Thursday, June 26, 2014

Katies Hungry Caterpillar Party

On Monday we had a Hungry Caterpillar party for Katie to celebrate her first year of life! If you've been around Katie at any time of the day, you might have noticed that food is constantly going in, and straight down without a pause between handfuls. 

She is our hungry caterpillar, and so this little party was rather appropriate.

We celebrated with family on the day of her birthday, and the following day had invited around a small group of our girls nearest and dearest little friends. There were 4 other Mums and 6 other little people, as well as our own two, and MrMoo took the afternoon off work for it (yay!).

It was a nice size and we all just fitted into our lounge. It was really great to have everyone there. Two of the friends even got pulled out of Kindy to attend! Lucky us! 

Katie devoured her cupcake and sent frosting flying everywhere!

All of the food was HC themed - apples, pears, salami, pizza, etc. It was easy to make a nice healthy kid friendly lunch! I printed off some of the pictures from the book and had them laminated and attached to tooth picks to stick in the food for labels. 

After eating we headed outside to find the (cardboard) fruit that had grown on our trees! After they kids had picked them and brought them to me for fruit salad I gave them some caterpillar / butterfly antenna! I think almost all of the kids loved them and kept them on most of the time! 

They looked sooo sweet with their little bug antenna on! 

Katie got to open some presents and she is quite a good un-wrapper! He surprise face is hilarious and she is really good at expressions. I love these photos of her looking at her new Maori Hungry Caterpillar book!

After receiving way too many beautiful and thoughtful gifts (!) I ran a little story time! Over the last few weeks I made up a felt board to tell the HC story on, and mustering all of my courage did an enthusiastic rendition for all of the kids and Mums! :)

To everyone:: Thank you soooo much for being part of Katies life and for celebrating with us! Your friendship and love means the world to us and we couldn't have got through this last year without you!

And a huge thank you to Georgia for taking all of these photos, and being the coolest Mum to Katies bestie! We love you!

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  1. Both this post and the 12-month update are utterly delightful - what a cool party and so precious you could dedicate them together. Katie is very blessed to have you as her mama.

  2. Beautiful! I love the felt board!! x

  3. looks like a wonderful, wonderful party!!!

  4. What a wonderful party! Sweet little Katie must have had a wonderful time. I think there's something very special about a first birthday. xx

  5. Oh how gorgeous to have a themed party and that the children all loved their antenna! Fabulous photos.

  6. Wow! Such an amazing party - well done! Love the felt board, decorations and ideas!

  7. Gorgeous! Love the balloon caterpillar, and Katie's face, and the felt butterfly is PERFECT!! Yay! She's one!! xxx

  8. It all looks like it was a success, Sophie! I love the felt board you put together - so much love in all those stitches! Such a cool party theme, have always wanted to do it... maybe for baby #3 although I don't want to think that far ahead right now ;o)


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