Saturday, March 31, 2012

2 Admissions Later

I went into hospital yesterday for my minor procedure - just getting a piece of me cut off that had ripped during millas birth and was never stitched or healed properly. They put me first on the list because I played the breastfeeding card, I was appreciative. I only had local anasthetic so I was awake during the procedure.

I later told Graeme that walking into the theatre was like walking into Heaven (okay in hindsight that's not right. But thats what it felt like) As soon as I walked in everyone stopped what they were doing, turned and welcomed me with open arms. Litterally, "Sophie! Welcome! Come in! Are you warm?! Come over here! Its so lovely to see you!" Ah, I felt so special.

A lovely older nurse called Betty (aren't the best older ladies called Betty!?) held my hand and talked to me the whole way through. She had smilie stickers on her name badge. Aren't the best people-people those who have stickers on their badges?! During the procedure I thanked her so much for being there. She told me she had been a nurse forever. I said that I bet she had seen a thing or two. She revealed that she had been thinking of writing her experiences down. I said that if she ever did I would love to read her account. Thank you Betty :)

I'm a bit of a tank, took about 8 goes for the local to work. They kept cutting in and I could feel it :s Same with the stitches. Yeouch!

I went into Step Down, waited a little bit, had a bite to eat and then we left together. I felt good! I was exceptionally bubbly despite being a little numb down there.

We decided to go to Addington Co-Op - a great fair trade cafe in Christchurch that donates all of their profits to the communities that supply all of their coffee in the first place (isn't that freakin' awesome!??) and have some breakfast. It was still early in the morning and the whole process happened much faster than we had expected.

When we pulled up I noticed my leggings were soaked in blood. Oh oh. I got out the truck and gush. Blood. Everywhere. I dashed into the cafe, desperate to get to a toilet. It was aweful.

We made it back to the hospital where they quickly readmitted me and helped me clean up. Graeme dashed home to get me clean clothes. I had to sit on a big pad so they could measure how much blood was coming out. I could hear them on the phone "You have to come now, she's loosing too much"

Graeme was there. I felt dizzy and faint. I passed out, and then Betty was back in my face "Betty!" I was happy. She's nice. Graeme kissed me goodbye (Betty told him he could) and I was in a room signing consent forms and being asked if I could put my bottom teeth infront of my top teeth. I was told to open my eyes, Betty was next to me hand in hand again, and then I woke up.

A doctor was standing next to me and I found myself half way through a sentence telling him that my husband probably made that plastic wind-chime above my bed. "You know those flashing dairy signs? The ones that say open? Yeah. They actually import those" The doctor walked away. There I was, spilling my husbands biggest secrets.

The dramas were over. I was fixed up. What was so simple turned a little complicated, but doctors and surgeons are really good at their jobs. I am very very sore today so I will be resting.

Graeme spent the whole day looking after Camilla, she ended up missing out a milk feed because I was away but she coped really really well, as did Graeme. I'm so proud of them both :) Graeme is a great Daddy. Last night while he was feeding her dinner I heard him say in the kindest voice "You have to chew it nice and big baby" as if she understood. I mentioned it. "I think she can understand" he said. Urg, you are so kind!

I feel a bit silly posting this:
1) this all may be an overshare.
2) There are people going through much scarier things.
3) Its not really that huge of a deal. I posted on FB yesterday that I had been in hospital, people jump to such conclusions when you mention the H word. I am not sick! I am okay :) However, this is my blog, and this is a big deal for me this week.
4) While at the hospital I desperately wanted them to know that I had never been before. They all knew I had a baby, random nurses would pop in and tell me how cute she was, but I found people were assuming I her there. "What hospital did you give birth in?" "How long did you stay here after birth?" "Did you have any pain relief during your labour here?" . "Actually, I had a home birth" I said, swelling up with pride.

This may not actually make sense. I'm a little doped up on codine, the good stuff.

Thank you so much to those who text me saying they were praying for me. I read those just as I was rushing back to hospital. They helped :)


  1. Glad your okay 0- sounds like a dramatic day!!!

  2. Thank goodness for the Betties of the world! Hope the pain eases quickly, it must have been pretty scary having to go back in.
    (I did have a bit of a giggle at your drugged up chat with the doctor though!)

  3. That wasn't what I was expecting to hear, so glad you got back to hospital and they got things sorted for you. Must have been really scary for you both.

  4. Oh my Sophie, what a horrible drama, I hope you heal up quickly now. Love and hugs deb xxxx

  5. I totally hear you on the wanting people to know you'd never been to hospital before! I had all 3 of my babies at home but 1 month after our youngest was born, I ended up in hospital for a week with bad mastitis and a breast abscess (sorry if that's TMI!) and it was so strange! The first night I ended up crying on the nurses' shoulder because I was so out of place and on edge! Glad to hear you are doing better - hope you get to keep on resting and get back to full health asap! I will pray for you (and Graeme and Milla too). xxx


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