Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Sisterhood Vlog

Nice to meet you! Here's a [quite big] vlog for the Sisterhood to welcome you, introduce myself and to tell you about a new family. I hope you watch it. Let me know what you think!

My goodness I'm a dork who can waffle. Bear with me please.

You can find the facebook page HERE


  1. I watched to hear your kiwi accent. Mmmm now I feel like fush un chups. hehe. Sorry couldn't help myself. ;)
    You can see how passionate you are about thheis project and well done for it! I know the families you are helping must be so grateful. Good job Sophie!! xo

  2. Awesome Vlog - you come across really well.

  3. Sophie, I am the mother of the house fire we had almost three weeks ago.. To hear your blog and note about this sitaution is greatly recieved and very helpful. The many people that have donated already has been greatly recieved and much appreciated. We cannot thank those who have but even if people havent donated (not saying they have to) but just kind supporting words are also very encouraging. To correct sizing for children, my son is 3 but is a tall boy so 3-4size clothing, I have a 10 month old daughter but is on the tiny side so 6-9months (am after some warm knitted wear for my kids if anyone can help).. Mens clothing should be X and XL
    mainly pants/jeans and tops, long and short sleeved.. We feel truly blessed by those who have gotten behind us, and some of the donations have come from chirstchurch,now those folks have had it rather tough last 2 yrs with the earthquakes but they still have the heart to stop and help others in need when their livlyhoods have been turned upside down as well.. I hope one day to pay it forward and help others in need, we did not have house insurance but the generosity of the community and surrounding areas are overwhelming and every day we feel even more blessed. At the end of the day a house and items can be replaced but not your family or children. We have one very brave 3 yr old who alerted me of the danger of fire had he hidden or been in his bed for 30 secslongers we would have lost our son. I encourage other families please check your fire alarms if you dont have any get some it only took 5 10 mins for the whole house to get choked up by smoke and fire, also I pledge that you hold onto your children, hug them close as one minute they are here the next they are gone, also recommend that if you are renting or in your own home and have builders in please make sure they are truly qualified and not just drop out of high school boys (also ways keep an eye on your eletrical fuse boxes any clicking sounds (usually is a blown fuse). See anything that looks loose or going dodgy please get it checked, its not the fire itself that causes death its all the chemicals in your house from plastic which is in everything from your carpets, to white ware to your computers, light fittings even the paint its all toxic and thats the killer.. I also suggest you run a fire wise program for your family, what your exscape route is, need at least 2 exits, how and where you are to meet up, (I was unable to grab anything but my 2 kids at the time of the fire (my hubby was home but was outside up the road a bit but was able to see cloud of smoke from front of the house) never have I see him be so scared in his life.. I also suggest if you have precious photos get copies of them and have them at a friend or parents house (photos you cant replace), i was unable to grab cellphones either so have a spear one in your car with contacts, luckily both my ph and hubbys ph were just smoked damage but the sims cards still work.

  4. My post above is from me.I should introduce myself My name is Sarah im 29, I ama mother of 2 kids a boy 3 a Daughter 10.8months and a baby boy due 1st wk of July.. I am also after baby boys clothing from newborn to 1 yr (had loads of clothes from my firstborn but the house is ruined so unable to reuse anything from the house which is not healthy so that will all be thrown away or put down in our rubbish hole, so have to go over the whole new baby boy wardrobe :-(.. If anyone is wiling to help with warm winter newborn clothes (knitted cardies), long/short sleeve body suits, singlets,socks,AIO's that would be great).. if not sure where to send them you can send to 15 Taylor Road, Rangitata, RD 22 Geraldine, 7992.

    1. Hi Sarah, I don't know if you will get notified of this reply or not but thank you SO much for your previous message. I've put the call out for newborn clothing and delicious new knitted goods for your little family. Hopefully I'll know what it is we're sending by next week :)



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