Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hanmer 2014

Currently:: sitting under a shady tree in the car, with freezing cold fingers. Although the sun is shining, I can see my breath rising before me.

It's not usual for our littlest to fall asleep in her capsule at 1 yr old so I wait patiently and seize the opportunity for her to sleep while the hubs is off playing mini golf.

Hanmer, tourist Mecca, we really like you. We seem to come here often with my whole side of the family. And every time we have a ball. 

Milla doesn't seem to understand the concept of towns, and keeps asking where Hanmer is. Adorbs. Let's not go home?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Katies Hungry Caterpillar Party

On Monday we had a Hungry Caterpillar party for Katie to celebrate her first year of life! If you've been around Katie at any time of the day, you might have noticed that food is constantly going in, and straight down without a pause between handfuls. 

She is our hungry caterpillar, and so this little party was rather appropriate.

We celebrated with family on the day of her birthday, and the following day had invited around a small group of our girls nearest and dearest little friends. There were 4 other Mums and 6 other little people, as well as our own two, and MrMoo took the afternoon off work for it (yay!).

It was a nice size and we all just fitted into our lounge. It was really great to have everyone there. Two of the friends even got pulled out of Kindy to attend! Lucky us! 

Katie devoured her cupcake and sent frosting flying everywhere!

All of the food was HC themed - apples, pears, salami, pizza, etc. It was easy to make a nice healthy kid friendly lunch! I printed off some of the pictures from the book and had them laminated and attached to tooth picks to stick in the food for labels. 

After eating we headed outside to find the (cardboard) fruit that had grown on our trees! After they kids had picked them and brought them to me for fruit salad I gave them some caterpillar / butterfly antenna! I think almost all of the kids loved them and kept them on most of the time! 

They looked sooo sweet with their little bug antenna on! 

Katie got to open some presents and she is quite a good un-wrapper! He surprise face is hilarious and she is really good at expressions. I love these photos of her looking at her new Maori Hungry Caterpillar book!

After receiving way too many beautiful and thoughtful gifts (!) I ran a little story time! Over the last few weeks I made up a felt board to tell the HC story on, and mustering all of my courage did an enthusiastic rendition for all of the kids and Mums! :)

To everyone:: Thank you soooo much for being part of Katies life and for celebrating with us! Your friendship and love means the world to us and we couldn't have got through this last year without you!

And a huge thank you to Georgia for taking all of these photos, and being the coolest Mum to Katies bestie! We love you!

Katies 12 Month Update
Katie and Camillas Dedication
Katies Birth Story

Katie Updatie - Month 12

Happy 12 Months Katie!

And here we are, one year on. 12 months ago you were born into the world in warm water, to a strong Mum and a supportive and loving Dad, caring friends and wise midwives.

You came up out of the water calm and sleepy, and we were all so happy to see you.

You still bring joy whenever you enter the room, but now you are much bigger, with the sweetest cheekiest smile ever. Oh that grin! 

You have become quite attached to me lately, you're not longer "everyones baby", but mine, and you forbid anyone to separate us.

You've also stopped squealing constantly, which is refreshing. You've replaced it with constant babble which is really cute. Milla is always copying you, or yelling "Stop it Katie! Be quiet!", which you think is hilarious and so the babble gets louder. It's a beautiful, loud cycle. :)

Your favourite foods right now are mandarin, pear and parsnip. If you've had enough of something you'll chuck it on the floor, same with your sippy cup after each sip. We still call you the hungry caterpillar because food just keeps going in, and we had a HC themed party to celebrate your birthday!

This month you took your first steps, we got them on camera and it was a very exciting time! You had just turned 11months old, and was going after a red ball and a hologram card in my hands! You haven't walked much since, but you can take the occasional step when you feel like it and you can now totally stand up by yourself without using anything put push yourself up with.

We dedicated you and Milla on your first birthday, our families were there and it was a beautiful occasion.

Oh Katie Potatie, pumpkin pie. I love you so much. Where did this last year go?? You're already growing into a little lady and it hurts my heart a little bit. Babies definitely don't keep. When you have your own, just forget about everything else okay? Just cuddle them. You wont regret it. 
Stay cool little babe. Kisses! 

Love, Mama xx

(You and Milla in your dedication dresses, holding hungry caterpillar felt board pieces)

Monday, June 23, 2014


On Sunday we stood together and prayed to God, a dedication prayer in which we committed our children and ourselves to God. 

We prayed for strength, grace, love, commitment and that God would be with us, always. 

