Sunday, June 15, 2014

Handmade Kids Clothing Swap

I've just taken part in my very first swap!

This one was a kids handmade clothing swap and after some bullying and pressure I finally signed up. Jenny did such a fab job in organising it, I actually had fun creating a little garment for another little person and sending it off! 

It was great being able to meet Stacey online too, a new "friend" and I have loved watching her life unfold on Instagram, she posts the sweetest photos of her cosy country life with her sweet kiddos that are always dressed in flowers, spots or stripes!

Stacey sent me handmade bibs and the cutest bonnet ever! I'm going to have to train / trick Katie into wearing it, because its so sweet!

For my part of the swap I went with floral winter PJs and I hope her little girls fits them!! They seemed really small, and kids always look way bigger in photos. Next time I'll ask for measurements instead of sizes, lesson learnt! 

I also scored some little labels from Pattern Postie, I'm not entirely sure if I attached them correctly, I think I'll need to have a few more goes, but I loved being able to attach a size to a handmade garment! 

Thanks again Jenny for such a fun swap to be part of! I really really enjoyed it, and I hope my swap partner likes her goods! :)


  1. WOW SOPHIE! You are AWESOME! How could she not love them! Gorgeous! I think little Ida will fit them perfectly, I think she is a wee petite little thing. Man, I'm so inspired! And thanks for linking up! (And I'm glad the bullying worked!) ;)

  2. eeeeee Pretty!! Yes Idee is a small 1year old so im sure they'll fit! xxxxx

  3. What a fun swap - and your gifts and the pj's look fabulous.

  4. Handmade Kids Clothing Swap is great and I really impressed to see the nice stuff that is sound like very amazing and hopefully very eager to see to more tremendous work. Thanks


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