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My name is Sophie, I was married into a hyphenated last name, (which is where the SLM comes from) I'm currently 27 and live in Christchurch, New Zealand, earth quakes and all (and we love it here). I love all things romantic and am a sucker for good advertising.

I've been married for 7 years to my pretty handsome husband, MrMoo. He's everything I'm not and a little bit more. We go on adventures and he makes puns and I make a fool of myself with really bad jokes. Collectively The Moo2's love Taylor Swift, we went to see her in concert, baby and all. (Yes, we took a baby to a concert), we also love date nights, geocaching, and going to church together.

I'm a stay at home Mum to beautiful Milla and Katie. We have never been more tired and more happy Our little family is growing! Love.

Through my first pregnancy with Milla I wrote weekly letters to her, we were so excited to meet her! Since her birth I've been updating her photos and letters monthly, I've also been doing a "Katie Updatie" series each month too.

I can sewknit, crochet, and this year I am focussing on making things for our own home and giving more handmade gifts!

I'm also enjoying playing around in photoshop and am a little proficient at blog design, you can read up on my easy peasy blog design tips for beginners. 

Then of course, there's The Sisterhood, where over 1500 people regularly come to my blog just to join in and be involved in this community we have created. Its a home where women can be encouraged and spurred on, and also receive healing and peace. We send out LOVE BOMBs to other deserving women, and its pretty radical-out-of-this-world-incredible.

As well as the Sophie Slim blog, you'll also find me at EziBuy, I wrote parenting and lifestyle content for them for a year.

Have a delve into the archives. I love to get to know my readers so make sure you leave some comments along the way and I will definitely reply through email (if you leave an address) or on the blog.

You can find me on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest or email me on sophieslim[at]moo2.co.nz Or, check our my advertising page for options to partner together if you are a small business or crafty type wanting more online exposure!

Sophie x

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