Both of our families came with us, that's my Dad on stage behind us. And that's Steve and Dawn, our pastors but also the greatest of friends.

We are beyond blessed.


Camilla, for you everyday I pray for strength. Strength to stand up for who you are, what you believe in, and even more strength to stand in the gap for other people. To lift them up and be their support, to believe in others and the goodness in the world. I pray you would be a mighty warrior, fighting for the things that are important to you. And just as you are strong, I pray you will be soft. I hope your heart could accept people as they are, it would be moved to love and care for those who need it, and you could serve them.


Katie, for you every day I pray for purity of heart and mind. I know that within you there is something special. There is a sweetness and holiness about you, and I pray that for all of your days you would be friends with Jesus and you would know and trust Him. A faith like no other, one that allows you to dream dreams and see miracles. I pray you would constantly be blown away by the bigness of God and how much he loves you.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Dedication Dresses

Two little dresses have been made this week for each of the girls dedications this Sunday.

I used the Savannah Party Dress pattern from Peek-a-boo pattern shop ($10NZ). It's a great pattern!  I varied it by making my own piping and using french seams! I feel like I'm getting the hang of this sewing thing, and with each new make, can see I am slowly improving.

It's such a fun and useful hobby to have!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Camilla + Katie to be dedicated

We are dedicating Camilla and Katie to God this Sunday, also Katie's first birthday.

It's something we have wanted to do for quite some time. We are excited to stand with our family and Church family and pray together for them, and us as parents.

You are invited!

Katie Updatie - Month 11

Happy 11 months my little ray of sunshine! 

As per the photos and red cheek, you've been growing two more top teeth this month, but doing it with class. Nanny seemed a little disappointed now you no longer look like a pirate! Hehe. 

You've been free standing confidently this month, and continue to walk around furniture. 

This little red ball, and a little red cup, you love them far too much! If they are in sight, they are YOURS. No ifs or buts.

You've definitely got guts Katie, you make yourself heard and known, Camilla doesn't get away with much around you.

This month you've been doings "arms up!" and blowing kisses at bed time. It's super sweet, and I am loving watching you grow. 

Milla always suggests things we can teach you "should we teach katie to say Milla?" "Should we teach katie to do her wee's on the toilet?"

I wonder as I type this, if you're reading this at my age now (25), what would you want to know about your 11th month? Maybe you're having your own kids and want to know what life was like for you? 

Well, it's any thing but perfect, but there are spots of complete bliss and utter chaos. For the most part, you are the happiest baby I have ever know (except for this morning, but we will forget about that), you seem to love being in this world. You take joy from the smallest things, and are the cruisiest little person to have as part of our family. You always want to be with your big sis, right now she's a little to "independant", and likes her space. But you two have moments of love and sharing. When she gets frustrated you seem to take your cue and will find me. You love to play with magnets on the fridge while I cook dinner and if food is in sight or nearly ready you'll start rocking back and forward and shrieking. You LOVE food. You stuff it in as fast as you can and are still wanting more. We call you the hungry caterpillar. Katie, you are an incredible 11 month old. 

I just asked Milla (almost 3):: "Whats your favourite thing about Katie?"
Milla: "Her hair"
Me: "What do you like about her hair?"
Milla: "I like rubbing it"

Sister love <3 p="">

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Handmade Kids Clothing Swap

I've just taken part in my very first swap!

This one was a kids handmade clothing swap and after some bullying and pressure I finally signed up. Jenny did such a fab job in organising it, I actually had fun creating a little garment for another little person and sending it off! 

It was great being able to meet Stacey online too, a new "friend" and I have loved watching her life unfold on Instagram, she posts the sweetest photos of her cosy country life with her sweet kiddos that are always dressed in flowers, spots or stripes!

Stacey sent me handmade bibs and the cutest bonnet ever! I'm going to have to train / trick Katie into wearing it, because its so sweet!

For my part of the swap I went with floral winter PJs and I hope her little girls fits them!! They seemed really small, and kids always look way bigger in photos. Next time I'll ask for measurements instead of sizes, lesson learnt! 

I also scored some little labels from Pattern Postie, I'm not entirely sure if I attached them correctly, I think I'll need to have a few more goes, but I loved being able to attach a size to a handmade garment! 

Thanks again Jenny for such a fun swap to be part of! I really really enjoyed it, and I hope my swap partner likes her goods! :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Katie Stepping

Last night this happened, coaxed into it by a little red plastic ball and a hologram card.

I love that as each step is taken, our voices get higher and higher. And of course, Milla at the end. Bless! 

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