warm blanket! Camilla and I don't have access to a car during the day so where ever we go it needs be be in walking distance (and we've walked some looong distances together), or a very super duper kind friend will pick us up. Today, we walk.
Personalised shoes sent for Christmas from Aunty Amy in London. 

[1000] Milla falls asleep on route to get photos printed at the local mall. Gifts for babys at our fortnightly Plunket catch up. Super happy with the way the design printed out. Far out she's cute!

We live in a low income povo area. I hate to admit it put I hate walking our streets. Mostly I feel unsafe and suspect of anyone and everyone. Dogs are scary and are often on the lose and I -always- see police cars attending to their business. I will be happy when we can move up in the world and move somewhere a little more family friendly.

[1100] I make it to my friends house for our fortnightly plunket catch up and Milla is happy to see her little friends; Liv, Jake and Kenzie. Now that Milla can move around she's becoming a little bully - stealing kids toys. Kenzies sitting up so at least Milla still has something to learn ;)

[1300] We head home. Total kms walked: 6.4

Some days I wish I had the option of driving somewhere, but other days I love to get out with the buggy.

On the way home I stop to buy some savouries and a treat. Huungry.

[1315] Home. Milla crashes in bed. Fast asleep without a sound. Yes she is sleeping on her tummy and no its not recommended you let your baby do that. However, when you have a rolling moving around baby its pretty hard to prevent. 

While she naps I enjoy my food and clean since we were out all morning. The fun stuff - dishes, laundry, floors, oh and a shower too. Missed that this morning since I had to bath the little one!

[1500] Milla wakes up and enjoys some time practicing her new caterpillar moves. She's quite the moving talent!

[1600] Husband gets home from work and we head around to his parents home where his sister and her partner are staying! They live in Australia and it was especially nice to have them visit for the week. We saw them most days and LOVE spending time with them! 

Milla was particularly taken to them too :)

We had a delicious roast, swapped February Christmas presents (Graeme got a helicopter and I got a scrapbooking set) and played a few rounds of back yard cricket. 

Milla happened to notice her Dad hitting a tennis ball with a plank of wood and thought it was hilarious. She cracked up laughing. You must understand that Camilla barely says boo. Its quite a workout to get any noise out of her but she thought cricket was hillaaarious (and since has found basketball equally as funny. Sportswoman?)

[2000] Indoor cricket. Graeme had real deal [indoor] cricket that night so off we went with the sister and bf. They ended up playing for the opposing team as they were short players. Our guys kicked their bums.

[0000] Around midnight our beds called our names and we retired home. Graeme was able to play with his new helicopter while I dressed Camilla for bed. She was quite dazzled by all of the lights.

In my books a day well done. A little part of me is nervous for posting this - fearful of the "is that all you do?" comments from my aquaintences who dont have kids and have no idea how much of a day is gobbled up with breastfeeding and food prep and walking and changing and bathing and and and! As you can tell a large percentage of my day revolves around my Baby, cleaning and my husband. That's fairly typical.

At the start of this day the only thing I knew I had on was the plunket catch up, there fore I would consider this a "pretty usual" day - not that we keep Milla up till midnight every night, but I certainly didn't pick this day to take photos because anything out of the ordinary was happening. It just so happened we had a busy and fufilling day to show you :)

[The End!]



  1. How cool :) Her laugh is so cute, then G's laugh on top of it made me laugh even more.

    Levi prefers his tum too, he wriggles and wriggles and wriggles until he's on his tummy and he's fine.

    What a nice day.

  2. That is a totally productive day! If I'm at home all day I usually get 1 or two chores done and hardly manage to feed myself lol AND I don't have a little one. I say it again - I totally respect you Soph!

  3. Hi Sophie, sounds like you had a perfect day.

    I came over from Cyndi's blog - what a nice friend you are! I thought I had to come and check you out :-)

    Your girl is beautiful!

    Have yourself a lovely weekend.



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